🥰Indian beauty secrets for natural face

No matter what Indian women are always beautiful. In this changing world, it has become quite complicated to meet the young and fresh looking skin all the time. A huge thanks to the Indian beauty secrets that help in restoring the natural look of the face.

You have to look at the fantastic benefits and beauty secrets that will help you and your face to remain younger than your actual age. Of course, who regrets being beautiful? Well, none of you! Right?

It is, in fact, true that the old is gold especially when it is related to beauty secrets. Even though it is the 21st century, but still most of the Indian women follow the beauty secrets of ancient times. There is no doubt that grandmothers and mothers well know about the best home remedies to maintain younger looking skin.

Indian woman’s beauty secrets for natural face

Fortunately, home remedies and natural treatments are always helping hand for women to stay beautiful. As already said they may be old that are proved to be efficient and still gives a positive result.

Moreover, all the ancient Indian beauty secrets are thankfully chemical free, afforded by anyone with minimum expenditure, very easy, organic and convenient too. So here you come in contact with the excellent tips that make you get rid of any skin problem and give you a younger look.

Drink lots of water as this is beneficial for your health as well as skin. Water tends to flush out the toxins from the body thereby rejuvenating and helping in improving the skin complexion. Get habituated to drink a maximum of eight glasses of water per day, and this is more than enough to keep your skin happy and fresh.

Wash your face regularly with natural or Organic face washes. This will help in removing the dead skin and helps in giving space to generate new skin. I get mine from here!

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Add diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins that help in benefit in your skin. Fresh fruit juice or Vegetable juice can also do wonders.

This article is one of the best I have read Natural Beauty tips for Face at Home

Face masks can also be an ideal choice where you can make use of face mask which is organic and is naturally good skin. There are so many home remedies and kitchen ingredients that will help you to bloom like a fresh flower. Make use of all those Indian beauty secrets as that will give life back to your skin.

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Hair masks are also part of Indian beauty. You can always try Indian beauty secrets for natural hair.

Top secrets for every woman from the source of one Indian woman

Being a woman, you deserve to look beautiful even though few of you are naturally blessed to look beautiful, but others have to follow some natural methods to pamper their skin.

Here you will find 6 DIY natural ways to look young forever and ever

• Turmeric and milk face pack

Turmeric provides skincare that gradually makes you get rid of pimples and scars. Milk is a protein-rich ingredient so it will help your skin to be smooth, and fair.

Take two tablespoons of milk and add it with one spoon of turmeric and make it into a paste and apply it all over face and neck. Let it for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. By doing this, you will see the instant glow on your, face so to maintain the same effect continue it twice a week.

• Multani mitti face pack

Every woman would probably know about Multani mitti as it is well known as a beauty restorer and is often used by most of the Indian women. It is also known as Fuller’s earth which has a property to make your skin look soft, and moisture the skin.

The best way to prepare the Multani mitti face pack is to mix it with honey and rosewater. Then apply this face pack and leave it for 15 minutes. Follow this regularly to benefit from this face pack which is perfect for both dry skins as well as oily skin.

• Besan face pack

It is too good to be true that basin is well known as ancient bath scrub which is traditional skin care. There are different face packs associated with besan however you can choose the one you like. Here is a very simple face pack where you have to make three tablespoons of besan along with honey, aloe vera gel and few drops of milk. Mix this well and apply to the face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse the face with the lukewarm water.

• Sandalwood face pack

Sandalwood is efficient in eliminating pimples which also restores the charm of your face and also reduces black circles. Prefer using organic Sandalwood powder so that there will not be any side effects.

Start by making a thick paste of Sandalwood powder by adding ingredients like milk and rosewater. Apply it to the face and areas that are dark. Wait for 30 minutes or until it gets dried. Then wash the face with cold water, and you will be surprised to see the effect of the face pack.

• Cucumber and sugar face pack

Here is an excellent Indian beauty secret that is perfect for oily skin. Prepare the face pack by merely adding the dash of a match with cucumber slices. Mix both of them well and keep it in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

Once it becomes cool to take it out and then apply where you want and wait till it dry and wash the face with regular water. Instantly you will find your skin glowing and becomes smooth and hydrated.

• Banana face mask

You know Banana is good for your health and equally good for your skin as well. If no then you have to try this banana face mask. Take a half piece of Banana mashup well and add some honey to it. And then prepare it a thick paste and apply it evenly all over your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once it is it dry wash off with lukewarm water and then you see your skin turning more hydrated and smooth.

Meditation and yoga for natural face

Most of the people only think that following a healthy diet and applying the creams, moisturizers and face pack can only give you natural and beautiful skin.

Never than less meditation and yoga are also ideal ways in which you can make your skin look more natural than ever before. In fact, there are some exercises that you have to do on a regular basis that will help in toning your skin from inside.

You may often wonder that it is impossible to get glowing Radiant skin with simple tricks and tips that you can implement in yoga and the right breathing techniques. And all the good news is that you need not undergo any treatment or face packs at home. Just a simple yoga or meditation is more than enough that can help you to get permanent glowing skin.

All begging said these two are top Indian beauty secrets that will help you to read a balanced beauty and healthy skin.

Let us know how both of them are efficient in making your skin look naturally beautiful.

• As most of the women often experience stubborn acne scars so regular yoga and meditation benefit you in getting rid of acne and acne scars.

• Cultivating the habit of doing yoga and meditation will help in making you look younger thereby reducing stretch marks and make your skin for and eliminates sagging.

• Blood circulation is also essential for your skin to be healthy. To accommodate this one has to regularly keep doing yoga or meditation that increases blood circulation especially to the head and the face areas and naturally changes the tone and complexion.

Here you will find a simple yoga exercise that comes to your face

• Take some almond or olive oil rub your hands and massage all over the face by concentrating on the Jaws to reduce stress.

• Next concentrate on the eyebrows that will help in relaxing your eyes.

• Now gently move towards your forehead and massage it to and fro and it relieves you from stress.

• Try super brain yoga by pulling your ears in the forward direction and keep on rotating your fingers all around the ears.

• It is now time to follow a kiss and smile method that is the best exercise for your facial muscles. Just put your lips forward as if you are kissing someone and then smile as broad as you can and reset set back.

Spend at least 20 minutes of your valuable time to do this type of facial yoga then your skin becomes tight and comes to your facial muscles thereby giving you a natural look.

Do you have a secret you would like to share with us? Write it down in the comments below?

This article is one of the best I have read Natural Beauty tips for Face at Home


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  • A well-defined article. Your DIY face masks are really awesome. I have tried this multani mitti face mask and yes! it is really awesome. Worked great for the oily skin.
    Thanks for this useful information.

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