💇How to keep natural beauty? How difficult is it?

What’s a natural beauty

The twenty-first century surely is not the best time for the natural beauty. Last few decades are popular with the new cosmetic and surgical procedures.

Some of them take time and are also painful and unpleasant. But everything is worth when few years will be removed from your face and body. That is why we say that natural beauty has stepped back, making space for the new inventions.

It is easy to explain though why so many women and recently men turn to surgery and special cosmetic procedures. Especially in industries like cinema and fashion where looks are everything. No one needs to hear what you have to say, they only like the vision, and it has to be perfect at all costs. Getting used to silicon, botox, and extensions is easy. Still, there is hope in favor of the natural beauty.

Many people who had pushed their body to the limits return to their true looks. It is good to realize how more natural and much happier they will be with their natural beauty.

The first step of the transformation is to know that the most significant part of the beauty comes from the inside.

The sparkling eyes of happiness cannot be faked. Keep your inner balance and add some highlighter to this sparkling eyes and it is already.

Pages can be filled with how easy it is to maintain your natural beauty. It is cheaper for sure. Then the natural surely looks better. It also takes less time to apply a facial cream and comb your hair than to deal with makeup and extensions. The key to the natural beauty is to be clean and to emphasize on your strong parts. With few cosmetic tricks, you can hide some imperfections easily.

How to keep a beauty natural

In case the above said seemed very interesting, and you are one of the many who wishes to return to the natural, here are some tricks that will help. Aging too early is what scares both men and women the most. The fresh and young look can be kept for longer, and it only takes several rules to follow.

The sun is the biggest enemy of the skin. Though we all claim to prefer bronze cover, the sunlight drains the skin. In long terms, the sun is the reason why the wrinkles appear too early and can be more than the necessary. The bad news is that this process is irreversible.

Make-up and chemical procedures can be the decision for some time, but still not for long. To prevent the bad effect of the sun always apply suncream before going out. The UV/SPF factor has to be strong enough to protect – minimum 30, depending on the skin tone. It will keep the moisture in the skin.

Drinking water is another right thing to do for the body and natural beauty. It will make a difference in a positive way, not to the skin but also the hair and nails. You can make your skin flawless following those stepsVitamin C is one very important ingredient for a healthy and natural look. You can both take it orally or apply it directly to your skin. When used as the cream it gives immediate and very good results.

Here are some quick homemade tricks to help natural beauty.

The skin tone easily becomes brighter and shines with yogurt and a pill of aspirin. For the best skin results, you can go with one of our recommended recipes.

To scrub your face, you do not need any expensive beauty products. You can use some of our remedies for the best results. Commercials show us all day every day how important it is to have shiny hair. It looks wonderful indeed.

If you think your hair is not shining, you can try one of these homemade recipes for natural beauty. Remember beer is not only for drinking. Because of its ingredients, it is a powerful source of shine and health to the hair. There are even certain cosmetic companies that have built their concept for beauty products on the beer ingredients.

Every time after washing your hair with shampoo applies beer through the whole length.

After five minutes rinse it with water and enjoy the results. Another right thing to do for your hair shine is to use simple apple vinegar. Mix equal parts of it with water and again apply it to the hair after you washed it with shampoo.

As I mentioned before the true natural beauty comes from the inside. It is not less important how you look than how you feel. To brighten the spirits and the get more flexible, follow simple exercise routine two or three times a week. Depending on how physically fit you are, choose stretching, cardio, jogging or some of the new forms of aerobics.

Staying fit and healthy will give you tonus and will help you go through the daily challenges. If you stick to the following rules, you will only see positives from the exercising.

Number one – never practice sports when tired or not feeling a hundred percent healthy.

Number two – do not push your body, rest for a few minutes and then continue, stop if you feel pain.

Number three – choose the part of the day which will allow you to take at least one hour rest after the exercise routine.

Health and natural beauty

Possibly some of the advice will be very complicated or not clear enough. That is why we will try to connect it to the daily routine to make it look real. Natural beauty can be influenced by the enormous amount of stress we are all experiencing.

To reduce it you need to plan your day carefully and try to expect what can go wrong. This way you will not be so stressed when something shows up.

When you have plan B things, do not seem so horrible all the time. You may try one of the best skin care routines – the Korean one. It will be better to pick several recipes and shuffle them through the week. The breakfast has to be light. Some of the best choices will be muesli with milk, fruits or vegetables, maybe a toast and any smoothies. Try to convince yourself and the family members that healthy breakfast is crucial for natural beauty.

The results come slowly but they will worth the efforts. Keep positive thoughts and use the lunch break to walk and enjoy the world. That is in case your work keeps you stuck in an office like most of us.

The natural beauty also needs the help of some cosmetic products. It is an absolute must to apply facial cream before going out. It should be moisturizing or sun protective.

The last depends on the season and where you live. This advice refers both to men and women. For the hair wear hats when it is too cold or hot. It will prevent it from the harmful influence of the weather. Keep lunch healthy for breakfast.

Avoid fast food. The best choice will be a slice of bread with fish or chicken and some vegetable. If you feel hungry, eat fruits instead of chocolate. Again try to walk home if possible. Or leave time for at least half an hour of exercises at the gym.

Remember that good sleep is very important for natural beauty. It is difficult to sleep full of eight hours, especially when you have kids. But the absolute minimum of six hours has to be kept. This last task can be more comfortable when you have kids. When playing with them, you get both joy and exercise. And most of all you make yourself and them happy from the time spent together.

Natural beauty is the purest

There are a lot of examples of men and women today that has kept their natural beauty through the years. This proves that with more efforts and patience everything is possible. Jane Fonda is one of the most excellent role models of our time. Can you believe she is eighty now? She has exercised during all her life.

Fonda maintained to keep it simple and still believes that natural beauty comes from inside. When you retain your spirits and mind young sooner or later, it will show. She often advised never to stop moving and give and receive love. We can not deny she had few surgeries now and then.

Still, she looks gorgeous for her age. The red carpet has many examples of women and men aging with grace. And this is easy to understand because everyone from this industry is used to being on display all the time.

The habit of healthy eating and believing in your body quickly turns into the style of life.

When you see the results, you will no longer look at this as an obligation. Cindy Crawford, for example, worked hard to have his body. Many of us have exercised with her tapes, including me. Today in her fifties she looks as good as at the pick of her career.

She never wears too much makeup. What she does is practicing Pilates, runs and lift weights regularly. Cindy is also known for eating healthy.

How do you maintain your beauty?

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