6 Unusual Date Ideas That can be Done on a Budget

There are many complexities in the modern dating world—first you have to find a date, then you have to come up with a date idea that’s out of the box (but not outside of your budget), and finally, you have to learn to keep the love alive. But how do you keep up in the dating world when you’re competing with hundreds of other singles in your area while still staying true to yourself…and your budget?

In this post, we’ll discuss 6 unique date ideas that are cost-effective and practically guaranteed to score a second date.

1) Experience something otherworldly

If you truly want to wow your date, you’ll want to do something totally out of this world to impress them. And no, you don’t have to wait for SpaceX to debut in order to make your date special. Instead, buy a pair of virtual reality glasses for the two of you to explore a new space outside of your daily reality.

When choosing an experience for you and your date to explore, consider his or her interests to help you decide on a place you can explore together. If she’s passionate about oceanography, a virtual reality experience where you scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef would be the perfect adventure to take on together. Or maybe he’s a big sports fan with a dream of watching the Stanley Cup one day. A virtual reality hockey game could be just the dating experience he needed to finally settle down.

2) Reach new heights

If both of you are looking for a challenge to test your athleticism and your commitment, taking a one-day rock climbing lesson could be the perfect date to combine your love for sports and each other. When you’re going climbing, you’ll want to have plenty of fuel to keep you energized throughout your session. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast picnic or go out to your favorite local breakfast spot to grab a bite before you head out for the day.

3) Share your favorite sport together

Maybe instead of learning a new sport as a team, you and your date would rather stick to what you know. If you’ve already got the gear, skiing or snowboarding can be a great option for the two of you to try together. Just search online for cheap lift tickets, and you’ll find plenty of places to save! After you’re done skiing for the day, head into the lodge and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together and watch the sparks fly.

4) Take advantage of free events in your area

Whether you live in a big city or small town, chances are, there are at least a few free or budget-friendly events happening in your area on the weekends. A quick browse online and you’ll surely find concerts, theater events, dining experiences, and more.

5) Surprise them with a secret concert

If you and your date share a love for live music, why not enjoy some awesome music together? Sofar puts on intimate concerts in cities all over the world and features talented artists in unique places like backyards or antique shops. It’s a really romantic idea and you can pretty much guarantee that she hasn’t been on a date like this before!

6) Make dinner together

One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to get to know someone is by getting together in the kitchen. Here’s a fun date idea: each of you come up with 2-3 different dishes, write each one on a piece of paper, and draw tonight’s dinner out of a hat. Then, head to your local farmer’s market to find all of the ingredients to make the whole meal from scratch. If the two of you are culinary masters, this challenge might be a breeze, but it’s a great way to show off your teamworking skills. And if you’re both newbies, this is a great way to learn something new about cooking and each other!


You don’t have to abandon your budget in order to have a successful date night. Use these tips to help you craft the perfect fun and budget-friendly date for you and your special someone to enjoy.

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