The Story of Toys R Us

Charles Lazarus, the newly returned from World War II was the founder of the baby store. It was in 1948,…

2 years ago

🏭The History of Walmart in One article

The history of Walmart before became a giant retailer. The year was 1962, the place Rogers Ark., and Sam opened…

2 years ago

The first English Jamestown settlement

Today life in the former Jamestown settlement is far more different than it was in the previous centuries. It keeps…

3 years ago

Henry Ford – The Most Inspiring Stories

Henry Ford, the father of America’s most famous automobile and the first affordable car, was passionate about cars since the…

4 years ago

Do you know what Pravetz 16 is?

Pravetz 16 is one of the first personal computers built in Bulgaria. It has been widely used in the Eastern…

4 years ago

The history of the great Moonshine smuggling

Moonshine smuggling is a memorable part of American history. Practice started in the late 18th century, just before the Revolution.

4 years ago

The Twitter history

Twitter is the fourth biggest social networking site, following Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The 140 characters defined Twitter as quality…

4 years ago

World’s first mobile phone call

You need to go back just 40 years back in time to reach the moment of the first cell phone…

4 years ago

Money history

The first reason of money development, of course, was for facilitation and to make it easier when trading goods.

4 years ago

The best bank bank robberies on all time

The biggest robberies according to the Guinness World Records. The bank robberies are a crime and we would never recommend…

4 years ago