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How is bad TV for babies?

The global social opinion about TV effect on children is controversial.

While Sesame Street launched its brand new toddler-oriented version of Sesame Street Beginnings and Teletubbies show has been officially and non-officially announced to be the most popular and beloved TV show for kids under 3, in 2008. France banned baby TV shows on its national channels.

And if society is divided into two groups: one that sees some positive things about a baby to watch television and the other one, composed of strict opponents of such early education, medicine is individual. All the latest medical researches show that TV affects baby’s brain in a bad way. And in many cases, the adverse consequences can be either serious or even for life.

How bad TV is for babies?

Are all of these studies new forms of propaganda that proclaim to raise a kid in a safe balloon without letting it learn for both: good and bad things in life? Or bad TV can significantly harm baby’s health and wellness? Here’s what we think considering all the information we have succeeded to find lately.

Some parents (mainly the most conservative ones) might not believe, but there was a time, and it was not that long time ago when few scientists claimed that TV has a positive effect on baby’s growth. Here is what, in short, they pointed out as top benefits of a toddler to watch TV on a regular basis:

TV can develop the first common social skills – for instance, how to interact with other kids.

Television predisposes the baby to recognize new languages, which helps the child not only to start talking at an earlier stage but also to be good in foreign languages in future.

TV lets the baby get to know the world faster – especially when it comes to things and places its parents are not able to show them (like exotic animals).

All of these benefits sound well, but how realistic they are?

If relying on official medical studies made by American Academy of Paediatric, which is the first organization with deep researchers in the field, TV  isn’t just denied to be called right but said to be bad. Here are the latest conclusions about the adverse effect of TV on babies:

  1. All those noises, various colors, and combinations of them, images and scenes are very confusing for a small kid under 2. All of these scenes might lead to significant brain damages in future.
  2. There are violence and inappropriate images on bad TV – even of the kid’s programs. Mickey Mouse is no longer the icon in children’s television environment. Today, we can even see murders, death, and violation during a child’s television show.
  3. It is proven that the more you watch TV, the more you get attached to it. Developed at such an early age, such an addiction can be disturbing, don’t you think?
  4. The fact that a child accepts everything on TV as real, a baby can grow up with imaginary friends, thoughts, and views towards the world that in future might be hard to be replaced.
  5. 70% of the cases too much TV watching by a kid means too little time spent with the parent. This is a number one mistake in raising a child. After all, understanding that the screen is not able to replace you as a mom or dad is essential in growing a loving and caring child.

It is parent’s right to consider what is good and what is bad for the kid. But when it comes to the official medical statement TV just can’t be good for a baby.

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  • Nicolle Brokaw
    May 1, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Interesting article. I think that just too much screen time is bad for anyone. I also think it just depends what parents are letting their babies watch. I don’t really like to let my baby watch tv, but if I absolutely need to get some work done, and nothing is working to occupy baby, I will put on Baby Signing Time or something on PBS.

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