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The best bank bank robberies on all time

Bank schema

Are you fascinated by bank robberies?

Do you like watching movies like Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job? So this article is exactly for you. You will read about 3 groups of amazing bank robbers from around the globe. Some serious masterminds have been thinking and planning countless hours in from of the drawing board until they manage to pull it off and write their names in the criminal history.

Money and gun 

We know it is wrong but it is so amusing that we can’t stop ourselves from reading such stories.

First, check the biggest robberies according to the Guinness World Records (yes they cover even this). In happened in Fortaleza, Brazil. The target was the Banco Central. The mastermind behind the whole plan is considered to be Luis Fernando Ribeiro. He had a great idea and manage to for the perfect team. They rented the house nearby the bank, around a month before the day of the robbery. The idea was simple, make a tunnel and steal all the money underground. But this required a lot of logistics.

They created a fake business called “Synthetic Grass” so nobody gets suspicious about the tons of earth that they were moving.

The tunnel was professionally built, police later said that it cost around $200 000, so you can see they were really devoted. They had an insider who gave them the location of all the sensors and a good sponsor – the mayor Boa Viagem. Everything was ready and on the 6th of August 2005, they made it.

Money briefcase

More than a ton of money!

About R$160 million or $70 million. But the gang was big and with this, the problems started. The police managed to track down the weakest links and 26 ended up in prison. In the end very small amount of the money was restored, around R$20 million. If you want to see it in a movie adaptation check “Federal Bank Heist (2011)”.

And now one curious case which is not considered a bank robbery by some. It happened in 2003 in Iraq.

The formal dictator Saddam Hussein ordered to his son Qusay to go and withdraw some money from the national bank. So far nothing strange, but it was not their money, it was peoples’ money and not just a few, but a sum equal to $1 billion! It was too bold and reckless move, that led to the capture of his son.

lot of coins

And one duo with a style, the “trench coat robbers”. William Kirkpatrick and Ray

Bowman was brilliant, fast and nimble. They were armed and dangerous, but always stylish with their coats. They managed to rob more than 20 banks. The execution of every one of them was perfect. But the thing that led them down was their negligence. The first got caught speeding with a car full of evidence and the other one, didn´t pay one of his storage and the owner opened it. The owner called the police and this was the end of the second member.

The bank robberies are a crime and we would never recommend you to try but still, it doesn’t hurt reading about them.

Do you know how the money was invented? The next article will reveal this secret to you. Read about Money history

The biggest robberies according to the Guinness World Records. The bank robberies are a crime and we would never recommend you to try.

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