How to fight with a bad habits list

Smoking is number one in bad habits list

Bad habits look neutral until they start causing damage or start helping us

Every one of us has a bad habits list, and sometimes we don’t even know about them. How can you battle against something you know about? The first and the crucial step is to localize the bad habit and then decide whether it causes you damage. One thing is to have the bad habit to wake up every morning to the alarm, and another is to eat your nails, for example.


Some people say it is impossible to beat a bad habit list when they’re trying

It is maybe because they’re doing it the hard way. The ways of eliminating the practice may divide into three subsections as follows

  1. a gradual decline
  2. total rejection
  3. replacing with another habit

In my opinion, fighting won’t be happening abruptly but smooth and via the method of a substitute, not via the process of total deliberate privation. Also, you need to make sure you’re aware of what you involve yourself in and also be patient, as well as to do one paramount thing – to reward yourself even for small achievements. This activity will reflect a motivation for the process.

Eating your nails is one of the most common bad habits

To take a decision to fight against a harmful bad habit list is one thing, to start it is another thing, and to perform it successfully is completely different. In the whole process of detaching to something you are feeling all alone, and it is true that it’s your life and your decision after all.


But there’s something beyond, and it is called environment. It is, therefore necessary to make certain you create the proper surrounding for yourself. It is vital to inform people around you for your intentions and make sure they understand and respect your decision. If you don’t find understanding be sure that sooner or later it will affect the efficiency of your efforts.

You also need to make some “speed table” that you will follow and smoothly will decrease the rate of making the positive habit. This actions will help you motivate yourself because you will recognize results as well as will organize the process better.

The lateral sliding between decreasing to a full elimination and slowly substituting with different, better thing, should be happening smoothly and just like a game for the brain. This way you won’t be feeling like you are recusing yourself and your body will not be sending you alerting symptoms that something is wrong.

Eating chocolate when you are depress is another bad habit into the list

When you make the two processes parallel and for example try to get rid of your bad habit to eat a box of chocolate candies when you’re nervous, instead eat two bananas, a handful of nuts or you can use some relaxation technics like diaphragm breathing.

Or for example, if you have the habit always to be late, just make sure you have a watch, and you accurately calculate your time according to it, but not your inner clock.

It is a game you need to play with yourself and pretend you don’t know about it. A small list of habits that can be harmful to you.

How to fight with a bad habits list

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