🇰🇷Korean face skin care routines; The last one is my favorite

Korean skin care routine has always been a must-read and learns topic for ladies with the highest expectations for their natural look and beauty. Because of being the queens of amazing facial radiance and lovely body skin glow, Korean women are role models.

If you are looking for an appropriate, delicate and efficient skin care routine to establish in your lifestyle, the Korean model is by all means what you need.

And today, we are going to disclose for you some of the most prominent secrets, as well as the most well-known tactics Korean ladies do to look and feel awesome in their skin.

Top DIY Korean skin care routine

Youth, radiance, and purity – these are the three priorities built into the traditional DIY skin care routine. The fantastic principles and rules the Asian approach to the flawless skin has are even able to leave the classical French or Italian cosmetic products behind.

What makes this routine that special and preferred is the easiness to follow and achieve it. The thing is that Korean skin cares have always been as simple as you can’t even imagine. Constancy and persistence are mandatory when you decide to accept this routine as part of your beauty regime, too. Because it has never been about either expensive or strict skin products what makes the Korean skincare routine that successful.

On the contrary, both: mature women and young females prefer to turn to nature. Korean style of skin care is also bound with the idea of preserving the natural look and using quick fixes for certain imperfections: from the annoying blemishes to redness and fine wrinkles.

Of course, whitening and hydration are taken on an entirely new high level where traditional methods we have known from the western beauty culture seem so pointless and useless. On the other side, the perfect cleansing method is the ideal start for the ideal individual skin routine. But let’s speak of all of these skin cares in details because you deserve to get to know them.

Korean face skin care routine

What becomes a top topic to discuss when it comes to a Korean skincare routine is the approach to the ideal face skin. The Korean face skin routine has several significant rules and methods today’s contemporary ladies that are fans of modern facial treatment strictly follow.

The main idea in Korean facial care is to know what a particular product contains and whether these agents are ok especially to your skin. This is why one of the biggest benefits of Korean facial treatment is that every different approach is designed for a specific skin type.

To be more specific, it is designed to the particular problem your skin has.

Is it aging or too dry?

Do you have an oily face round the whole day or you are suffering from awful acne, redness or another blemish type? Whatever makes your skin not that perfect, Korean ladies have the right solution for you. But in general, the facial skin routine, itself, follow similar “program.” It is the pack of agents in the product that distinguishes the oily skin routine from the dry one, for instance.

In all cases, the right approach into the ideal facial skin routine according to Korean women is based on the following 8-step regime:

  1. An oil-based product is used as the start of the cleansing process. The oily products help remove the makeup you have worn around the whole day.
  2. Foam cleansing to eliminate the excess of sebum and the dirt deep inside the skin.
  3. Exfoliation – basically all skin types need it, but with different products and frequency
  4. Applying lotion or toner depending on the skin needs – for instance, dry skin will need deep hydrating lotion, while dark-spotted skin requires whitening toner.
  5. Treatment essence, serum or a mask. If you choose a mask, there is a significant bunch of ideas for a homemade face mask recipe to try
  6. Eye cream – on mandatory after the age of 30
  7. Moisturizer – an emulsion for young and oily skin and cream for aged and dry skin types
  8. During the day: sunscreen and during the night: night sleeping mask

Korean moisturizer for oily skin

Probably, Korean cosmetic experts were the first people who have made the female world find out that oily skin does need hydration, too. Unfortunately, a lot of time was needed for many women to figure it out. No matter how sebum excess or blemishes they have, they do need a product to hydrate their skin. See the hydration has nothing to do with oil control.

On the contrary, too much drying and aggressive products (basically those with alcohol and salicylic acid) will eventually make your skin even oilier. It would be the way for the skin to “heal” itself from the dryness. And Korean women do understand this which is why they do use Korean moisturizers for oily skin. And there are plenty of products with such function.

On the other side, Asian women are incredibly keen on homemade moisturizer for oily skin recipe suggestions. They do share it with each other. And they do respect these recipes as the products they love are usually based on natural products in general.

Remember: As a woman with oily skin hydrations is as important for you as it is for women with extra dry skin. Every skin needs water like every person needs water to drink.

Korean skin care routine for toning

A toner keeps the skin’s PH levels balanced. It is essential for every woman to apply toner for both reasons: to keep skin fresh and glowing, as well as to fight its problems. Korean women who are blessed with great skin, in general, realize that there’s no such thing as skin with no problem at all.

A toner can be whitening and anti-wrinkle, but it can also be anti-blemishes and hydrating. A homemade toner for combination skin, for instance, usually contains sebum-control agents and ingredients that fight blemishes.

On the other side, Korean women remind you that when your facial skin routine includes toning it will help the better application of the next product. Usually, this next product is the top efficient product that fights the skin problem.

Last, but not least, some women prefer to use a toner instead of a makeup base. This is a good thing for irritated and sensitive skin that cannot stand the layering lot of products. So in case you haven’t added a toner in your skin routine, make sure you start doing it from now on. Korean women do recommend it, no doubt.

Sleeping routines for skin care

The sleeping routines for skin care are what distinguish Korean skin care routine from the traditional west one. Western women usually apply only night cream, and that’s all. Moreover – it is mostly a habit practiced by aged women. Young and mature women prefer to go to bed with an extra clean face and no sleeping product.

On the other side, Korean women believe that sleeping care is as important as day treatment.

During sleep, skin gets dry and irritated. To avoid these and to give your skin as much as you can round the whole day and night get a sleeping regime, too. Korean sleeping routines involve applying a sleeping mask or as Korean women call it, a sleeping pack.

What usually bothers western women as to this routine is the mess they will see on the pillow in the morning. There’s no such a risk at all, though.

Korean sleeping skin beauty products absorb fast. And they act around the whole night, gradually, not to strain skin, but to leave it in rest. Big beauty and fashion brand and design representatives claim that a sleeping pack. It can be the substitute for a regular visit to a beautician. Especially, when it comes to busy women that have active lives, we all have today.

Korean face massage

Last, but not least, Korean skin care routine articles and experts claim that a message is also a must. Indeed, Korean face massage practices represent a completely new style of facial perfectionism approach. It is true that women today tend to look for a magical face product.

What Does Face Serum Do?

Products that will remove all of the skin problems they have at once. But there’s no such a product, girls.

And your friends from Korean realize it. Korean women realize it takes a lot of efforts to accomplish the mission “perfect face”. It takes a lot of products, too. A lot of routines! Because of Korean skin care routine, after all, is all about layering.

The more you do for your skin, the better it will look and feel.

So don’t underestimate the big benefit of the Korean face massage. Some Korean women prefer to use specially tailored tools for the purpose. These are facial brushes (whether electric or mechanic), a 3D roller, lifting massaging rollers, slimming bandages, etc. Using your own hands, though, is sometimes better than any tool you can buy from the store.

What matters is the technique of movements you apply. If properly made, the Korean face massage is the best anti-aging trick you can get. Use oils to make the message even more efficient. Choose the oil type depending on your skin.

Because of acne-prone skin, becomes better after a massage, too. Korean face massage stimulates blood circulation. The massage helps natural collagen to be produced. Last, but not least, regular massage makes facial skin more elastic, stronger and healthier in its natural glow.

Try the Korean skin routine tips we have shared with you by all means. No matter what else you want from your skin look, it can be done and achieved, no doubt.

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