Are scented candles harmful? You must know this!!!

When talking about charmed scented candles facts could be shocking, though. Let’s look things backward – what are candles made of actually? What are some good alternatives?

Bringing home joy could mean many things.

Not only just a positive attitude but a positive vibe too. Often on the way back home or when shopping at the store, we’re drowned by a color, smell or any other attractive experience. It scientifically proves that charmed aroma candles, for example, has а very decent effect on humans. That is why it’s very easy to get one’s attention through the sense of smell. Often the smell is so good that we can’t help but get the product right away.

Aroma candle facts and what are the alternatives

Charmed Aroma Candles Facts

When talking about charmed aroma candles facts could be shocking, though. Let’s look things backward – what are candles made of actually? They are made of paraffin, and paraffin is residual petroleum product, and that has to be flavored and chemically colored before they turn into wax. Most of the charmed scented candles are from paraffin, which when burning, creates highly toxic benzene and toluene combustion (both of which are known carcinogens).

There are so many aroma candles, that we can't find the best ones

In fact, toxins exude from paraffin candles are the same as those contained in the burned fuel. Other toxic chemicals which are released during combustion of the paraffin are acetone, carbon disulfide, 2-butanone, tetrachloride, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, styrene, xylene, phenol, cresol and many more substances that are really dangerous. Some of them can be found in other products such as nail polish remover paint and varnish.


The wicks are the other dangerous thing contained in the charmed scented candles.

They should be made of cotton or paper, but some investigations on the topic show that half the wicks are made of the material containing heavy metals. For several hours the combustion can raise the levels of heavy metals in the air level which is much higher than permitted!

Aroma candles raise the levels of heavy metals in the air

Prolonged standing in a room with a burning lead wick is associated with hormonal imbalances, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and numerous health ailments.

Most of the charmed aroma candles contain artificial flavors and dyes that release additional chemicals burning. Of course, there are many alternatives that can successfully substitute these types of candles that don’t serve us well.  Here are some suggestions:

Soy candle one of the aroma candles alternatives

Soy charmed scented candles

One alternative is to use soy candles, but the bad news is that the majority of soy is genetically modified, so better avoid it! Although they are still a better alternative.

Beeswax candle may be one of the best aroma candles alternative

Beeswax charmed aroma candles

Beeswax is an amazing product to use every day, for different purposes, including to be put in your tea. This product is safe to use especially if it’s gotten from an organic place. Nowadays organic products have a big influence on our lives. It also has the function to facilitate the purification of air, emit negative ions. Similar to this process are the Himalayan salt lamps that you can use as an alternative to candles because they emit a warm and soft light similar to that of the flame.

Could be aroma candles dangerous?

Charmed scented Candles DIY

Besides damaging paraffin, we said that flavors and colors also have adverse effects. So you can make beeswax scented candle – it melted and added natural essential oils. The mixture can arrange with dry flowers, coffee, pebbles or shells in an appropriate transparent court.

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