Fall Date Ideas to Keep the Love Alive

Summer relationships can be an absolute blast – from lazy days at the beach to long nights partying downtown, the heat and longer days can provide a boost to any relationship. But once fall comes around, some of those activities may no longer be an option. (Who wants to go to the beach when it’s 55 degrees out?!) Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s time to end the relationship.

Check out these Fall date ideas to keep your relationship cruising well into the cooler months. 

Try jumping in leaves around town

If you live in a more northern latitude, especially the east coast, you’ll likely notice that many of the trees around your town have begun to drop their leaves. When enough have fallen, they begin to form big piles – and what better way to add a bit of youthful mirth to your relationship than to prance around town throwing yourselves into them! Make sure you suit up in a solid autumn jacket before heading out though so you don’t get sick!

Plan a fun Halloween outing 

Nothing keeps the spice of life zestier than leaning into whatever holiday happens to be around the corner. If you’re trying to rekindle your relationship in the fall, that will be Halloween. Look up fun events around town that are Halloween-themed! Many bars will host Halloween parties, so make sure you look into men’s Halloween costumes to impress your special someone. You should also see if there are any haunted house attractions or spooky corn mazes in your area!

Invest in a little travel

As you surely know, the summer months can be pretty expensive for travel. With everyone spending their time off on a weeklong getaway in Boca Raton, those plane flights can jump to eye-popping prices. Come fall though, flight prices start to go down a bit before the holiday rush. Why not treat your lover to a little autumnal getaway? If you’re not from a place where the leaves change colors, book a trip to Vermont or New Hampshire to see the majesty of this seasonal delight. There are plenty of destinations to consider that offer changing leaves, brisk autumn air, and romantic activities for two.  

Invite your S.O. to Thanksgiving

Okay, this one can be tricky, but if you pull it off right, it just might kick your relationship to the next level. Thanksgiving is a holiday that really brings people together. The point of the holiday is to remember how thankful you are for all the wonderful aspects of your life. The delicious gravy soaked mashed potatoes, cantankerous relatives, and football shenanigans might provide just the right context to spark that kind of much-needed gratefulness in your relationship. Just check with your grandma to make sure she’s got a spot at the table for your partner. 

Take a romantic walk

Just imagine it: you and your love slowly taking in the air and the scenes on the street as people shuffle past in their scarves and hats. You stop into a small bakery and split a baguette, watching the steam roll out into the chilled air as you break the freshly baked bread together. The smell of your lattes mingles with the warm scent of cinnamon candles wafting over from a nearby boutique, and a sudden gust of wind brings the two of you together in a warming embrace. That’s definitely the sort of thing that will keep the love alive in any relationship!

Adopt a pet together 

The cold winter months aren’t just hard on people. Stray cats and dogs out on the street often suffer from the freezing temperatures. By adopting a pet from a shelter, you keep another gentle creature from the harsh realities of winter, while also providing you and your S.O. something to love and cherish together! Having fun and rewarding project to work on as a couple is always great for a relationship, and a project that’s cute and fluffy is even better!

Don’t let the autumn blues keep you and your lover from fizzling out. Plan some great seasonal dates, and show your partner that you prioritize them, no matter the season!

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