?What You Can do About Aging Skin

Getting older is not something you can fix. It happens to everyone. However, aging skin is an entirely different matter. Thanks to the skincare industry, there are plenty of ways you can prevent, reduce or reverse skin damage. It is simply a matter of finding the method of treatment your skin needs. Here are some of the top things you can do about aging skin.

Take Measures to Slow it Down

Your skin will age. It’s a fact of life. It happens due to natural changes in hormone levels and exposure to internal and external elements.

You should always take whatever steps you can to slow down the damage. One type of damage you can receive easily over the years is sun damage. It is also called photodamage. It can cause you to develop sun spots on your skin. It also contributes to skin wrinkles and can increase your chances for skin cancer.

Therefore, you need to wear sunscreen as often as possible to protect your skin. You can also slow down skin damage by developing a good at-home skincare routine.

Using moisturizers and medicated lotions are essential. Many at-home skincare creams contain vitamins. Your skin needs those vitamins to stay healthy. If over-the-counter skin creams seem ineffective, you can ask your dermatologist about prescription formulas.

Use Lasers to Repair Damage, if You Qualify

Lasers are excellent aging skin treatment tools to help you reverse existing skin damage. The aesthetic lasers used in skincare clinics are specially designed to be safe to use on your skin. They also come in many types, allowing you to have a wide variety of treatments performed. Some lasers specialize in deep tissue treatments. Others are used for surface restoration, commonly known as peel procedures.

To have a laser treatment, you have to be a good laser candidate!

One factor is your skin color. Light-skinned patients often receive better laser treatment results. You can have treatment if your skin is dark, but you may have to seek out a clinic providing a special type of laser designed to treat your skin type. If you have certain skin conditions, such as acne, laser treatment can also make those conditions worse. Additionally, lasers are heat-producing devices, which means you are at higher risk for burns when your skin is oily.

Fill in Your Sagging Skin (or Paralyze It)

Injecting your skin with certain agents is a common and safe way to treat one of the most annoying signs of aging, wrinkles. Over time, gravity and changes in your bone structure or skin cohesiveness can cause sagging, baggy pockets of skin. Those areas can be rounded and smoothed out with certain injected formulas.

When choosing an injection for your skin, your options are paralytics and fillers. Paralytic injections are needles filled with Botox. Botox is a substance derived from a plant. It temporarily causes muscles in the treatment area to stop moving. By “freezing” the movement, any wrinkles you have suddenly appear smoothed out.

Fillers simply fill in the empty space under your skin. It is like filling a balloon with gas to give it form and shape. The primary goal of a filler is to temporarily help “inflate” your skin. However, most fillers also have secondary benefits. They contain vitamins or other substances designed to fortify and heal your skin. That way you can get the temporary improvement in skin tone and reap long-term benefits as well.

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