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7 Chakras Meaning and guidance how to balance them

It happens to feel overwhelmed by daily routine, everyday problems, and mental tension. It happens to wake up in the morning even more tired and depressed. We all seem to feel lost sometimes. The haste of modern life destroys the balance in our bodies and our energy centers. In this article will walk you thought

What chakras meaning is and how to balance them using yoga.

See why yoga is used to restore the harmony of your living, by waking your power centers – the 7 chakras

How to active your chakras with yoga poses

What chakras meaning is?

The chakras are centers with strong energy of your subtle body. There are seven main chakras, every each of them, is responsible for different mental, emotional and physical conditions.

By balancing your chakras with physical exercises, meditation, and breathing, you can restore the proper flow of energy trapped in your body. 

In this article we’ll reveal the 7 chakras meaning, the most primary and main chakras and what do they mean.

Root Chakra is connected to your survival instinct

The meaning of Root Chakra

Color – Red

Placement – Base of the spine

Yoga pose – Easy Pose


The meaning of this chakra is associated with your will to defend; the root chakra is the foundation of our survival instinct.

The heart chakra is the lowest one, also called ground chakra.

Placed at the base of the spine, it’s linked to your basic needs, both physical and mental. It defines your somatic identity, and it can affect our physical condition.

When the chakra’s function is disordered, you might feel tired, insecure or negative.

With some easy yoga poses, connecting your body and mind with the earth, you can restore your root chakra.

Sacral Chakra Warrior pose will help you to restore your emotional condition

The meaning of Sacral Chakra

Color – Orange

Placement – In the middle of the lower belly

Yoga pose – Warrior Pose


The sacral chakra is the second one, responsible for your sensuality, creativity, and emotional condition. It is associated with pleasure, the ability to grow relationships and imagination. When your chakra is blocked, you might get ruled by emotions, obsessions or lose your sexual desire.

To restore the harmony of your sacral chakra, you can try hip opening yoga poses or forward bending poses.

Intellect, self-control, will, self-discipline are subjects of the solar plexus chakra

The meaning of Solar Plexus Chakra

Color – Yellow

Placement – At the solar plexus

Yoga pose – Seated Twist

Intellect, self-control, will, self-discipline are subjects of the solar plexus chakra.

This chakra stimulates your intellectual abilities, decision making and taking scientific conclusions.

 If the solar plexus chakra is imbalanced, you can fall into despair, feeling hopeless, lose your way in life or become too strict or tyrannical.

Poses, which return the balance are twisting and bending poses.


Heart Chakra Camel Pose controls compassion and acceptance

The meaning of Heart Chakra

Color – Green

Placement – The center of the chest

Yoga Pose – Camel Pose

The heart chakra is the energy point controlling our relations with others, compassion, and acceptance. To be in tune with your feelings, be an understanding and forgiving person, who is aware of his self-emotional state, you need to tune the energy of the heart chakra in the regular sequence.

The best yoga poses to restore the balance in your heart chakra are chest opening poses.

The throat chakra defines the way you express yourself

Throat Chakra means

Color – Blue

Placement – The throat

Yoga Pose – Fish Pose

The throat chakra defines the way you express yourself. How you project your ideas, realize your plans and keep the purpose in life is determined by the tuning of your throat chakra.

If you have problems with speaking your mind, keeping secrets or you have a tendency to lie often, then your throat chakra is damaged.

To stimulate your throat chakra, you can do poses, which exercise your neck.

Third Eye Chakra Eagle Pose

Third Eye Chakra meaning

Color – purple or white

Placement – Between the eyebrows

Yoga Pose – Eagle Pose

The third eye chakra, also called brow chakra, forms your talent of seeing beyond and having intuition. The third eye is commonly associated with enlightenment, wisdom, and access to spiritual states. This chakra doesn’t affect the physical, but your mental state.

If you have disordered third eye chakra, you might focus on insignificant daily problems, without being able to see your overall spiritual and mental condition.

Balancing poses or bending downward poses can restore the good energy.

Crown Chakra Saddle pose

The meaning of Crown Chakra

Color – white or dark purple

Placement – Top of the head

Yoga Pose – Saddle Pose

The highest and most spiritual are the crown chakra. If it’s balanced, you will have a vision of higher spiritual consciousness, wisdom and you will live outside “of the box.”

This is the highest level of being, related to ecstasy and enlightenment. To restore the crown chakra’s fine tune you can do a series of yoga asanas, combined with meditation practices.

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