2019’s Must-Haves for Modern Nurseries

Your baby’s nursery is their safe haven. Babies need a place where they can relax, calm down, and be shielded from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

If you’re having a baby soon, or you’re thinking of updating your baby’s nursery to be more modern and up to date with the latest technology, you should think about 2019’s must-have products. No nursery is complete without them!

High-tech baby monitors

It used to be that when you left the baby in the nursery to go finish your chores, that was that. If they needed attention, well, better hope that the baby cried loud enough for you to hear over the rumbling of the dishwasher and the sound of your neighbor’s leaf-blower. These days, however, there are smart, app-driven baby monitoring systems that can help you see what your baby is up to whenever they’re alone in the crib.

Don’t take unnecessary risks by leaving your baby alone in the crib without any supervision—consider investing in their safety with a high-tech baby monitor.

Comfy crib

Your baby deserves a comfortable place to rest their head at nap time, and you want assurance that your little one sleeps soundly through the night. One thing that is sure to help is maxing out your baby’s comfort level by getting them the plushest, nicest crib out there.

Be sure that when you’re shopping for the perfect setup for your baby’s crib or bassinet, you invest in the best bedding. Bassinet sheets are not all equal, and trust us, your baby will know the difference.

Adding plenty of comfy stuffed animals is another way to ensure that baby’s bed is cozy, warm, and welcoming. Your baby will be surrounded by their favorite friends, but they’ll also have some extra padding, just in case they slip or throw themselves too hard during a tantrum.

Innovative nightlight

Nightlights can be helpful for little ones who are afraid of the dark, but they’re also helpful for parents who need to see their way into a baby’s room quickly in the middle of the night when they start to cry.

These days, there are all sorts of innovative, high-tech, modern nightlight options for parents looking to boost their baby’s comfort and safety. Some even double as stat-trackers that reveal important info on diaper changes and your baby’s sleep schedule, as well as offering audio monitoring.

Nightlights have always been a standby for parents looking to soothe their kids into a better night’s sleep, but with all the updated technology for children, parents will love what nightlights can do even more.

Extra comfy baby swing

Babies like the calming, comforting rhythm of being rocked back and forth. Do your baby a favor by getting a high-tech, extra comfy baby swing so that you both can get to sleep easily every night.

Your baby will love being pleasantly cradled to sleep for naps or when laying down at night. These days, automatic baby bounders make it even easier. While some electric models exist, there are also baby swing models that simply use momentum to keep your baby gently rocking back and forth. Though these do require a little more work from you, there’s no risk of starting a fire and they’re completely silent so your baby can sleep soundly.

Rocking chair

Babies thrive on human touch and are soothed by your scent. Comforting them to quietness will, of course, require that you rock back and forth holding them in your arms—not just in a swing. That’s why no nursery is complete without a comfy rocking chair for you and your baby to move rhythmically into relaxation. Your baby will be in total bliss as they feel the gentle rocking sensation coupled with the loving embrace of their parent.

Find the perfect rocking chair to suit your nursery décor that can really bring the room together. You’ll come to love evenings sitting in the chair cradling your little one, so it’s worth the investment for both of you.

Making a modern baby nursery is as easy as thinking through you and your baby’s needs and finding the right tech to suit them. Have fun designing your kid’s room for comfort, security, and beauty!

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