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How important is education to be rich?

Does importance of education means success?

Does the importance of education mean success?

Probably yes, but not definitely. Education has always been a major driving force in people’s society since Ancient Greece.

However, no matter how the importance of education is in improving living standards, social level, and communication, being highly educated is not always the ticket to welfare.

There are two types of education formal and informal

Formal and informal education

Formal education will surely give you better opportunities for finding a better-paid job and a chance to compete in the labor market. These days finishing only high school will drive you away from more top positions, compared to masters or doctors degrees, which automatically open new chances.


Employers bet on specialists to sign them important roles, greater responsibilities, thus giving them the opportunity to climb the ladder of professional success. Despite all these benefits the importance of education. Still, most of the people continue to work hard, paying bills, returning lawns, never managing to be truly financially independent.

Formal education will surely give you better opportunities then informal

On the other hand is the informal education, the skill you acquire and the things you learn, while exploring the world. In short, it lets you break free of useless information, though in schools or to blur boundaries of traditional schooling, making you proactive and adaptive person, who can aim for unique positions.

You can learn how to react, adapt, take decisions, analyze and measure results even if you’re not visiting math classes. Different types of co-learning, workshops, shared workspaces today are a good way to educate yourself in an informal and open-minded way.

It doesn't mean that formal education will bring you 100% success

The importance of lifetime education

We live in such a rapid time; we seem to struggle with life. Every well-paid job out there requires even more knowledge and experience. Life training might be your ticket to success when you feel crushed by daily troubles.

Knowing your qualities and relying on training, people do take more risks. In a digital era, being up to date is more important, than having a finished primary school.

Having the ability to learn anytime, anywhere online, you walk your way to free jobs – unbound by working schedules, salaries, and short holidays.

Current newsworthy professions require daily learning, knowing the trends and understanding people’s behavior.

Life training might be your ticket to success

Personal skills

Finally, an intelligent person does not always mean an educated one. If you rely on our skills and attributes, you might pass the high bachelor degree. To be a good leader, sportsman, or creative is a natural gift. We believe rich people become rich, because of their personal skills.

People in start-ups, probably the most creative way to become wealthier, than average, most likely have invested in their skills, than in formal education.  

Intelligent person does not always mean an educated one

Being successful

Finally being successful is a term with different meanings. For you, it might mean getting rich, or having a big family, for others success is to live a happy and peaceful life in the country. Being rich is also a state of mind – rich in knowledge, emotions, cultural background.

We all feel prosperous when we achieve our goals when our dreams materialize.

Importance of education is a single part of prosperity, and we all find our way to learn- formally, freely, lifelong.

Everyone should study how other people got rich, through education or by other factors. For example, Henry Ford is one of the most successful people in the World. How he did it you can see here.

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