7 Best Skincare and Haircare Tips for Fall

7 Best Skincare and Haircare Tips for Fall

All the women out there find it hard to manage their skin and hair when the season begins to change. Summers bring a lot of sweat and humidity and fall makes your skin and hair dry and dead. The skincare tips for fall are the only solution.

All the products that you use in summers become useless in fall and vice versa. If you use an oil-free cleanser in summers, the use of it will leave your skin dull in fall. The saddest part is we do not always have enough money to buy separate skincare and hair products for each changing season.

Fret not! Here are some tried-and-tested tips for you to not only maintain your hair and skin but also nourish them like never before:

Onion, Ginger and Garlic Water with Mustard Oil

This remedy is the best one out there for dry, weak and dead hair. All these ingredients have been used for ages for hair growth and other purposes.

Take an onion, ginger, and garlic and grind them all together well. Take the paste out in a breathable piece of cloth and squeeze the paste well so that the water can pour out of the cloth. Then, add two tablespoons of mustard oil into the mixture and stir it well. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and apply it to your hair roots and drag it to the ends.

Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then wash it off. It will keep your hair nourished and healthy even in fall.

Serum for Nighttime Skincare Routine

Fall makes the skin extremely dry and dull. Your regular moisturizer will not work for you the same way in fall even if you re-apply it a couple of times throughout the day. You need something that goes deep into the skin and locks the moisture in it.

Serum serves the purpose at its best and therefore, using one at night helps keep your skin supple in fall. Get your hands on a rejuvenating serum and use it ritually at night for the best results.

Olive Oil Massage after Shower

We all know that we get super lazy when it comes to massaging the hair with oil. Fall makes your hair very dry and dead and they need maximum oil treatment to stay healthy. The best way to keep your hair nourished and moisturized is to apply a tad bit of olive oil in your hair roots only right after taking a shower. It will not leave your hair all greasy and prevent dry scalp problems as well. For more hair moisturizing tips you can check here.

Makeup Removal with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Instead of using the same oil-stripping makeup remover you used in summers, use extra virgin coconut oil for makeup removal. It does not only help cleanse the face quickly and effectively but also moisturizes the dry and patchy skin or you may be interested in what are the Indian women’s best secrets for a face.

If your skin is naturally oily, you might not want to use coconut oil. Therefore, you can mix coconut oil into the rose water to reduce the greasiness of the oil. You can even make wipes using both the ingredients.

Vaseline Treatment at Night

The best way to keep the skin of your hands and feet soft and supple is to apply a lot of Vaseline on them. Massage your hands and feet and let the Vaseline absorb deep into the skin. Then, wear socks and gloves on top and go to sleep. The Vaseline will lock the moisture into the skin and settle in the lines that appear due to dryness.

Doing so will help remove wrinkles on hands and feet and also soften the hardened skin and corns that appear on the skin. It also helps strengthen brittle nails and prevent discoloration on the knuckles.

Homemade Lip Scrub

You don’t need to get yourself expensive lip treatments for plumped and soft lips. You can easily make a lip scrub at home for preventing dry and flaky lips.

All you need is a teaspoon of glycerin, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and extra virgin coconut oil. Mix it all together and apply it using a cotton bud.

Massage your lips for a minute and then, leave the scrub on the lips for 5 minutes. Then, wipe it off and apply a lip balm. Apply this scrub twice a week and say hello to beautiful plumped lips in fall!

Milk Toning

Many of us feel that our skin gets double toned due to dry and cold weather. In order to keep your skin even in tone and texture, milk toning really helps. It does not only help even out the tone but also moisturizes the dry and patchy skin.

Dip a cotton ball in milk and massage your skin with it in circular motions. Apply it after cleansing your skin at night. Toning should be a part of your daily skincare routine. You can also add rose water, witch hazel and aloe vera to the milk for added benefits.


You do not need to spend any extra money to follow the tips given above. All the ingredients are present inside your home and readily available in the market as well. If you are on a tight budget, these tips can definitely work as your lifesaver.

Plus, they are completely organic and easy to make. I would suggest you to never store the remedies given above and use all fresh ingredients only.

All the products that you use in summers become useless in fall and vice versa. If you use an oil-free cleanser in summers, the use of it will leave your skin dull in fall. The saddest part is we do not always have enough money to buy separate skincare and hair products for each changing season, that is why it is important to purchase a product that can be useful for all seasons such as hair cutting scissors by scissortech, a product that can be used whenever necessary and will have a very long life span.

Also, make sure you drink a lot of water and stay as hydrated as possible in the fall. We often get reluctant about our water intake which affects our skin badly.

Do not stop using sunscreen even in fall or whatever the season is. Sunscreen should be used at least two to three times a day and skipping it is no option.

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