🏫The Basics Kids Need to Know Before Starting Preschool

Preschool is important as it gives a solid foundation for the future. All parents want their kids to have a good start in life. But many of them think that potty training and knowing your name is enough for preschool. This is definitely not the case.

There are some social and communication skills which children need to have to make life at preschool easier.

If you as a parent worry that your child is not ready for preschool, there are many ways in which you can help prepare the transition.

Here are some things parents should consider before sending their children to preschool.

These things may seem little, but they make a huge difference. They give children confidence, and they show teachers that children are independent and ready for the next steps in their lives. In fact, it is the little things that give a child a feeling of success.

The Basics before preschool

The basics are extremely important. Before sending your child to preschool, they need to know their full name (first and last), the names of their parents, their address, and even their phone number.

Another key thing is to make sure your child understands if they have an allergy or other special health need. Keep this information accessible on a notecard and share it with the teachers. Kids forget easily so slip a note somewhere they will easily find it when in need.

Potty Training is very important before start Pre-K

Different preschools may have different potty training policies. If your establishment of choice requires independent toileting carefully consider if your child is ready for it and if not, do not force it.  Preschools should be willing to assist parents in the training process, potty training tips for preschoolers.

Make sure your kids are independent enough before going to preschool

They say we learn most when we fail, so do not try to save your child from every challenging situation. Kids learn to be independent when their parents are confident in them. Which means children should be encouraged to make the appropriate choice, to learn and grow from their mistakes and to soothe themselves in a difficult situation.

The basics to encourage independence are with self-esteem skills like opening lunch boxes, washing their hands, wiping their nose, zipping their clothes and backpack and more. Teach your preschooler how to undress and pick an outfit for the day as this helps too.

Pre-K Organizational skills

Your child needs to be organized before going to preschool. Work with them on ways to keep their room neat and tidy, to put their clothes and toys away, etc. A good way would be to use different bins or baskets to keep the different items separated and in place. Good cleaning habits always help in children future development a grown people.

After playtime tells your child, it is time to clean up and show them where each item needs to be placed. Do not be too serious, make it fun. Once the routine has settled, have your child clean their room on their own.

Always praise them if they have done the job well. 

Social Skills before preschool

Going to preschool is about socializing, so social skills must be in place. This means the child can share, play with other kids, take turns. Children learn these skills easier during peer play, so make sure you take them to plenty of playdates before the first day of preschool. Playdates may be very beneficial for you and your kid, you can find out how Moms are using kids’ playdates to social climb and make money.

Manners are very important in social situations, so start teaching them to your child. This includes greeting others, table manners, not interrupting, saying excuse me, please and thank you, ways to show respect and consideration for others. This will impress not only the teachers but anybody who meets your child.

Pre-K Emotional preparation

Emotional readiness is an important social skill for preschool. Kids must be able to identify and process their emotions in a healthy manner. The psychological way is the most appropriate to approach your kid when gets emotional, it is best not to judge them with phrases like ‘don’t act like this’, ‘you are driving me crazy’.

Children in this age have difficulties understanding their feelings, and often they feel out of control when there is a strong emotion. They do not know why they are experiencing certain emotions and how to deal with them.

Early childhood educational preschool will help your kiddo to learn how to express and manage emotions in a healthy manner is not only needed for preschool, but it is also an essential life skill. Always approach you kid  psychologically, help your children with their emotional intelligence by allowing them to express their emotions and telling them what the cause may be, for example ‘You are angry maybe because you are tired today’.

Communication Skills are very important for preschoolers

Listening and talking are very important skills for success in preschool and parents can help a lot in their development. It is important to create and encourage talking about what is in the room, what are you wearing today, chatting about what is for dinner and what are the routines of the day, etc. Also, we play communication games, like this one you check the price at Amazon. 

This exercise will help your kid to expand their vocabulary by introducing new expressions and words.

Children are excited and curious to learn more, like foreign languages. So they will ask about things they are interested in, take these moments and help them learn new things. The things we see and do every day may seem usual to us, but for our children they are wonders.

Teach your child Academic Skills before Pre k

Parents need to create the environment and experiences that will help their children learn. They are the first teacher their children have, so instead of pushing they should make learning easier. A kid does not need to know everything before preschool because this is where they are supposed to acquire academic skills, but it is important to teach some basic colors, numbers, and letters.

Help your kid to start building his/her little books Big Library. This can happen while you point out letters and colors on the streets or at the park, while shopping or in various other situations.

Preschool Handling Needs

Children should learn to take responsibility for themselves. This skill is important to face the little challenges they experience in class. For example, what would your child do if they lose their pen? Will they know they need to ask for another one or will they just sit there doing nothing? They need to be proactive in solving little, everyday issues and situations.

Teaching preschool handling skill is basic when parents are raising a child to become a responsible adult.

Sending a child to preschool is a stressful experience for all parents. But there is no need to worry, just follow the steps we explained above, and your kid will be more than ready to face the challenges on the way to becoming a responsible, intelligent, independent and skillful adult.

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  • You made a good point that having self-esteem will help a child be able to thrive well in pre-k school. My son has recently started learning more words through the storybooks that I bought for him a month ago. Maybe teaching him to ask questions about words he doesn't understand would help in making sure that he is always up to speed to what the teacher is saying.

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