🥰Top 8 Homemade Easy Skin Whitening Remedies

Skin whitening home remedies is a slow procedure often costing you a lot of time, money and research.

Are you among these people, who prefer homemade beauty recipes and appreciate the power of natural ingredients?

If so, then this article will lead you all the way of making your homemade products.

Before revealing all the secrets, let’s clear why we need it?

The darkening of the skin tone is a normal process, occurring often and caused by complicated reasons. It can appear as a result of low hydration or poorly proportioned and none- nutrient diet. If the intake of liquids and water is below the average level- around 1.5 liters your skin tone might look faded, lacking the usual freshness.

Sometimes the darkening and colorization of the skin can be caused by various medicaments and, during medical treatment. Some of the reasons are also season allergies, changing the color and brightness of the overall tone.

Of course, it can be a natural defect many people have- the color of the face is imbalanced- with red zones around the nose and eyes and pale skin of the cheeks.

Skin, overexposed to the sun also tends to lose its natural color, become dry and exhausted. 

Top DIY home skin whitening remedies

Are you still wondering whether to trust homemade methods?

Many tend to reject this option, preferring to use already-made solutions offered in the shops. The opinion that it is too time-consuming and too complicated to prepare your face masks is widespread. People wrongly believe ingredients are expensive and hard to find. Well, none of this is true.

Skin whitening home remedies are the healthiest way to take care of your body.

Ingredients can be found in every home and every family. They are not expensive and are 100% organic and natural. Lacking chemical additives, they are safe for you. They not only help but improve the overall looks of your face.

There are some basic skin whitening home remedies, known to everyone, which have proven their significant effect.

The recipes you’re about to see here are top home remedies for skin whitening. We selected remedies with rich ingredients and essential oils. Some of the ingredients are yogurt, lemon, milk, and oatmeal. The essential oils, such as jojoba, lavender and rose oil reduce irritation and increase the freshness of whitening.

What is most important these recipes carefully combine ingredients to reach maximum results in cycle for the shortest period.

Yogurt and oatmeal mask with almond oil

Yogurt is an essential factor in returning the natural, fresh tone of your face and neck. It is used in many home remedies skin whitening for masks after skin burn because it is a calming effect. Yogurt except being food increases your metabolism is also a source of many beneficial vitamins and minerals.

It is rich in calcium, zinc, also probiotics, fats, and proteins. Thanks to its smooth structure and natural acid it also exfoliates the skin softly.

Combined with regular oatmeal, popular for its soothing ability this remedy is also great for removing the dead cells. Oatmeal is perfect for dry and tired skin, because it returns the flatness of the epidermis, removing the roughness.

Don’t forget to add almond oil to the mixture. It deals with irritation, normalizing the function of the sebaceous glands. It hydrates and reduced appearance of fine wrinkles, while it is an ideal additive to skin whitening remedies.

• Two tablespoons regular oatmeal;
• 50 to 100 ml of warm mineral water;
• Instead of water, you can use warm milk;
• One teaspoon base organic almond oil or sweet almond oil.

For the best result soak the oatmeal in a small amount of water or milk for a couple of hours. This will make the mixture smooth and easier for an application. Put everything in the chopper and add more water or milk until you get a creamy consistency. Finally, add the almond oil and stir until the cream absorbs the oil.

And your remedy is ready to use immediately. Apply it gently on the face with cotton tampons or a special brush. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. You can apply circle movements to help exfoliation and deep clean your pores.

Use the mask every once in a week for a couple of months, and you will see the result before you know it.

Honey and lemon juice homemade recipe with jojoba oil

Honey is the King of skincare. This magical substance has so many beneficial characteristics we say it heals your skin. It moisturizes it, returning the elasticity and strengthens the upper layer. It contains anti-mycotic elements, keeping you safe from microbes.

Also working as anti-oxidant, it is the necessary ingredient of every homemade mask. It is perfect for the healing of skin defects caused by acne and also contains precious minerals. Some of them are magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

The main ingredient here is the lemon juice, while honey is used to soothe the drying effect of lemon. Lemon juice is a famous natural whitening agent. It is also rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants like the honey.

How does the lemon juice help?

Shortly- it reduces the production of the pigment naturally attained by our bodies.

As a result, lemon juice helps to forget about hyperpigmentation of the skin finally. Color spots, due to aging and sun exposure are a result of hyperpigmentation. Freckles also fall into this range of pigmentation. Lemon is a great option for deep cleansing and dealing with oily skin as well.

The combination of honey and lemon is enriched with jojoba essential oil. Except being rich in vitamins, like vitamin B complex and E it has one significant advantage. Few know the jojoba oil contains wax esters, which are the component of the skin sebum structure.

Wax esters help to protect the skin from drying and over moisturizing. With age, the ability of our body to produce was esters weakens. Thus we need some additional help.

Jojoba oil is great for sensitive skin because it has a calming effect and it is ideal for skin whitening home remedies with lemon.

• The juice of half a lemon;
• Two tablespoons natural honey without additives;
• 5-8 drops from organic jojoba oil
• Optionally use one teaspoon cane sugar for exfoliation.

Squeeze the lemon and transfer the juice through a strainer to remove seeds and pulp. Mix the juice with the honey. The honey needs to be a little warm to avoid crystallization. This will help you to mix it faster with the lemon. The agent will be ready when all of the honey is dissolved into the thick liquid.

Add a few drops of the organic jojoba essential oil, and you’re ready. If you want, you can add some cane sugar and use the remedy as a face scrub as well. Rub the mixture into your face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

Use lukewarm water to clean it and don’t miss the aftercare procedure. Always use calming, rich cream to nourish your skin. You can repeat this action a couple of time in a week, without worrying about side effects.

Skin whitening with lemon is one of the most efficient ways, but still, needs patience and some time to see it working.


Wheat bran remedy with mashed strawberries and peach oil

Wheat bran is as useful for skin whitening cycles and your whole body tonus. It’s a whole grain food rich in fibers, helping you to detox your body and deliver intense energy. For skincare, wheat bran is used for scrubs and cleansing solutions. It is also a medium combined with other substances. Wheat bran is cheap, and you can find it in every supermarket- it doesn’t even have to be a specialized store.

It turns into a skin mask when it’s combined with strawberries. Strawberries are one of the common natural agents to lighten your teeth and skin. Using strawberries for skin whitening home remedies is traditional.

They contain salicylic acid, which is the active element. Salicylic acid is great for fighting acne problems, and it also tightens the skin pores to prevent the appearance of blackheads. In this remedy, the strawberries can deal with freckles and spotting of the skin.

The peach oil- the last ingredient is cold pressed healing oil, produced from the seed of the fruit. It cannot be ingested, but its overall effect when applied externally is undoubted. It is rich in fatty acids and phospholipids. It also contains essential vitamins, like B15, E and A.

What it gives to the epidermis is to keep the moisture in the upper layers. The peach oil also helps to flatten the face tone, and it can be applied evenly around the eyes. It is entirely safe and appropriate even for gentle baby skin.

• Two tablespoons fine wheat bran;
• Four fresh strawberries;
• Two tablespoons water or lukewarm white tea;
• 10-15 drops organic peach oil

If you use fine bran, you won’t need to use the chopper, as it is similar to flour. Mix the wheat bran with the water, or even better- use white tea. Use the strawberries to prepare puree, don’t worry about the seeds, they will not reduce the skin whitening effect. Put everything together with the peach oil. In the end, you will get a thick paste to apply on your face.

You need to sit with the homemade mask for 30 minutes and then wash it away gently. You can repeat the procedure every two weeks. After you remove the mask, think of using a facial moisturizer to pamper your epidermis.

Interesting facts

Do you know what melanin is?

Melanin is the reason why we have colored skin, and it is also responsible for the iris color and the color of our hairs. The word describes certain pigments giving a dark color to tissues. Our skin stores specific cells, producing melanin.

Normally all people should have an equal number of melanin cells, but we are all different. Some of us are born with a higher number of melanocyte cells. Thus we have darker skin.

Certain factors can affect the normal production of melanin in our bodies. Most often they are external, rather than internal factors. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight is one of them, but also the normal aging increases melanin production.

Freckles and senile age spots are results of hyperfunctioning of the melanocyte cells. When we expose our skin to sunlight it typically gets darker- we get tan. The more melanin production is evident, the darker our skin becomes.

Of course, not all people react the same way to sun exposure, and not all skin pigmentation is caused only due to the sun. What is important to know here is melanin synthesis uses two amino acids- tryptophan and tyrosine. When we use skin whitening products, whether it is cosmetics from the shop or homemade solutions we attack the tyrosine amino acid. These products simply stop the synthesis of melanin or slow it down.

Why are natural recipes better?

Because we manipulate the functioning of our body and most of the already-made cosmetic products contain chemical additives. Over usage or the usage of products with questionable ingredients can endanger the regular functioning of melanin cells. This could lead to specific skin illnesses.

Calming white clay remedy with chamomile tea and lavender oil

White clay is famous for its skin whitening feature. Often used in hair masks for unwanted colorization removal, it works the same applied to the epidermis. It can remove pigmentation spots altogether and create overall lighter looks on the skin. In case you not only want to get rid of spots but to have paler skin, this is your recipe.

White clay has fine structure and assures you silky touch while you apply. This is why it is convenient for every skin type. It works as a slight exfoliant helping for the regeneration of the epidermis cells. It also deep cleans the pores and stimulates the blood circulation. Unlike other clays it doesn’t reduce the sebum, therefore is ideal for dry skins. Like the other types of clays, it has detox features and derives the toxins from the body.

Chamomile is a magical plant when we’re talking about healing and relaxation. Most commonly is used as a tea to sooth a busy mind and bring back the good sleep. It is an anti-stress herb, highly reducing anxiety and fighting migraine. As a skin care product, it heals wounds, skin inflammation and eczema.

Combined with lavender oil the soothing outcome is even stronger. Lavender oil is also a relaxing essence good for aromatherapies. It is ideal for any skin and balances the tan. Excellent to fight depression and insomnia it will soothe your mind, while you take care of your skin. The lavender essential oil works against aging and stimulates the oxygen flow into the epidermis cells.

• 2 ½ tablespoon white clay on powder;
• 2 ½ lukewarm chamomile tea;
• 1-2 drops lavender essential oil

The clay powder is usually quite okay, so you don’t need any previous preparation. Just make sure, when you mixed it with the tea to avoid the formation of lumps. You want a balmy consistency after you add the chamomile tea. Lavender oil is not greasy, you only need to put 1-2 drops, and this is it.

Be careful with the essential oil, as its aroma is powerful.

You can apply the mask with a soft brush, avoiding the zones around the eyes. Lay back calm and try not to tense your facial muscles. Stay with the solution until it starts to dry. Don’t wait to thoroughly dry, but wash it just the moment before.

You can use cotton tampons and water to remove the skin whitening mask gently. Damp you face with a soft towel and use the rest of the tea to spray your face. It will moisturize it and make it smooth. Additionally, you can use eye tampons soaked in the chamomile tea to ease your eyes. You can put them in the fridge for 5 minutes to feel the real comfort in your eyes. The tea will help with removing the dark circles around the eyes as well.

Skin whitening home remedies from citrus peels, milk, and argan oil

Citruses are one of those fruits, which can energize the body with every part of the fruit- even the peels. We suggest to use orange or lemon peels. They contain many vitamins, as well as necessary minerals significant for the tonus. You will find potassium and magnesium in orange peels. They can brighten your skin tone, bring back the color of your cheeks and tighten the pores.

Citruses banish dirt and grease from the pores and are ideal for people with acne problems. Recipes for masks with oranges or lemons are applicable for oily skins or with a rough structure. They can return the tone balance of the facial skin and increase the effectiveness of skin whitening.

Milk, as you all know is the perfect substance for soft hydration. Milk is good even for daily use as washing liquid for sensitive skin. It repairs the tiny defects making the top epidermis layer elastic. This recuses wrinkles and makes the skin soft as velvet. The milk will brighten the color of the skin making it whiter and healthier.

Argan oil, in addition to citrus ingredients, is good for both dry and oily skins. It is cold pressed from the seed of the Argan tree, often called liquid gold. It can reconstruct skin with defects and restore its wholeness.

• Two tablespoons crushed orange or lemon peels;
• 1 ½ tablespoon milk;
• ½ teaspoon argan oil

As simple as it sounds, this remedy is easy to prepare. The only thing you need to do in advance is to keep peels from citrus fruits and dry them under sunlight. It will take a couple of days in the winter and day or two in the warm months to get completely dry.

Crush the dry peels with chopper until you get a fine powder. This is what you can use for your facial mask. Soak the citrus powder into the milk and leave it for some time to absorb a small amount of the liquid.

Finally, add the argan oil 100% organic and stir well. Your homemade mask is ready, and you can apply it on your face. Use your hands, because it has a grainy structure and it will be difficult with a brush or cotton.

30 minutes are quite enough to let it dry in the air. Then softly wash it out. As a finish, you can use cocoa butter with a few drops of lemon or orange oil to massage your face slightly.

Whitening remedy with curd, egg white, and avocado oil

Hmm, does it sounds strange to you? Never heard of using curd as a cosmetic product? Now, when you know, you will find how many advantages curd has for your skincare routine. The curd is a secondary dairy product produced through the process of curdling of milk. It is very rich in proteins, which are part of skin care creams and lotions.

Why are proteins important? They make the epidermis layers firmer and strengthen them. Also, the elasticity of skin improves and forms a soft structure.
The curd is a natural product to use to enhance the firmness and rebuild skin’s structure.

On the other hand egg white is a widespread natural ingredient. Except making the skin wither it also cleanses it and tightens the pores. It removes the excess sebum, which causes a greasy look. Mixed skins have oily areas on the forehead and the chin, while the cheeks remain dry and tired. Egg white will restore the balance in sebum production.

Finally, avocado oil is something new to the market, but it deserves your attention. It is a better alternative to coconut oil and has even more advantages. Except being a nutrient for the skin, it is also a practical option for makeup removal. It naturally sanitizes pores and compensates the unwanted extra drying, which may appear due to the usage of the egg white.

• 1 ½ tablespoon fresh curd;
• Egg white foam from 1 egg;
• One teaspoon avocado or coconut oil from 100% organic from Amazon as an alternative
• One tablespoon lemon juice.

Whip the egg white until it turns into thick foam. This will make your homemade remedy soft, with a supple feel. Add the curd to the egg foam and mix until you get the homogenous substance. Continue with the avocado or coconut oil and finally add some lemon juice.

The lemon juice is not necessary, but it will increase the skin whitening function. It is useful for greasy skins with large pores.
Stay with the mask for 20 minutes and then take it off, by rinsing it with water. Leave your face to dry on air and apply just a small amount of face cream.

The mask is good for tone balancing and can be used in every two days for two weeks period.

Natural mask with rose water, gram flour, and rose oil

If you didn’t know, gram flour except for a primary ingredient in the Indian kitchen is also ideal for skin whitening. It is made of chickpea and has many benefits for skin health. Gran flour naturally exfoliates and refreshes the top epidermis layer. The flour is also famous for being helpful for anti-aging procedures as it tightens loose skin.

Rose water is a precious cleansing agent, very affordable and easy to find in the pharmacy or stores for bioproducts. It is a natural lotion good for moisturizing. Also rose water is antiseptic and therapeutic, balancing the sebum production. The best way to use it is directly from the fridge.

Rose essential oil is another product highly appreciated for its delicate aroma. It has a relaxing effect on the body and mind and will give your homemade remedy a fresh scent. Rose oil is an expensive essential oil, going on an entirely different level. If you like to save some money or just can’t find quality rose oil you can substitute it with rosehip oil.

It is pretty much affordable, and it gives a fantastic result on the skin with spots and unwanted colorization. The rosehip oil is convenient to combine with other products from rose, and it is designed to use in homemade facial cosmetics.

• Two tablespoons gram flour;
• Two tablespoons rose water from the fridge;
• One drop rose oil or 2-3 drops rosehip oil;

Before you prepare your facial mask first, you can carefully clean your face with the rose water. It will assure a fresh and clean base for the mask. To prepare the skin whitening home remedy to add the flour the rose water. You will get a thick paste to apply on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Be careful with zones near the eyes and mouth, as gram flour might irritate the fragile and sensitive skin there.

At the end put just one drop of the rose oil, as it is powerful. If you choose rosehip oil, you will need a bit more from the essential liquid.

Leave the mask to work for 30 minutes. Afterward, rinse it with lukewarm water. For a finish, again use rose water to calm the skin. This mask can be applied a couple of time per week, in case you bet on fast skin whitening results.


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