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How to Make Your Own stress ball fast!


Stress balls represent one of the most popular and easiest ways to reduce stress. They are also recommended by doctors as they are great for boosting the blood circulation, improving the functions of your muscles and for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Making your DIY stress balls is easy. Follow these easy steps.

Stress balls are old, but gold tools that help you get rid of stress. Any tension or negative emotion might be both: a cause and a consequence of stress. In other words, stress can be a dramatic worsening element in our lives.

By all means, there will be people, who believe they are too old-fashioned or non-effective at all to be worth it. However, what we think is that if there is a hope or a chance for something to minimize our stress in life, we should give it a try. Yes, a disappointment might appear at the end.

Aren’t you going to be even more disappointed if not have tried at all? We are sure you are here, reading this article because you already have doubt. But, meanwhile, we are here to remove these doubts of yours and to let it happen. Let’s find out what stress balls are and whether they can help you to at least reduce the stress.

After all, stress is what the stress balls are made for. So we have to know if we do have that stress in our lives if we want to use the stress balls at all.

What’s stress?

On the contrary, stress is determined as a condition that unlocks a physical response.

In other words, if a person is under stress, his or her body reacts physically. It does because the body thinks it is under attack and needs to fight if you don’t want to get a panic attack. The fight is biologically described as a release of various hormones and chemicals.

For instance, adrenaline is such a chemical.

Here is the place where we need to say that stress should not have to be negative on mandatory. If you are jumping by a parachute?

We are here to discuss the application of stress balls, so we are talking only about the negative type a human can feel. Usually, if you don’t overcome it can get chronic. On the other side, in many cases can represent the disability of a person to handle his or her responsibilities.

Health problems caused or aggravated by stress include the following: Depression and anxiety, the pain of any kind, sleep problems, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, skin conditions, such as eczema, heart disease, weight problems, reproductive issues, thinking and memory problems.

And yes – it must be handled, no doubt, whether with balls or with something else for example in this way how to reduce the stress naturally.

People gain stress either due to a physical or to an emotional reason. The physical reason might be something dangerous that scares you.

How do we gain stress?

People gain stress either due to a physical or to an emotional reason. The physical reason might be something dangerous that scares you. On the other side, a psychological cause is worrying for your career or crying over a lost close person.

Whether you believe in stress balls and their efficiency, the key is to at first figuring it out where this stress has come from.  In most cases, we believe stressors as being negative, such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relationship.

You need to understand that anything with high demands on you can be a cause of stress.  Stress can be internal or self-produced, when you worry excessively about things that may or may not happen, or have irrational, pessimistic thoughts about life.

In a few words, what gain us stress can be almost everything – positive and negative, an emotion and a physical impact on you, an event or a particular thought you have only in your mind.

What is more important is how severe stress can be regardless of the way it has been gained. Stress can ruin your personal life, your career, your relationships with others without even letting you understand that you do ruin them. On the other side, if not managed, it can worsen your immune system and cause serious medical problems and hard diseases.

How reducing stress will improve our health?

If stress is something that causes problems for both: our personal life and physical condition, we need to do everything possible to reduce it. You need to apprehend stress as a disease or even a chronic disease that brings additional new diseases or at least worsening of your well-being.

Once you start accepting stress like that you will be able to reduce it.

If you succeed in this, you are going to improve your health quite fast and soon. Stressed people are usually deprived of healthy and long enough sleep. Eventually, this lack of sleep can reduce a person’s weight and appetite. All of these make it easy for the immune system to collapse. And if you are predisposed to any disease, your condition will “welcome” it fast.

You must have heard a lot of times “Stress is the reason…” when it comes to a certain medical condition. And indeed, this isn’t a remark doctors are saying when they have nothing special to say.

On the contrary, stress does cause a lot of diseases and the elimination of stress improve health.

Just think about how more positive and cheerful you are when you aren’t under stress. Well, sometimes, even the positive mood becomes a great medication against flu or even a more serious condition.

Stress balls represent one of the most popular and easiest ways to reduce stress.

What are stress balls?

They represent one of the most popular and easiest ways to reduce stress. Especially when it comes to therapy with no medications or visitation to the doctor. On the other side, doctors, themselves, tend to recommend stress balls in certain situations their patients appear.

Stress balls are small balls you can handle in your hand. Their size is as big as your hand can handle them to feel comfortable when embracing the balls. Holding ball is the main thing you need to do if you want to cure your problem that way. Since these balls are filled with a flexible gel or clay, you need to squeeze them. The act of repeatedly squeezing the ball is the main exercise you need to perform to reduce the stress.

Stress balls are small balls you can handle in your hand.

Balls are also recommended by doctors as they are great for boosting the blood circulation and for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. The main idea is to make a stress ball easy to be squeezed without breaking, cutting or spoiling its shape. On the other side, please keep in mind that not all balls are the squeezable kind.

For instance, the popular Chinese stress balls are made out of tough materials. They aren’t meant for squeezing at all. Instead, Chinese balls come in pairs so that you can roll them around in your hand to relieve stress. The squeezing stress balls are the most common ones, and here, in this material, we are talking about this type of balls.


How will stress balls help you to reduce your stress?

In other words, in these lines, we are going to explain to you how exactly stress balls work. As we have already mentioned to you, the main thing they do is to remove the tension. It takes dozens of times to squeeze the balls till they eliminate the tension, but don’t forget that a squeeze takes you less than a second. If stress balls work for you, it will take a couple of minutes to feel less tension.

On the other side, stress balls improve the blood circulation, which isn’t good only for the internal organs of your body, but also for your wellness. Let’s not forget how blood pressure and circulation do affect our behavior. For instance, people with high blood pressure are usually more nervous, while those with low blood pressure are in most cases too slow and sometimes, even annoying.

In all cases, what stress balls also do is to improve the functions of your muscles. This is why some physical therapists will prescribe using to those who have arthritis, a fracture, a sprain, some other bone or muscle injury or need of rehabilitation. And we remind you that people in rehabilitation need to reduce the intervention or the disease caused them.

By all means, using stress balls and squeezing them is also great for you to take your mind off. You will get a rest of several minutes or hours to forget what bothers you and to focus on your work, for instance.

DIY stress balls

It is easy to find stress balls in stores household articles, as well as in drug stores. If you want to save yourself some money or you cannot find stress balls near you, don’t worry.

Making your DIY balls is easy. Bloggers and vloggers across the world have lots of materials and tutorials for you to follow. Browse the web, and you will find the greatest idea for DIY that suits your needs and preferences. Here is our special tutorial to make your stress balls step by step:

1. What you need: 2 balloons, funnel, flour, scissors, some free time to do your project
2. Stretch one balloon at first
3. Then, fill it with flour (it will take less than 200 grams)
4. To make it easier and faster to fill the balloon, use the funnel
5. Tight the end of the balloon
6. To avoid splitting, get the other balloon and cut most of the neck with your scissors.

Then, stretch the balloon over the first one as a second layer.

You are ready to use your DIY stress ball and if you know someone with a need to reduce the problem, make her or him one, too. You can see these DIY balls are super easy and budget-friendly to be made. You can have one at the office, too, by the way.

Enjoy and have a stress-free life!

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