How maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you save money?

adopting certain healthy habits in our lifestyle can make a huge difference!


How many of you believe that adopting certain healthy habits in our lifestyle can make a huge difference! Instead of opting for the expensive gym with high charges, one can start with minor changes as a step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of us will agree with the fact that if we start with small modifications in our daily activities the impact in turn on one’s health would be huge.

All of us, after all, are inherently lazy and are creatures of convenience. I have some real information on how making minor changes in our day to day activities can help in maintaining a healthy life. I interviewed my neighbor who is a nutritionist and dietician by profession, and then useful tips and insights she gave me are sure to help many people out there. Keep reading to get inspired and gain some valuable knowledge.

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According to various studies and researchers, there is a directly proportional relationship between adopting healthy habits and obtaining a healthy portfolio. Many small changes can go a big way in getting the desired outcome in one’s health while also not being heavy on the pocket. Taking these small steps can later save huge money from getting spent on hospital bills and another visit to doctors.

According to a University study by Rutger’s on the impact, your health can have on your finances (The Financial Impact of Improved Health Behaviors). In addition to lower wages, a minimum of $1,400 – and possibly as much as $2,800 – adds to the annual medical bills of an obese individual (USA Today report on the cost of obesity).

Thus studies have proven that maintaining healthy habits will lead to better financial health as well. A person who has dedicatedly adopted a healthy lifestyle will also work more actively. His or her chance to live a more fulfilling with better-earning capabilities increases manifold along with a reduction in expenses on healthcare.

Here are the expert tips to lead a healthy life

Keep your facts and information correct

Keep your facts and information correct

Making changes in our lifestyle needs a lot of time, dedication and effort. One has to gather all the information required to make the appropriate changes. All of the alterations depend on accurate facts and figures, and one should strictly avoid myths and popular opinion.

Take time to analyze the exercises which suit your body type and then stick to them. Along with it, one has to thoroughly examine their day to day activities to know where the changes are required. You need to make a timetable to derive maximum benefits for your health.

Churning out the unhealthy ways

Churning out the unhealthy ways

If one comes to think of all the unhealthy habits that are incorporated and the expenses that to one bear to maintain it, then be ready for a shock. The money one spends on smoking and drinking is enormous. Frequent visits to bars and daily buying of a pack of cigarettes can cost one dearly as these are expensive items.“ET Wealth estimates that a 30-year-old who smokes five cigarettes a day would lose over Rs 1 crore due to the habit.”

“Similarly Prices of drugs, doctor’s consultation charges, and diagnostics charges are rising at nearly 15%. Assuming a 12% rise in the rise in these costs per year, a smoker will spend Rs 11.59 lakh throughout 30 years.” (Thanks to Times of India).

Starting to adopt prevention is better than cure approach

Starting to adopt prevention is better than cure approach

One has to start by analyzing the implications of each day to day activity. For example think of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the nearby store instead of taking the car, giving up on the 10 minutes of extra sleep to make way for quick exercises, opting for healthy meals instead of junk, avoiding packaged food and drinks and drinking water at regular interval.

Can you imagine the implications of all these small changes in the day to day activities your overall health? It is going to be huge. Each of these decisions will multiply and prove beneficial for a lifetime to come. Always remember your choices related to health today will affect the future. Money that’s saved on by maintaining and adoption healthy changes is money earned by not paying for a visit to the doctors.

All of this can prove to be highly profitable in the long run. It’s better to maintain a distance from the waggling cheese in the pizza and a grab of intense sugary diet than being at the hospital and facing adverse health issues. Stick to a healthy regimen where you eat fresh foods, vegetables, have a walk every day and do regular exercise for the ultimate gift of health.

Make small goals and stick to them

Make small goals and stick to them

All the significant changes and decisions start with a small change. Thus one should not get overwhelmed thinking of how everything will get done. Start by making weekly and monthly targets. For example, you consume four teaspoons of sugar, reduce it to 2, start decreasing your caffeine intake along with smoking and drinking.

Take out 10 minutes be it at home or workplace to exercise a bit by doing a brisk walk or jogging. One can also opt for swimming on weekends instead of paying the huge fees for luxurious gyms. Instead of eating the whole ice cream try and stop yourself after two bites. One should completely avoid caffeinated and aerated drinks along with fried food. Make walking a habit instead of driving. If you eat veggies, nuts and fruits will keep you recharged the whole day and will cut down toxins from your body.

A balanced and healthy diet can thus go a long way in maintaining good health along with preventing deadly diseases. Keeping yourself hydrated all the time is a golden rule for good health. Drinking water on regular intervals can aid in weight loss, maintaining the balance of fluids, prevent kidney stone and constipation along with helping in getting shiny and clear skin and excellent quality of hair.
One can make thus make as many changes according to one’s lifestyle.

Maintain a regular sleep cycle

Maintain a regular sleep cycle

Sleeping a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours is crucial to maintaining good health. In today’s times of erratic work schedules and per personal life, sleep patterns are getting disturbed. Sound sleep and weight control directly relate to each other.

“When you don’t have a minimum of eight hours of sleep, you’re more likely to give an invitation to diseases and obesity, and you’ll make unhealthy eating decisions. Sleep is a factor which has an impact on your entire health and wellness” (Thanks to Life Sum).

Keep checking your progress

Keep checking your progress

If one does not keep a track or a daily check, then the efforts will go in vain. Even after achieving the target it becomes essential to keep checking to maintain the desired weight, muscles mass and calories. You can use an app to trace whether the diet and exercise that you’re following are having a positive effect on your weight loss or not.

After all, you don’t want to do rigorous workout and have a green diet and at the end of the month get surprised to know that your efforts were useless. You can check the results after every 2-3 days. You can make changes in your routine and get an idea of what’s going wrong.

Even if after a regular workout and healthy diet plan also you’re not able to shed weight then you can have a few health-related issues or hormonal imbalance which you need to have an eye on immediately.

Keep enjoying every day

Keep enjoying every day

Once you start incorporating these positive changes in your life, the effect will start showing in a few days. To make it worthwhile and straightforward involve your loved ones and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle too. If you do it together, you will do it better. No matter what stick to your habits, consistency is the key.

Keep counting your calories even on holiday, walk the same number of steps and increase steadily along with eating a balanced diet. Try to avoid the temptation of giving in and keep yourself motivated to reap the benefits of good health. Find one activity that you like to do be it swimming, jogging, walking or dancing and try to stick to it.

These small changes will prove to be great for your mental health and self-confidence. Your days will get happier as you get more active. You can spend all the money saved by the adoption of these healthy habits on family and near and dear ones. Instead of paying for gyms and hospitals one can then go for holidays or buying gifts. It’s thus an easy choice to make.

After reading about what all should one do, continue to learn what all you should avoid too, here is a quick list

Don’t depend on anyone to help you

No one but you and you alone have to take care of your health and lifestyle.

No one but you and you alone have to take care of your health and lifestyle. Everyone else including doctors, dieticians, etc. can also give ideas and suggestions, but only you will do implementation and tracking. You can’t depend on anyone else to keep a check of your progress and not motivate you.

There will always be multiple opinions and ideas but you to filter the ones that best suit your need and requirements. Customize the plans to go according to your work schedule and body type so that one can quickly adapt them. Making programs that require too much of hardworking and commitment in the initial stage will be hard to adopt, so avoid doing that. Also, avoid too much dependence on anyone else.

Avoid eating out frequently

Avoid eating out frequentlyIn 21st century one when one has long and irregular working hours, it gets challenging to eat homemade healthy meals, and one thus opts to eat out or go for packaged food as a matter of convenience. By this habit has a huge negative effect on both your health and expand. On an average, one meal can cost a minimum 200 rs so if one eats at a simple place and can go higher if one opts for a fancy restaurant.

Apart from this one when prepared the meal on their own, all the healthy ingredients can be incorporated, and one’s favorite food can also be made healthy by keeping the nutrients in check.



Do not become lazy in your approach

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a short-term goal.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a short-term goal. One has to be consistent and dedicated in their approach to getting the desired benefits in the long run. Optimal health and the desired benefits will come only with discipline and determination. Short term sacrifices can go a long way in getting benefits that last a lifetime.

Avoid high insurance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you in cost savings with your insurance.

Insurance premium gives dividends and rate that are determined by the complete health profile of a person. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you in cost savings with your insurance. It will also have an impact on the premium or the amount that is fixed against your insurance.

You can add these significant savings to your investment funds that will grow over time. Not smoking will lower your life insurance premiums due to the expected ongoing health problems and short lifespan than non-smokers” (Thanks to Expert Beacon). How to stop smoking naturally fast and easy.


Money saved is money earned, as goes a famous saying. Through this article, we have tried to list down various points and methods which can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each small step and activity counts in the long run.

So try to avoid temptation and take the vow of adopting habits that lead to optimal health results. If you have the gift of health, you can achieve the heart-wrenching milestones and lots of happiness in your life. So stick to a healthy regime and add years to your life.

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