5 Things That Make a Man’s Personality Unique

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in any way. Our world is a world of globalization and Instagram fashion. People look alike, act alike, and mostly blend in with the crowd. Add to that our need to belong and you lose all that is unique. However, there is still hope. Belonging and being unique isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive. You can be a part of a group, watch the same shows as your friends do, and still find ways to express your uniqueness. There are five areas in your life that are perfect for expressing yourself and that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Gentlemanly manners

What was once a mark of every man is nowadays a mark of a man’s unique personality. It seems as though men have forgotten their manners and acting like a gentleman is as unique as it is admirable. Gentlemanly manners can be shown in all aspect of behavior and you should rise above the modern standards and show your best behavior. A true gentleman is respectful towards others. You will spot him in a crowd because of his posture, he stands tall with his back straight and has a dignified demeanor. He is in control of his behavior and uses hand gestures in a calm and moderate manner. He is polite, never forgets to say “please” and “thank you”. He has a firm handshake and listens to his companions attentively. When he speaks he is able to convey his thoughts in a clear and concise manner. A true gentleman has compassion and is kind towards others. Be it children, animals, or those less fortunate than him, he will treat them with the same respect and kindness with which he treats his loved one. Above all, a gentleman’s behavior is governed by his moral values.

Sense of style, man’s personality

How you dress tells a lot about who you are. The time of worn-out jeans and casual t-shirts has passed, and now is the time to find your style and show your true self to the rest of the world. When it comes to getting dressed it can be easy to fall down the fast fashion rabbit hole but tricky to find your way out of it. Dread not, there are a few simple steps you can take to create your style. Not every man is interested in fashion and that is a good thing, but read about that in the next paragraph. If you find yourself among men who are still searching for their style, start by looking for inspiration online. Find some pictures of what you consider to be well-dressed men, consider what kind of daily activities you have on a regular basis, and find a way to harmonize the two. You don’t have to look like every other man on the street; find your own personal style and don’t fret being unique, it’s a good thing! Once you find your style and embrace it a whole new world will open up to you. Custom-made men’s wedding suits are an expression of the uniqueness of the most daring of men and you can be one of them if you just put in some effort.


Your passion is something that makes your blood rush, shakes you to your core, and can occupy your thoughts so completely that you forget where, or even who, you are. Men are passionate about different things. You might be interested in fashion, football, science, or something entirely different. It doesn’t matter what your passion is as long as you find it. No matter if you have made a career out of it or it’s just a hobby – you can indulge it in any way you find fit. Your passion is an extension of your personality and your values, and your devotion to it shows character. Your passion is a display of your best qualities, of your care about something bigger than yourself. Being able to express yourself and your passion will also have a positive effect on the rest of your life. You will become happier and more confident. So, never forget what your passion is and always find time for it.


Confidence is the one thing that underlies everything we spoke about so far. A man who is confident will be in control of his behavior and treat others well and with respect. He will find his sense of style and be bold enough to show it without feeling the need to conform to the expectations of the rest of the world. He will know his passion, and will never stop pursuing it. Knowing yourself and showing your personality, with all that it is, is a mark of a confident man. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something that others can pick up on and it will make them feel comfortable around you as well. Being confident will bring calm to your personality that will make you more open and understand towards people and things that are different, and that is truly unique.


The determination is another, and probably the most important thing that will help you embrace your unique personality, and let it shine so everyone can see. It seems simple enough, but our need for instant gratification tends to complicate things. The determination is proving to be more elusive than a sense of style in a modern man. But once you find the strength to persist in your actions and develop a sense of determination all things will fall into place. Your confidence will help you set your goals and with the right motivation and a dash of determination, you will reach success. Don’t be like the average modern man and give up when things get tough, be determined in the face of challenges and show how unique you truly are in the sea of plain Joes.

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fitness and health editor at Gentleman Zone magazine, living between London and Brisbane, Australia. Besides writing he’s a total fitness & yoga devotee. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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