?️‍?Color psychology that increase sales

You can use color psychology to your advantage.

Choosing the right color psychology for the product or service is more important than ever for brands with regard to the design of their value.

Good marketing agents understand and take into account at the outset need for consistency in color and design. It is also vital to overcoming the official logo and clichéd slogans. To applying a holistic approach marked by emotions raging in your potential customers who crawl in all your advertising channels and social networks.

The colors are a kind of form of nonverbal communication and an important part of our daily lives.

The main emotions that evoke the colors we “visually collect” from birth and which vary depending on age. Geographic location is the ones that correspond with us the best. Color psychology affects our moods and feelings. Studies show that there are also physical effects just the way it is inherent and the influence of the hormones that control our emotions.

The application of theories, rules, and psychology of color can be one of the most powerful methods to create a better user appeal to customers. Visual stimuli are better guidance and help companies to move sales forward, affecting consumers through them. The colors are the most convincing element – most of the of the buyers say that color is one of the main reasons when getting a product.

Surely many factors affect how consumers make a purchase decision. However, the best deals are decided based on visual cues, the strongest and most convincing of which is the color.

The marketing of new products, it is crucial to reflect on the fact that consumers rate the appearance of the product and its color before all other factors such as sound, smell and texture. Effects of the color psychology on our minds and emotions are known for years, and most of the exceptionally big business take advantage of it. If you haven’t yet thought of the future color of your business.

Now it’s time to think about that and take a quick course that may help you pick up the color that will communicate the best with your future customers. Yellow, for example, corresponds with purity, transparency, and optimism. Orange brings cheerfulness and confidence, as well as urges action. Red is known for its excitement and vigor. Violet is for creativity and imagination, where blue is for courage, strength, and independence. Green is known for its peaceful mood, growth, and health. Gray calls on balance, neutrality and also peace.


The combination of neutral colors(black, white, gray) is another successful trick that is used by marketers and designers, especially implementing the white color as a base. Some studies prove that actually if the white color prevails in the surrounding field around the logo’s product perception is easier to obtain by the human’s vision. It appears that just plain white field corresponds better than text explaining the product.

Have in mind that some people suffer Chromophobia which is expressed by panic feelings when seeing a particular color.

Sometimes colors have a negative impact on people. Do you know what’s shopaholics or shopping addiction is? 


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