5 Reasons to Avoid Office Romance

There is nothing surprising in office romances – we spend seven or eight hours a day with our colleagues. Thus, we flirt, we fall in love, we start romances. Unfortunately, only a few office romances have happy endings.

companies ban office romances

1. Business companies ban office romances

According to recent surveys, most top managers and CEOs do not tolerate office romances among their employees. And some big corporations even develop and implement unique rules covering office behavior, saying that there are no men and women among the employees, all employees are colleagues. In fact, each violator is responsible for his or her actions on that matter.

There are several reasons why bosses care:

• First of all, no one can predict if the lover-colleague is sincere or is interested in a promotion using a flirt.
• Secondly, lowers do not seem to be highly productive because they spend too much time talking to one another. They are often late together, they sort personal things out during the working day, involving colleagues in their stuff. The emotional waves prevent others from productive work. Figuratively speaking, they rock the boat of the working process.
• Thirdly, quite often office romances result in resignations from both lovers, who want to delete the memories about their relationship as soon as possible. The chief will have to find a new couple of employees and train them.

So, most chiefs take flirting and office romances negatively, because they interfere with employees to perform their duties efficiently. They do not care whether you are looking for love on https://j4l.com/women.love or at a nearby bar. The only thing that matters to your chief is your work efficiency.

office romance

2. All employees become witnesses of the office romance

Any work environment has an employee who notices more than others do, and then willingly shares his observations with the others. Gradually, people who like each other, flirt, start romantic relationships and become the worldwide interest. The development of the romance is followed by all employee. Some are following the story out of jealousy, some – out of curiosity.

3. If one hero of the office romance is the boss, and the second one is the employee, the later one will be accused of being materialistic

Nobody will believe in the sincerity of the relationship between lovers if one of them is the boss. If a woman occupies a leading position, a man, the object of her romantic feelings, will be accused of following selfish goals, aiming at getting promoted. Besides, women who once have frilled with him, but were rejected, would be furious about such a romance.

If the boss is a man, then a woman who appears to be his lover, may get into serious troubles at work. The vast majority of female colleagues will talk trash about her. Even if before the relationship coworkers considered her to be a highly qualified worker, now the would see her as a natural virtue woman, discussing her sexual abilities rather than professional skills.

Keep in mind that the relationship with the boss can end on his initiative. And it will be especially insulting if he chooses his next lover within the same environment. Your reputation will be, as they say, dampened.

Service romances often crash working relationships

4. Service romances often crash working relationships

It is good if the former lovers remain friends or at least respected colleagues without dramas. But it happens rarely. Usually, the initiator of the breakup e the other person suffer. The world of the victim collapses, and he or she does not know how to carry on. Furthermore, you have no choice but to face each other at work every day and communicate as if nothing had happened. The best solution here is to find another job.

Another possible negative option is the attempt to win the lover back using fights, scandals, acts of revenge, sharing all the detailed with the colleagues.

5. Office romances can destroy career dreams

Work is the best place to get to know a person, watching how the one communicates with others, deals with conflicts, treats his promises, etc. However, do not forget about statistics: less than half of office romances end in marriage. The other half presumably is willing to be independent, believing that every man is unique and should be proud of it.

There is nothing surprising in office romances – we spend seven or eight hours a day with our colleagues. Thus, we flirt, we fall in love, we start romances. Unfortunately, only a few office romances have happy endings.

Therefore, love is love, but business is business. Are you ready to take risks and compromise your career?

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