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Top 5 Places to Visit in Thailand in 2019

What places to visit in Thailand

It is a country that has a lot to offer in aspects of culture, nature, food, history, and beautiful views. Maybe this is the reason most of the all-inclusive vacations are set for not less than two weeks because you will need at least to meet everything that the country has to offer. 

In a beneficial way, Thailand has a lot to offer an almost endless amount of temples and prayer’s places, and however, some of the most luxurious hotels are situated in its territory.

The country has kept its spirit and traditions. The native population is known as active and easy going people, always happy and smiling. Maybe this is the key to keeping you young and unchanged due to external factors.

Most of the Thai people are, and you will eventually meet the monks in orange robes that just like in the movies. They have no income, have given up on all the materialism, and therefore rely on the rest of the people for food and supplies.

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

It dominates the country in an economical, cultural, and infrastructural way. It is situated in the southern part of the country and the middle of the biggest and most fertile rice fields in the world. The city has many natural and artificial channels which make the transportation by water easier and preferred method.

Bangkok is divided into two parts, south and north by the train line where the Old town and all the temples and the King’s castle. On the other side are situated the business and residential buildings.

When it comes to food, you probably think you’ve tried almost all of the Thai dishes, but you’re wrong. What is known to us is a small part of the whole number of variations of curry, salads, and soups.

The meals are always fresh, fragrant and they taste like nothing in Europe and the United States.

Another thing that is amazing is that you get all this for less than five dollars, with the quality of much more.

The nature of Thailand is another alluring reason that makes you pack your bags pretty quickly. It is rare when jungle and turquoise beaches meet, but this country can offer you both. You can choose between quiet almost private beaches, with white sands, green palms, and blue water and fabulous beach bars in Phuket.

Other places you should visit in Thailand are  Chiang Mai where you can walk through the endless night market, which extends across a vast amount of streets, inside yards and temple sites, and sidewalks. You can find anything from clothes to spices and handcrafted products.

The prices probably will amaze you, and you won’t be able to fit all in your suitcase on the way back.

Koh Phi Phi is another desired Thailand destination for tourists as it is a small archipelago with beautiful beaches and nature.

The most important practice for every tourist wherever they go, I think, is to explore the destination themselves. You sometimes benefit from the unknown and unexpected adventure.

Cambodia is just a couple of hours away from Bangkok by bus it will be a big mistake if you don’t visit it even for a day.

Destination Cambodia should be your next stop.


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