?How to Deal With Cold Sores Fast and Easy

If you notice cold sores, tiny small blisters on and around your lips, don’t panic. This is a common viral infection also known as fever blisters affecting half of Americans ages 14 to 49.

Worldwide, this condition affects 90 percent of the adult population. Flare-ups can heal without treatment, but, there are effective ways to relieve pain and promote healing.

How do you prevent fever blisters?

Keep your hands clean and avoid touching other people especially babies. Try to avoid skin to skin contact while blisters are present. Avoid sharing items because using utensils, towel, lip balm and other items that can spread blisters. Use a good source of at home remedies such as essential amino acids

This dietary supplement supports multiple systems of your body.

The scientific name for this viral infection is herpes simplex virus type 1. According to the World Health Organization, most of HSV-1 occur during childhood and infection could be for life. Cold sores or fever blisters can last from 10 to 14 days. These blisters will form near your mouth and other parts of your face, tongue, and gums.

Clear fluid with scabbing may appear after a few days. It is during this active period when your fever blisters are contagious this can infect others through you. Cross-contamination takes place when lesions inside the mouth are transmitted with infected saliva. However, oral-genital contact can also pass this viral infection causing genital herpes.

What Cold Sores Caused By?

Infection takes place when fever blisters are transmitted as a result of close contact. This virus is passed on from one person to another by saliva or skin contact with open sores. You could be drinking from the same cup by somebody who carries and transmits the virus.

When the herpes simplex virus enters your body it remains inactive until it is triggered. An activated virus will cause cold sores to appear.  You can have just a viral outbreak while others may suffer from 2 to 3 outbreaks in a year. Sometimes the virus lays dormant.

HSV-1 can infect the mouth, eyes, skin of the fingers and genitals. About 8 out of 10 people have a virus that causes fever blisters. Most people will get infected at age 10. After getting infected the virus remains inactive. Having colds or fever can trigger the virus. HSV-1 can aggravate the medical condition of a person who has a weak immune system.

Outbreak Triggers

  • Mental and emotional stress

You need to keep your immune system in top order. Being stressed out will give this herpes virus the green light to go full blown. Try to meditate and calm your nerves. Find ways to unwind. Take a deep breath even for just a few minutes.

  • Low immune system

Boost your Regulatory T-cells. Better known as Treg cells, these cells regulate your immune system. T-cells curbs the potential destructive action of the T helper cells.

T Regulatory Cells Function

  • Prevents auto-immune disease
  • Controls asthma and allergies
  • Regulates oral tolerance
  • Trauma to the Lips

Shield your lips from sun exposure. You can use a nontoxic sunscreen lip balm to do the job. Better yet you can use less than a full dropper to apply Dalinex Maximum Strength Cold Sore Treatment from Amazon

Certain foods such as:

  • Asparagus
  • Beer
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive oil

Sun Exposure

  • Dental Treatment
  • Illness

How Long Cold Sore Takes to Appear?

Symptoms will appear from two days to three weeks after infection. Cold sores will form into crust within four days. This will completely heal within eight to ten days. The border of the lips is the most common place where the cold sores appear. Although, occasionally it can occur in the mouth too. These are likely individuals who have a weakened immune system.

When an outbreak starts you will feel tingling, burning and sometimes itching sensation. Swelling and redness follow after this. Eventually, sores covered with a crust that looks like scab appears. The crust will shed and form into the new crust while the sore heals.

How Many Cold Sores is Normal?

Cold sores are commonly known as herpes labialis because it is present in the mouth area. Some people suffer from only one cold sore a year.  Others have frequently recurring fever blisters about two to three times a year. In some cases, the virus remains in the dormant stage.

To prevent and heal herpes labialis you can use Clearlips by Biohacker Supplements. This supplement strengthens your immune system to prevent HSV-1 from turning into a full-blown outbreak. If you want to heal from the inside out, this supplement will do the job efficiently. To be effective, you should apply the treatments as soon as the first sign of sores appears. Otherwise, using an anti-viral cream after this initial period will not have an effect.

When Cold Sores Are Contagious?

Cold sores are very contagious even when you don’t see the sores.  Fever blisters pass through several stages:

Itching and Tingling Sensation

Many people feel itching and tingling sensation around their mouth for a day. After this tiny, hard and painful spots start to appear. This is the stage when blisters burst.

Blisters erupt

Small fluid-filled blisters appear near the edge of the lips. This is the part of your skin that meets the face. It is at this stage when blisters occur around the nose and cheeks.

Open sores appear

The small blisters will erupt and leave behind open sores. These sores ooze fluid. After the fluid dries out, crusting appears.

Prevent Spread of HSV-1

  • Avoid close physical contact. While there is a viral outbreak avoid kissing or oral sex
  • Do not touch the fever blisters unless you are applying a topical medication
  • Avoid sharing items that come in contact with your mouth. Some good examples are: utensils and cosmetics
  • Avoid coming in direct contact with babies and those that have a weak immune system. Both of these group are vulnerable to getting infected

How Cold Sore Heal?

Cold sores heal on its own without treatment within a week or so. Using anti-viral cream are available even without a prescription. If you use anti-viral cream according to instruction, this can help speed up the healing time. You can also use anti-viral tablets, especially for severe cases.

Fever blister patches containing hydrocolloid dressings can treat skin wounds. Sometimes referred to as hydrocolloid gel patches, they contain gel forming agents. This acts as a wound dressing which is both waterproof and self-adhering.

These dressings will only work for small wounds that are

  • Uninfected
  • Partial or full thickness
  • With low to moderate drainage. These dressings are not suitable for wounds that have plenty of discharge

Advantages of Hydrocolloid dressing

  • Not easy to penetrate. Protects your wound from bacteria and other forms of invaders
  • Does not stick to wound only to the surrounding skin. This dressing will keep your healed skin intact
  • Easy to use
  • Can complement the use of venous compression products
  • No need to change frequently. You need to change dressings once every several days.

Minimize the spread of infection by doing these:

  • Wash your hands before you touch the infected part.
  • Avoid touching the sores while you are using cream. It would be better to rub dabbed rather than rubbed the cream. Continuous friction can cause skin damage.
  • Do not share the same cream with another person who is infected. Sharing items that both of you use will spread the infection
  • Avoid sharing items that come in contact with the lips and mouth such as cutleries.
  • Allow the sores to heal before you engage in kissing or oral sex.
  • Learn what causes these sores to appear. Try to avoid these triggers.
  • Be careful around babies and people who have a low immune system. Avoid people who have HIV or undergoing chemotherapy

What Cold Sore Cream Is Best?

You can use topical products like cream to treat cold sores. Some of these prescription medications can even make your sores heal faster in about 1 to 2 days. Some experts even observe how even non-prescription cream can speed up the healing process. However, this will only work if the cream is used every 2 hours.

This cream works when the first sign of sores appear. Temporary skin irritation may occur. The US FDA approves the use of acyclovir cream for people older than 12 years old.

Penciclovir or Denavir is an anti-viral cream. This cream works on sores that are caused by too much sunlight exposure. This cream reduces burning, itching, and pain. Some side effects of using this cream are skin rashes or headache. These side effects are rare.

This cream offers temporary relief from itching and pain caused by sores. Better known by its generic name Pramoxine, it works by blocking the pain and itching. Pramoxine is classified under local anesthetics. This cream can cause skin irritation for children who are younger than 2 years old.

This product is used to moisturize the lips. This cream will protect the lips from the sun. FlashPatch cream prevents sores from returning. This cream will reduce the pain and itching.

Docosanol is used to treat herpes labialis. Using this cream can speed up the process of healing and decrease symptoms. It works by blocking the virus from entering healthy cells. Using this cream will prevent sores from spreading. Avoid using this cream to treat canker sores though. Docosanol is the only US FDA approved over the counter drug.

Lastly, learn the warning signs when cold sores will appear.  As soon as you feel tingling, itching and skin sensitivity shift into contagion prevention mode. Preventive measures will contain the virus. If you dislike seeing that red scaly tiny heads from appearing, lay off the sugar.

Yes, you heard it right, sugar slows down your immune system response.  Eat more Vitamin C rich food since these are immune boosters and anti-viral. You can eat blueberries instead of that sugary treat. Blueberries are a yummy way to treat cold sores. Try adding these berries in your smoothies or even in salads. Pair this up with high powered antiviral fresh fennel.

You can try to use peppermint essential oil to tame the virus outbreak.

In a study, published in the Phytomedicine medical journal, it demonstrates the effectiveness of using peppermint against sores. It was found out that about 99 percent of cold sore viruses disappear when peppermint was used.

Get enough amount of sleep since it is a health necessity. Getting the right amount of sleep will allow your body to heal naturally. You can live for the rest of your life without the constant threat of suffering from sores. All that you have to do is to know more about this condition and how to reduce the outbreak.







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