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Diaphragm Breathing is The Best Breathing Technique Ever

Diaphragm breathing is the right breathing technique

Eating healthy food, getting the necessary amount of sleeping hours and living actively are all factors for real life and wellness. But there’s something more you’re missing if you are struggling with a healthy life. And it’s your diaphragm breathing.

You might not believe, but wrong breathing unlocks numerous health issues starting with problems with muscles, low and high blood pressure, lack of oxygen in the connective tissue of some organs and body parts, stress and trauma for the lungs and the entire respiratory system, pH blood level and much more. Diaphragm breathing is the right way to live the good and healthy life.

Don’t doubt, but check out our especially simple guide that will teach you how to breathe right.

The easiest way to learn how to breathe correctly is to check how a baby is breathing. Scientists are confident that by the age of 5 people lose their habit to breathe properly, which is why toddlers seem to be the best teachers in this ordinary physical activity.

Diaphragm breathing during meditation

How to breathe better

Paying attention to how you are breathing is the first step to the success. It is fine for you to learn from your body what the right way to breathe is Diaphragm breathing. For example, it is natural that the way you breathe, when you get angry or mad is not the right way to breathe.

Find the way to control your breathing. Even if you know what the right way to breathe is, you also need to figure it out how to control your breath. Well, to tell you the truth if you are an unbalanced person, start with your personality to change and then you’ll be able to improve your breathing. Now you understand why yoga is so beneficial, right?


The balloon game helps you to learn the proper technique of breathing. Those, who can’t blow a balloon usually can’t breathe properly. The more often you practice this easy exercise, the faster you will learn to breathe the right way.

Use the rest of your body and senses. Include your brain activity in the right breathing formation process. Use your sight to see the movements of your body and your smell to stimulate the nasal breathing part. It’s all about the balance and without it, it will be harsh for you to get to know the right breathing.

diaphragm breathing exercise

Diaphragm breathing exercises

Diaphragm + nose = the right breathing. Use them both and at once and you’ll get the right breathing formula. Your mouth is only an additional helping part of the process.

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