?Top benefits from deep tissue foot massage

Top benefits from deep tissue foot massage

Are you also the one who sorely neglects to treat their feet and has never thought of taking a deep tissue massage?

If so, then you must read this post. Because by the end of it, you might already decide that you also deserve a deep tissue foot massage to help you relax.

Before I go further and discuss its significant benefits, I want you to have a brief knowledge about what precisely deep tissue massage is and how can it have a positive effect on your overall wellness?

What is a deep tissue foot massage?

Deep tissue foot massage is a specific technique that focuses mainly on the thicker layer of muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia (the connecting layer surrounding joints, bones, and muscles).

Unlike other massages that apply lighter pressure, deep tissue massage uses deep finger pressure with a firm and slow strokes. But, the exact question is, does it offer some excellent health benefits?

When I was wondering about the same, I did a little research and found some unexpected benefits of deep tissue massage that I’ve tried to put in this article.

However, I am not the professional to state anything, but to prevent all doubts, I must admit that I am personally a beneficiary of foot massage who can assure that it does not only pamper feet but also promotes overall good health. So, it won’t just be your feet that reap benefits.

When do you need a deep tissue massage?

When you need a deep tissue massage?

Nearly everybody can enjoy this massage. But, it depends on your lifestyle, stress levels and many other reasons that how often or when you may need deep tissue massages to receive its full benefits.

However, you usually need it when you need a break from time to time, or if you are, an athlete or you’re leading a physically and emotionally stressful life.

Let’s discover some of the significant benefits of it that are either observed immediately or felt after a few days or weeks. 

How foot massage helps in improving blood flow circulation?

 Our blood circulation is often impaired because of sedentary lifestyle and absence of using muscles on a regular basis. Ever endure a tingling sensation in your toes or perhaps ever endure cold feet?

Well, these are the signs of impaired blood circulation.

A few minutes regular deep tissue massage can significantly improve the blood flow in the lower extremities and resolve all these issues.

While there are also some massagers on the market that provide improved blood circulation by relieving the tired feet, Plantar Diabetics, Fasciitis, and Neuropathy.

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Why is a deep tissue massage helps in relieving stress?

 Due to the firm and slow strokes, deep tissue massage forces the body to relax and ultimately relieve stress. It helps release the muscle which not only improves the blood flow but also relaxes the body and mind completely.

Even a five minutes foot massage can work out on the various trigger points on the body that helps to relieve the stress.

This way your body can relax much more easily and much more naturally. Thus, if you are someone who has a tiring or busy schedule, or going through a lot of stress, the massage of 5-10 minutes can work wonders to cure your long-term stress.

Can a relaxing massage lower blood pressure?

 As per a report by the Health Sciences Center, there is a high correlation between a deep tissue foot massage and a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. The given fact is evident enough to show the importance of massage in reducing blood pressure.

It helps especially if you are prone to high blood pressure due to muscle tightness. Deep tissue massage helps ease stress and tension, which in turn can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.  

A study also reveals that foot massage has a positive effect on blood pressure. Also, if used in combination with stress bustling abilities, it helps in decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Benefits of deep tissue foot massage 

#1.Cure headaches and migraines

You can give foot massage ago if you experience frequent headaches and migraines.
As already explained above, deep tissue massage can relieve stress and reduce stress.

It also helps in improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

These all are the key advantages that get at the source of migraines and other types of headaches as well.

Also, foot massages can manage to make additional positive lifestyle changes that may contribute to impressive results.



#2.Alleviates chronic pain

A deep tissue massage can help alleviate chronic pain in the people who suffer from chronic discomforts like muscle inflammation and arthritis.

As already said, because the foot massage is improving your blood flow, it is lowering the inflammation in the affected area as well.

When done regularly, it alleviates tension and provides relief in pain, which consequently loosens the tightness and buildups of painful lactic acid that accumulates with the repeated stress of muscles.

Similar to physical therapy, this is an excellent alternative for people who are not interested in drug use.

#3. Decreases nausea & vomiting

The upset stomach generally results in nausea and vomiting. These are also the symptoms commonly experienced by people in pain and cancer patients. Especially, if vomiting is chronic, it can lead to numerous secondary health issues like dehydration and ion imbalances.

This can consequently cause serious trouble, including the heart beats, the ability of your muscles to contract and ions control nerve impulses.

While the motion sickness, activation of dopamine receptors and the vagus nerve are the specific mechanisms and, of course, critical reasons behind nausea and vomiting, even the studies say that the message may affect the vagus nerve or dopamine receptors.

The effect of 10 minutes foot massage with Shiatsu Foot Massager on nausea and vomiting is evident in these studies that look at cancer patients. It positively decreased nausea and vomiting in cancer patients. So, deep tissue massage on foot can help improve quality of life by controlling both nausea and vomiting.

#4. Overcome disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia

deep tissue overcome disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia

Alike, many problems that affect the brain, insomnia is often multifactorial with more than one root cause. The different causes may include the use of drugs like caffeine, nicotine or it is possibly due to stress, depression, pain, and shift work.

Knowing the causes behind insomnia, we can already see how deep tissue massage help overcome these.

As it reduces your levels of stress, depression, and pain, including joint and muscle pain, you are more likely to have a good sleep.

Foot massage also provides an immediate sense of calm and being cared for – both things which assist oneself to get asleep. Moreover, the deep tissue massage helps you relax and cope up with the day’s stresses.

Tip: It is best to do a foot massage before going to bed. This will help you enjoy a profound sleep by easily overcoming the disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia.

#5. Increases the level of Endorphins

You might wonder what deep tissue massage has to do with endorphins. Foot massage activates endorphins which circulate your body and help promote muscle relaxation, happiness, and relief in pain. And this further assists in an increased feeling of calmness and managing anxiety and depression.

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#6. Ensures healthy, happy skin and nails

The feet may not seem as important as the skin on your face, but they are the parts of our body that we put under the most pressure. We put pressure on our soles for hours, stand and walk in uncomfortable shoes.

However, using antimicrobial essential oils and moisturizing natural oils on your feet regularly is a brilliant way to benefit your skin and nails. With increased circulation, it also makes the skin on your feet happy and healthy.

The use of almond oil or coconut oil prevents the formation of dry, cracked and painful heels that lead to fissures and infections. It also stops the formation of thick, calloused skin. Moreover, the foot massager will keep your nail and cuticles hydrated as well.

There is even more to it. Using essential oils like lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus helps in avoiding bacterial and fungal infections of the nails and skin. The foot massage increases both blood flow and temperature to the connective tissue below the skin.

It can also provide relief to the people suffering from swelling of the legs or feet.

Just two to three months of foot massage can significantly decrease the swelling in the legs, which consequently leads to increased lymphatic drainage and blood flow. And these two aspects are responsible for controlling the water balance in our body. Swelling in the feet occurs due to an imbalance in water drainage.

Deep tissue massage also reduces the appearance of scarring. Just a few sessions of massage can help improve skin pliability, circulation and appearance, decreasing the scars.

Considering how much we rely entirely on our feet for our daily activities and how much they work for us, make the skin and feet are one of your priorities.

#7. Minimize the symptoms of PMS and Menopause

foot massage minimizes the symptoms of PMS and Menopause
Recent research holds evidence for enjoying the benefits of regular foot massages while experiencing common PMS symptoms.

Few of the symptoms of PMS include anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, fatigue and headaches and pain.

When it comes to relieving the painful periods, a deep tissue foot massage can even beat ibuprofen. Also, it can reduce both the intensity and duration of menstrual pain over ibuprofen, it does not only just provide relief in pain but promotes healing as well.

#8. Helps with injury prevention and better recovery

short session of foot massage can ensure to minimize the risk of injury.
Only a short session of foot massage can ensure to minimize the risk of injury. Furthermore, it can also help in aiding recovery and reducing muscle soreness after an injury.

It does not only prevent future injuries but also speed up the recovery of existing injuries when combined with foot and ankle strengthening exercises.

It can also help avoid injuries such as plantar fasciitis, which is the most common reason for heel pain. This mainly happens due to running, standing, overweight and sports that involve lots of hard landing or jumping without enough support.

#9. Useful for maintaining balance

A lack of balance is something that affects our ability to move, stand, walk and participate in life. It also often affects the elderly and people suffering from osteoarthritis. Foot massage acts as a multi-benefit therapy and gives people both control over their mobility and pain.

How to give yourself a foot massage like a pro?

How to give yourself a foot massage like a pro?

While being on the receiving end of foot massage is a lovely treat, it’s not always possible to get it. So, here is how you can massage your own feet and still make it a rewarding and satisfying experience to end your day.

Take a bowl of warm, scented water and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Then add four to five drops of lavender or rose essential oil and place the feet in it as long as you like before beginning the deep tissue foot massage.

• If you are sitting, rest the sole of your right foot on your left knee.

• Massage the foot, toes, arch, and heel with natural massage oil in a circular motion up the sole of your foot, from the heel to the toes. Pull, extend, squeeze and flex your toes to increase their flexibility.

• Hold the heel of your right foot with your left hand and press the knuckles of your hand into your foot and start kneading it like a dough.

• Put one thumb on the top of other use your fingers to support your foot and make broad, circular pressure on your foot sole. Repeat the sequence on other foot.

Final Note:

Deep tissue massage has several positive outcomes on the life of people who use it. It’s a great way to improve both the condition of your feet and your mood. Also, it has many useful applications alongside traditional medicine. Over time, you’ll notice a positive change in the different areas of your life too.

You can gain so many benefits, without anything to lose. Will you still resist the allure of improving your life?

Do you like a specific foot massager brand you would like to share with us? Lets us know in the comments below!

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