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?How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle in NYC?Easily!

How difficult is to have a healthy lifestyle in NYC?

New York with its 19.8 million residents is always buzzing and one of the busiest cities in America. Although described as a creative center and a place of endless opportunities, which is, it can be an overwhelming place to live.

If you’re a New Yorker you’ve been already introduced to the heavy traffic, the loud street noise, bad air quality and high cost of living. You’re always in a hurry and have to wait in line even for fast food. Whatever your social, financial or family status is New York can turn you into a stressed machine living on autopilot.

How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle in NYC?Easily!

Survey of the American Physiological Association about the stress levels in the US show they are rapidly increasing and 62% of the stressed people are living in urban areas. The issues people are pointing out as a source of worries are health, financial and family problems along with short deadlines and too many responsibilities. Does it sound familiar to you?

Big cities like New York might offer too many choices while you’re eventually ending up eating truck food, skipping meals, working late and lacking time for exercise and sleep. This lousy routine makes you feel tired, gloomy, nervous and unhealthy. You have difficulties in planning your day, so you can’t spend time with your family or go on a one-day vacation.

New York can ruin the best intentions for a healthy lifestyle if you let it do it. It’s up to you to choose your priorities and make the change. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and the city can help you achieve it easier.

Where to start?

To start is 50% of the work. Best way to start changing your NYC lifestyle is to clear your goals.

Just write down all the necessary things to you. Think as confident as you can and find your inspiration guru. This can be your trainer, your partner or even your kids.


Start with the most natural goal, like drinking more water or getting to bed in the same hour every day. Do it step by step to avoid even more stress in your days. Always tell yourself you can do it and be proud of what you’ve done so far.

Be supportive of your friends and family, try to help them more, and this will make you feel more positive. Try a simple technique – to be as honest as possible with your colleagues, friends, and family. Speak what you think and don’t suppress negative feelings.

We tend to give up too quickly when problems start to appear. But try to be calmer and look at the bright side. When you stumble upon obstacle remember “Everything is for a good reason” and “Every problem is a lesson to be learned.” As long as you believe this is true, you can get over your daily troubles.

Teach yourself patience.

As you know Rome wasn’t built for a day. Staying calmer and be being able to will help you think clearer and deal with stressful situations more adequate.

One of the most substantial steps towards a healthy lifestyle is giving yourself a rest. Rest can be reading a book, listening to music, playing an instrument, cooking, whatever makes you happy and clears your mind. Find at least half an hour a day to do it.

Don’t let the City beats you in your game!

All these wouldn’t matter if you allow the city to take away your motivation. It’s easy to get tempted to eat pizza late at night or get loaded with friends on Friday night and spoil your efforts. If you stick to your routine and chase away bad habits, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle in NYC and anywhere in the world. Write down your priorities or even make a checklist with all the vices you want to fight like:

Losing or gaining weight – Book an appointment with a dietitian, you can use professional advice to help you get in shape without starving to death or forcing yourself to eat.

Start having regular meals – Settling a balanced diet and eating at least three times a day can be a hard job for a nine-hour working person, who travels 2 hours to get home.

To make the change start by having breakfast before drinking coffee. If you don’t have enough time to cook dinner every day try wellness recipes for 15-minute healthy dishes. They include a fair variety of products – vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, rise. Bring home-made food for lunch instead of waiting 30 minutes in the line for Chinese wok.


Avoid smoking and alcohol – The easiest way to deal with these awful habits is to substitute them with another activity. It could be a hobby, sport, cleaning the house – anything that can distract you.

Go for one-day trips – It’s incredible how one day away from NYC can charge you with tons of energy. Once a month you jump to some of the many gateways from the city like Rockaway beach, Dia: Beacon, Governor’s Island, Bronx Zoo or Asbury Park and Greenwich. They’re all accessible with city transport or train.

Try to skip working overtime – If you can afford it. Overtime causes many health issues in long terms such as heart diseases, chronic fatigue, and headache, decreased concentration, anxiety.

Sport is must

Working out is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and has only benefited your body and mind. Game releases the stress and improves metabolism. It will make you physically stronger and will give you a chance to spend more time with your friends or family. What’s most important it makes you snap out of the daily tasks.

If you haven’t decided yet what sport to choose, we can help you with a list based on how much calories you can burn in each sport. We researched the top competitive sports based on the burned calories.

You don’t need to spend tons of cash on expensive programs or equipment to get in shape. You don’t even have to go to the gym – you can do it at home. Here six simple sports activities suitable for everyone:


Yoga has become a real trend and for a reason. It’s calming, ideal for all ages and home-friendly. You only need a mat or blanket and 30 free minutes per day. You can find thousands of videos and step-by-step tutorials online. You can do yoga to eliminate back pain, stretching yoga or intermediate core yoga. It promotes blood circulation, improves flexibility and strengthens the muscles.



Swimming is excellent for a full-body workout. It has low impact, does not raise your heart rate too rapidly and build up endurance. It lowers depression and stress and helps in burning calories. It is an excellent family sport, and you can find many free summer public pools in NYC. For a whole year option, you can try some of the indoor pools with day passes starting from $2. There are indoor pools in Brooklyn, Harlem, Midtown West, Queens, Roosevelt Island.


Dancing is high-intensity training for the body. It will cheer you up and charge you with positive energy. For those who don’t have time to visit dancing classes there numerous Youtube channels for beginners. Starting with salsa, hip-hop to Zumba, Tabata and cardio dancing workouts. Try to find out how fun it is. You don’t need a dancing partner or specialized equipment, only a little free space and good mood. If you want you can dance anywhere, even at work, by downloading a dancing workout app.

Running in the park

NYC is a right place for jogging enthusiasts with its numerous parks. Running will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and will bring an action to your day. Depending on your physical endurance and tonus you can choose slow jogging to keep the shape, or high interval runs.

Running increases the heart rate brings oxygen to your muscles and brain. It is proven that regular running decreases the risk of heart attacks and neurological diseases like Alzheimer. It also helps with sleeping issues like insomnia and constant fatigue.
Running can easily be combined with swimming or home Pilates.

Outdoor fitness events in NYC

NYC is great for finding free fitness events all over the city. Every day during the summer and spring months you can find a least three different sports events and they are all free. They are group classes and include Tai-Chi, Pilates, outdoor yoga, fitness walking, and dancing.

If you’re a fan of team sports, you can join the free baseball, basketball or football games. All events are appropriate for kids, and they will receive free lessons.


Riding a bike

Riding a bike to work, if it’s not too far away, is excellent training for your body and free transportation method. You can save money on public transport while keeping your body toned. If you prefer scenic rides at the weekend, you have the chance to visit different locations in the city. Try bigger parks like Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Floyd Bennett Field or Pelham Bay Park. Use your time to visit galleries, go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park or the High Line while riding.

Following the steps above will initiate the start of your healthy lifestyle!

Keeping a healthy lifestyle routine can be difficult in a city as big as NYC. The Big Apple is a leader in many aspects but living in the fast lane can have a bad influence on your physical and mental health. It is why it’s up to you to take care of yourself and move with confidence and consistency.


You need to keep following the right pattern exercise, have regular balanced meals, avoid spirits and cigarettes. It’s not difficult to change your routine. Sticking to it is difficult. Put your efforts in the small things on the way to something bigger.

Don’t forget to keep smiling and experience the never-ending surprises of New York.

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