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Fun Family Activities for the Spring

If you purchased one of the Louisville homes for sale over last fall or during the winter, you’re probably excited for the arrival of spring with the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities in more pleasant weather. When it’s finally here, get out and take advantage of the sun with these fun family activities.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. It encourages kids to love nature and learn more about where their food comes from. When they grow their own veggies, they’re more likely to eat them too. Plus, it’s fun to get dirty and watch what you plant come to life. Even if you don’t have the space for a garden in the ground, you can always plant a container garden.

Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular for people with limited space. GardenResearch.com reports that container gardening and landscaping have set new highs in gardening sales, with the latest statistics reporting a record $47.8 billion when it comes to garden and lawn retail sales. Almost any container that is non-porous or semi-porous, like clay, and has drain holes, can be used to grow vegetables. Place them in the sunniest spot you have, away from the shade of trees or your home.

Fly a Kite

Those springtime breezes make the season ideal for flying a kite. It’s a great excuse to go to a park or the beach. The more room you have the better, so look for any space with a large open area without power lines, trees or streets. If there are objects around like hills or buildings, the wind will go around them creating turbulence which provides a great learning opportunity too. You might even make it a friendly competition to see who can keep their kite up in the air longer.

Take a Hike

Now that the weather is warming, it’s a great time to get out for a hike. Get everyone excited about enjoying the great outdoors by involving each family member in choosing the route. Along the way see how many flowers, insects or animals you can count.

Play Backyard Games

Old-fashioned backyard games are fun way to spend time together and get everyone active. Think everything from croquet to Red Rover, flag football, Frisbee, tag, and kickball. List everything you can think of on slips of paper and stick them into a jar where each child can take turns picking what to play.

Visit a Botanical Garden

If there’s a botanical garden in your town or nearby, spring is the time to go, enjoying wonderful aroma, the colorful sights of the flowers and perhaps some pretty butterflies fluttering about.

Enjoy a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Get out for a walk in your neighborhood and see how many sights and sounds of spring you can collect. For example, a bird singing, the buzz of a lawnmower, music from an ice cream truck, a flower blooming, kids playing in a playground, spring fruits and vegetables, people wearing shorts and sandals or a rushing river, high from snowmelt. And never forget happy kids happy family.

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