Cheap Halloween costumes ideas for 2019

Halloween is just around the corner. And you might be already wondering how to impress the others. If last year your costume was a total failure, make more efforts this year. And in case you faced the event of an expensive Halloween costume, don’t make this mistake one more time, either.

It’s time to learn how to get the best of your Halloween celebration on a budget. Or check out the best cheap Halloween costumes ideas for 2019. In this article, you’ll find some conceptions to follow and realize.

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are the primary symbols of the celebration on the 31st of October. During this night, streets in the States (mainly), but also in many other countries are full of scary people that beg for sweets. And not only kids, but all people follow this tradition. But how did treat or trick custom and Halloween costumes originally appear?

English and Irish people have brought the tradition to the USA. Officially, the holiday in the USA occurred during the 30s of the last century. But the origin of this custom refers back to the era of Celts. Celts lived about 2000 years ago. It was then when they believed that the New Year begins when winter begins. They celebrated this time by the name of Samhain fest. It was in the last days of October. And since winter used to be determined as the time when people die, the holiday appeared to be the bridge between dead and living people.

As to the costumes, in the beginning, they were imitating only animals. Roman Empire that inherited Celt lands acquired the Samhain tradition. Halloween costumes, though, were for the first time introduced in the States in the late 1800s. The Irish Samhain tradition was adorned with festive night carnivals. On these fests, poor people entertain the rich people at the exchange of sweets and dressed in scary costumes.

Eventually, the Halloween celebration became more childish as at the beginning of the 20th century it brought a lot of vandalism. Due to this vandalism government introduced a lot of limits for the Halloween turning the fest into more of a kid’s time to mischief. This is how Halloween costumes advanced throughout the years. And today they are part of big commercial industry with a temporary period between September and November every single year.

Top cheap Halloween costumes ideas during 2019

The 2019 year won’t be an exception. It comes with a great bunch of Halloween costumes ideas. Like any other year, 2019 has its own modern and exciting trends to introduce for the 31st of October party. We observe the movie-based, pop culture and traditional Halloween costumes as 2019 trends.

For instance, Wonder Women, The Clown from IT (by Steven King-related movie), any character from the top trendy Game of Thrones or the horror series with Winona Rider Stranger Things are superb ideas if you are a film fan. Political events from the last several months made Donald Trump a huge inspiration for Halloween costumes this year. And pop culture has made it possible for kids to dress like Minions, hipster-like mermaid, prince or Boogieman.

It is interesting to note that not ugly or frightful, but heroic and funny are the new Halloween costumes of the 2019 year. Well, we hope this trend won’t deprive kids of treats as tricks might not be so possible with active characters. Ghosts, scary clowns, bloody witches and dragons (like Daenerys’dragons) will be on. And we hope we will see them alongside the real heroes down the streets knocking on the doors of candies.

Top cheap Halloween costumes ideas for kids during 2019

Ok, you don’t have to rob a bank to make your child happy on Halloween. On the contrary – it’s enough to be trendy (and you know the trends now) and quick-witted. This is how you will be ready and able to get one of the top cheap Halloween costumes for kids this year. We are pleased to share with you several ideas. Even if not chosen to use any of them particularly, you will find yourself inspired by them, no doubt:

John Snow costumer is simple. All you need is your old coat with fur. Make a mantle for your kid and add black polo shirt with high leather boots. A mid-short black wig is enough to let the others believe your son is the heir of the throne.

Donald Trump costume needs hair and a duck mask for the face. Dress the kid in a costume and let your teen babysitter lead in a classy dress like she’s Melania.

Create the Mr. Twister costume by winding your kid with hula hoop up. Add tulle as much as you can buy from the store and give your child wear your black silky gloves for this night at least.

Any ghost costume is easy to be made with a large white T-shirt, white winter hat and of course some light tulle to add some scary shade to the costume.

Top cheap Halloween costumes ideas for adults during 2019

You can dress yourself up in a cheap, but original Halloween costume this year, too. We are glad to give a list of ideas. Here are some awesome cheap Halloween costumes for adults you should try or consider:

Become the pop star Sia with a cheap wig. Cut a long fringe and divide the wig into two pieces to dye one of them in blond and leave the other in black. Add a big ribbon on your head, some red lipstick and leggings in white plus a blazer in white. You are a ready, girl!

You can be the character of 50 shades of Grey with as many gray items in your clothes layered sexily, though. A short skirt is a must, and high heels might be fine,
A white robe and a long black wiglet in the eyes will make look like the scary little girl from The Ring.

Lumberjack costume is possible with a big stick covered with glossy aluminum foil and a bear. Make the bear easily with brown yarn.

Anyone can be the clown from It with a nose colored in a red, curly wig from the 80s and of course, bright and colorful clothes to add one. Dye your face with white paint and add some bloody drops at the edges.

Easy and cheap to be done, these ideas, though, will make feel unique. And it is all about this festive day, right?

Top sexy Halloween costumes ideas for 2019

And if you want to be a sexy Halloween girl instead of a scary person hungry for candies, we’ve got several ideas for you, too. Here are the top hot Halloween costumes ideas for 2019 to try:

Be a sexy mermaid with a glossy plastic skirt and your favorite bathing bra. Let your hair flow down on your back.

Bell from Beauty and the Beast can be achieved with a princess-like yellow dress and a yellow headband.

Playboy bunny, why not? Wear a one-piece bathing suit in black, add some rabbit ears and don’t forget to make a fluffy tail from white fur or yarn.

Become the Wonder Women with a leather top and short skirt. Add a piece of cloth on your head and have your hair finely curled. You only need some horns to put on your head and sexily wear black and red clothes to be the devil woman. Try it!

And if you’ve got wings instead, dress sexy white clothes to be the angel. Not all angels are annoying; they can be sexy, too!

Military print on your clothes will make you the sexist sergeant at the party. Tie your shirt on your flat belly and wear high boots to be ready for dancing all night long.

No matter what you choose, believe us, you will excite your better half at once. Sex life can be much greater on Halloween, girls! But you already know that.

Top homemade Halloween costumes ideas for 2019

Homemade costumes, though, are always better than those from the store. It is because they are unique. You can’t be more original than in your own Halloween costumes. Most of the ideas we have already shared with you are easy to be DIY made. You should try some of our ideas. But if you think they are difficult for realization, see what’s next. We have even easier Halloween costumes ideas for 2019 to offer you. Check them out if you need last-minute Halloween costumes:

Walking flower pot – all you need is a giant bowl to place your kid after cutting its bottom. Arrange your child with flowers and dress it in classical pink. Awesome, isn’t it?

The wizard from Harry Potter needs only one black T-shirt to cut and present as a mantle. Ok, add a stick with a star at the edge to make the spell.

Chanel Frida comes out of the 1 Dollar store with flowers on head, lots of gems on a neck and plenty of colorful scarves.

The bat wings are easy to be made. All you need is to use your black umbrella and cut in the middle. You are Batman now!

Rounded sunglasses that are super modern these days and a yellow T-shirt – who is this? Yes, it’s your Minion costume for Halloween 2019.

Or why don’t you play a YouTube video for a sexy black and white skeleton makeup tutorial? It won’t cost you a dime, but only your old black eyeshadows.

Top Halloween costumes to buy this year

Indeed, making a costume at home is more budget-friendly. However, not every one of us is so artistic and handy to create one. DIY projects usually seem easy, but they aren’t simple to all of us. This is why buying Halloween costumes from the store has turned into a tradition to all of us. And if you are going to do so this year, check out our top pick-up for commercial Halloween costumes for the 2019 year now:

Fireball Whiskey Bottle

A very nice idea for the Bohemian guy, who is in love with the party! But if you have a girlfriend to please on Halloween, get her an advertising T-shirt with your most favorite whiskey brand. And you are ready to go as a couple now!

A body from the Glow

The fitness inspiration – Glow TV show – to all women – dares you to wear a single bathing suit on Halloween night. Well, if you have worked out enough with Ruth and Debbie you are ready to wear their glamorous suits, no doubt.

A pumpkin suit

Those gentlemen who are trying to be a little bit more serious on Halloween night can have it with a pumpkin suit. Ok, this isn’t an investment that lets you go to the office the next day, but the money worth it for the night.

Baywatch costume

Here is one more option for women who have worked out the last year. Wear a red bathing suit and get your life belt to be Pamela Anderson twin today. You can add some socks in your bra cups by all means.

Daenerys Targaryen costume

It is the top idea for this year Halloween party. And if you have money to waste, don’t doubt, spend them on this mantle with a blue dress to mix with your midi boots.

Prisoner’s costume

A suit in orange? With a pair of handcuffs (yes, you can wear those from the last Saint Valentine’s day!)! Great idea to make elegant old ladies get scared of you!

T-Rex costume

In case you are ready to hold your breath – literally – don’t miss the chance to be a dinosaur this year. With the new version of Jurassic Park, you will get hot and trendy this way.

Harry Potter Robe

Yes, we have shown you how to dress your kid like a character from the popular book. Though, if you want something more classy and deluxe, don’t waste time, but get an adult mantle that will blow everyone’s attempt to be original.

Game of Thrones White Walker

A mask like that will let you wear anything else. If you put this on your head, don’t expect to be unseen. Everyone will notice and realize that winter’s indeed coming..Oh, wait, that is what ancient people used to celebrate on the 31st of October, too!

Superman costume

From all the Halloween costumes of all time, this one seems to be the most popular one. And the best thing is that it never gets out of fashion. We want you to wear it because someone should since most people will be Game of Thrones characters this year.

Star Wars Costume

And if Superman is the character for Halloween of all times, those from Star Wars seem to be forgotten. But not anymore. Once the classic golden movie returned to the cinema theatre, Halloween costumes with Dart Vader have become trendy again. And princess Lea comes with an entirely new modern dress for the MTV awards party.

Pizza costume

From all the food-like costumes among the popular Halloween costumes for 2019 pizza is the one that wins. Pizza costumes can be perfect for kids and adults. And as far as we have checked, these clothes aren’t that expensive at all.

Pop food costume

From coca-cola to popcorn, these costumes are cool for the fact they linked with Moschino brand. We remind you that the Italian designer has released a whole line of clothes inspired by pop culture. And during this Halloween night, you might see lots of girls with such costumes, too.

We hope you are going to make your choice fast. In all cases, don’t forget that Halloween costumes are ways to show who you are. Or who you are hiding inside yourself. With our brilliant ideas, though, you will get out of the situation if you were run out your thoughts last year. And don’t forget that having fun is more important than what you are going to wear. Getting the treat shouldn’t be a fixed idea, but a trick you will be possible to do with any cheap or DIY costume.

Happy Halloween, guys!


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