How to make the mirror your therapist?

A mirror is a useful object. You usually use it to see how many wrinkles you have; to comb your hair in the morning; to make up your face; to shave; to brush your teeth, etc. You use it to evaluate how you look, and that is all. You usually stay in front of the mirror a few minutes, and you’re ready to go? Am I right?

What about to start using it to empower yourself; to build self-confidence; to start looking in your own eyes; to start seeing yourself in ways you never have before; to make short conversation with yourself; meditate;  to start even learn to breathe right.

A few tips how to make the mirror your therapist

First, go in front of the mirror and ask yourself these questions

Are you scared of yourself? Are you comfortable in your skin? Can you be honest with yourself? What happened? Can you answer the questions? How do you feel?

Let me guess you feel strange and you find it weird to talk to yourself in front of an inanimate object? But don’t worry. You are normal!  This is just an exercise. This is a game. Try something new and enjoy talking with your inner voice. Maybe it has much to tell you.

Now, tell the mirror for your feelings? Do you like the person who sees it? Is this person crying or smiling? Why? Be honest with yourself. How do you feel?

Tell it to the mirror to heal yourself

 I’m sure you still think that is a crazy strategy. I don’t have time for bull shits… BUT

Tell the mirror the story which bothers you at the moment or in the last few days. I promise you, storytelling is the most powerful strategy to relax and calm you down. You don’t need a person to tell you what to do in hard situations. You can use the mirror to find the right answer for yourself. You know yourself the best. Use the mirror as a friend. The advantage is that nobody will advise you or judging you. This technique allows you to observe yourself, see your facial expressions and find the best answers which work the best for you. The mirror is the perfect listener. That is all you need right now.

Name your fears and emotions to the mirror

Tell to the mirror when you experience some strong emotions. Repeat them. Watch yourself in the eyes. How do you feel? Try to explain to it these emotions? He is ready to listen. This technique will help you to put in order your feelings and to explain you the way how you feel. Once you find your explanation, you can deal with them effectively.

Do some relaxing techniques controlling emotions and the body in front of the mirror

Go in front of the mirror and take a deep breath, close your eyes and count to ten. Imagine how you relax all part and muscles of your body. How is your breathing? Observe yourself.

Empower yourself in front of the mirror

Every morning when you wake up, after finish brushing your teeth, say this to yourself:

“ I’m so beautiful; I like myself!

I’m very important person in the world!

I’m going to do my best today because I’m the best!

I can control my emotions, of course, I can!

I’m the happiest person in the world!

I’m a healthy person!”

Dance in front of the mirror

Switch on some beautiful music and start to dance. Dance slowly, fast, wild, passionate as you wish. Express your mood and current feelings through the dance. Don’t worry. Nobody watches you. How do you feel? Tell to the mirror.

Draw a picture over the mirror

All you need is a dry-erase marker. Draw a picture of your feelings, a picture of your family (if you choose to draw that picture think about these questions: Where are you in the picture? What are you doing? Who is there with you? Are you happy?) You can even draw a picture of your business plan. When you see a picture, it is easier for your brain to make explanations, to inspire you with some new ideas, and to help you take important decisions.

Storytelling is a powerful weapon for healing the soul and in consequence the body. Using words and logic is an excellent strategy to help you understand your strong emotions and some events that occur in your life. Usually, when you are under strong emotions your reactions are inadequately, or you say bad things.  That sew fears, pain, and guilt in yourself. That is all normal, and you are normal.

I just advise you to use the mirror as your therapist. When you have the chance, tell to it your new story. You will understand soon better yourself and your reactions. Your brain will be trained to put in order quickly your sensations, emotions, and feelings.

Ivelina Todorov

Writer, Editor, Personal experience in Psychodrama

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