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How to Treat Mild Psoriasis Naturally and Fast?

Are you someone like me who has mild psoriasis and looking for some God sent help on to treat mild psoriasis?

Worry not, for I have found some tried and tested natural ways to treat it. In today’s world where we are living, appearances matter the most. Don’t we all agree on that? Our life revolves around perfect poses and Instagram good pictures; where how we look the most important criteria.

If you are also dealing with psoriasis and the uneven skin that comes with it, just read on to find some natural ways to treat it.
However, before we delve into finding solutions, let’s see what the problem at hand is all about.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a long term and recurring skin disease. The patches of great skin can diagnose it. It is an autoimmune condition causing red and thick patches, marked by itching. The most affected body parts are back, shins, scalp, face, elbows and navel region.

After various studies, it is believed that genetics are to be blamed for the occurrence of this disease, however environmental factors too can trigger it further. There are many types of psoriasis, depending on the location of the body or the affected area. There are five types of psoriasis, called plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic.

What is mild psoriasis?

Although psoriasis in every degree causes extreme discomfort and itching, it is relatively less in the case of mild psoriasis. The severity of the disease can be ascertained by the symptoms. The first and foremost way of determining if it is mild or severe is by body surface area.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, 3% of body area covered by patches is considered as a mild case of psoriasis. Even though it sounds difficult to measure 3% of your body area, trust me it’s not. One hand makes up 1% of your body area, so using it to measure the affected area can determine if it is a severe, moderate or mild case.

In case of severe psoriasis, there is a need to get proper medical assistance, but a mild one can be reduced by home treatments or remedies.

Many times psoriasis disease is connected to your healthy lifestyle, first, you should focus on it following the guidence below:

Natural remedies

Now that we know what the problem and its severity are, let’s look at all the things we can do at home to reduce the symptoms:

1. Avoid dry places

Dry skin not only causes discomfort but also aggravates the problem. If you are facing constant itching, try to change to places which are moist. One can even install humidifier at their home or office, to keep the air and their skin moist. Staying in such places can also prevent it from happening for others.

2. Balanced diet

It is an old saying that there is nothing that a good diet cannot heal and I think it still holds. Psoriasis is an immunity disease, arising from T cells becoming overactive and setting off other immunity cells. It cannot cure the condition but certainly help to reduce the symptoms like inflammation.


A good healthy diet can even reduce the chances of psoriasis diabetes or arthritis. Apart from a good intake of fruits and vegetables, proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids are also very essential. An authentic Mediterranean diet has also proven to be helpful for many patients.

3. Moisturise skin

In addition to avoiding dry places, it is also essential to keep the skin moisturized. Use heavy creams to keep the skin hydrated which even reduced the itching. Petroleum jelly is another good alternative to creams. It helps to retain the water in the skin, avoid dryness, reduce redness and heal the affected parts.

4. Turmeric treatment

Turmeric is said to be the yellow magic herb. For centuries it has been used in both Chinese and ayurvedic medicines.

It is even helpful for people who have psoriasis on a mild range. Turmeric has antiseptic healing properties called as curcuminoids, which help in minimizing the flare-up of psoriasis.

It also helps to alleviate depression and psoriatic arthritis. It can be taken every day, either in the food or as tablets to help combat the symptoms. Turmeric latte is believed to be the most effective intake of turmeric. The adequate quantity as given by FDA is 1.5 to 3 grams per day.

5. Less alcohol

Though we all know the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, it is essential to note the intake of alcohol by psoriasis patients can further aggravate their condition. Alcohol is believed to be a trigger for the people who have psoriasis. It was scientifically proven in a study done in the year 2015, where the correlation was developed in alcohol intake and the extent of the disease.

Later on, it was found that there is a connection between the two and that most of the patients were social drinkers. Therefore, one should stay away from alcohol consumption at all costs.

6. No smoking

Smoking generally has a lot of adverse effects on health.

However, for a person suffering from this chronic disease, the situation worsens. The tobacco has some damaging effects on our body, especially the immune system.

Therefore, to avoid the infection, it is better to avoid smoking altogether. Moreover, if you are suffering from it, steer clear of smoking, and any tobacco product altogether. ?The psychology to stop smoking

7. Goodbye to stress

In today’s world, with hectic schedules and fast lives, pressure has become predominant. It has become a chronic and perpetual problem that everyone is facing, at one point or the other. In addition to that, psoriasis can also be a significant contributing factor to a stressful life.

Dealing with a chronic disease which causes significant discomfort, can be very difficult to deal with. Apart from that, the stress of appearance and visible patches is also widespread among the patients.

Hence, it is advised to indulge in recreational activities, to fight back the stress or give it the right outlet. The pressure can worsen the symptoms, so it is better to minimize it and perform anti-stress activities.

We always suggest yoga is the best way to reduce stress, you must tone your body at least once a week with Bikram yoga!

8. Avoid chemical based products

Most of the products made today in the factories are infused with a variety of compounds. These chemicals and artificial ingredients have a harmful effect on the skin since they are very harsh. A psoriatic patient has a very sensitive, even more so at the affected areas.

Many products like soaps, perfumes, creams, dyes all are laced with chemicals which can not only increase the symptoms but also increase the extent of the problem.

Therefore it is always better to avoid the use of such products. If you have to use them, look for something which is specially made for sensitive skin.

9. Meditation and yoga

For centuries, Indian medicine and Ayurveda have stressed the importance of yoga and meditation. Yoga is said to be the cure for every disease, and in the case of psoriasis too it is true, only to some extent. Yoga helps to reduce the uneasiness and improves the general level of fitness.

Yoga is also helpful for patients of psoriatic arthritis since it initiates movement of joints and reduces the pain and expands the range of motion.

Meditation has also proven to have calming effects for the people. It brings peace of mind and direction to people who practice and is even more helpful in coming up with the stress and tension that comes with the disease.

10. Tea tree oil

Tea tree is an essential oil grown in Australia and has been used there for hundreds of years. It is yellow oil that has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

It is used for various types of skin problems. It can directly be applied to the skin or the affected areas with a cotton ball to reduce the pain and itch.

If you are suffering from scalp psoriasis, one part of oil can be mixed with ten pieces of shampoo, making it an effective cure. Although its use and effects have not been scientifically proven, it is a home remedy which has helped many people over the time.

11. Sun therapy

If you have mild psoriasis, it is always advised to spend some time out in the sun. Soaking up the sunlight has had positive effects on many people. The ultraviolet B rays are beneficial since it fights the disease. These rays help to decrease the growth of skin cells triggered by psoriasis significantly.

Go out and spend 5-10 minutes in the sunlight every day to take in all the light. Be sure to avoid staying out too long and don’t forget to put sunscreen on the patches especially, before you go.

You should always use your vacation time to visit a sunny place like Hawaii.

You might have also heard of light therapy, which is a medical procedure that includes exposing your body to ultraviolet rays artificially. It involves consistent sessions done very often to give your body the required amount of ultraviolet rays. Being a long process, many people avoid it and opt for naturally getting rays through the sunlight.

12. Aloe vera

Plants have been scientifically proven that they have a positive effect on mild psoriasis. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and can reduce the redness and itch from the patchy area. There are many kinds of aloe vera creams and gels available in the market which can be of help.

A psoriatic patient can put a cream every day on the affected area, up to three times a day. It will relieve you of the redness and discomfort. Make sure that the cream only contains 0.5% of aloe vera.

13. Customize your bath

If you are fond of taking showers, you are in luck here as taking regular baths can decrease the symptoms of itching. One can use mildly hot water for baths, along with colloidal oatmeal, bath oils or Epsom salt.

All of these are believed to help the patient and provide comfort. You must use a good moisturizer after it to keep the moisture intact and don’t lead to dry skin.

Also, avoid hot water since that can also increase dryness of the skin.

14. Manage your triggers

Every person is different, and their body is different also consequently their triggers too are different.

Psoriasis is caused by environmental factors too, and changes in that can act as triggers, further increasing the extent of the problem. Changes in weather or personal issues like stress can act as triggers.

Since it is different for every person, it becomes essential to pay attention to your triggers. Not them down and though it is practically impossible to overcome them completely, individual efforts can avoid these triggers to a greater extent.

One can indulge in yoga or meditation to cope up with stress if that is a trigger or even move to warmer places and avoid the cold and harsh weather altogether. Managing these triggers can bring a significant amount of relief to you.

Having said all that, and after giving a few of the home remedies which can naturally help to fight it, remember that these things work differently for different people. Psoriasis is a chronic problem, with no ultimate cure but these small steps can be taken every day.

Moreover, with these steps, the symptoms can be reduced to a great extent. The itch, redness, scaling, and discomfort are brought down, and things stop from going downhill. For a case of mild psoriasis, these natural remedies are the best solution.

However, if you ever feel the situation worsening or a reaction to any remedy it is better to consult a professional.

A dermatologist can give better guidance and offer a personalized solution to your problem. Don’t shy away from seeking help from doctors or even your family and friends. Even therapy sessions are available for your betterment; you need to take a step forward. So try out these remedies and till then Happy Healing!

Komal Sinha

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