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Natural remedies to stop smoking

How bad is smoking

“Smoking is Injurious to health,” the statement which is even published on the cigarette packet itself. Smoking in any form, whether it is a pipe, cigar or cigarette is hazardous for the health. The smoke released by burning any of these is toxic and is harmful to the consumer and people around them too. The smoke can lead to deadly health problems like cancer and is also a reason for many respiratory problems along with mouth and lung diseases.

The smoke released by burning any of these is toxic and is harmful to the consumer and people around them too.Benefits to stop smoking right away

Smoking never did any good to anyone. Nor it can in anyway. It is just a habit developed due to the presence of nicotine in the cigarettes for which people get addicted to and feel like they can’t live without smoking after that. The addiction is so severe that it just lets them ignore the harmful impacts of smoking and they can’t stop smoking after that.

The burning of tobacco releases toxic gases and tar which are very very dangerous to the respiratory system and lungs. Nicotine – A chemical present in tobacco is cancer causing element and also leads to contract the blood vessels, thus making hard for the heart to pump blood for the whole body. Thus, Lungs, mouth, throat, kidney, and stomach and heart are the ones which are directly impacted.

The smoking can shorten the life of a person by about ten years on an average. Some people opt for other methods of smoking which they “claim” to be less hazardous. But smoking in any form whether it is hookah, Smokeless tobacco, Shisha smoking, Roll-up tobacco smoke, Smoking cigars, pipes or E-cigarettes is never going to do any good to the health, rather it will only have dangerous effects on the health.

“Stop smoking” – This is the only way to escape from the deadly consequences of smoking. It is heavy on your health and wealth. Losing both at the same time can never do any good to a person.

Quitting has lots of benefits which you can realize just as you make up your mind to leave. Abstaining from a long-term habit could look very difficult. Initially, it starts with a feeling of restlessness, headaches, increased appetite, drowsiness, insomnia, lack of focus and a continuous urge to drag you to do smoking again.

These can persist for a few days, but after some days, you will feel normal and get over all this with a strong determination power and will achieve your target. Undoubtedly, quitting is difficult, but it brings a lot of good things along with it too.

Stop smoking and it with ease you out inStop smoking and it with ease you out in:

1.Breathing easily
The awful effects of smoking on the respiratory system are considerably intensive and quitting just leads to uninterrupted and easy breathing. Specific diaphragm breathing techniques can help you quit smoking easily. 

2. Maintaining good immunity
The immunity system boost up as it doesn’t have to fight more and more with the toxins induced to the body. Thus ensuring you better health and recovery from diseases.

3. A healthy and glowing skin
Stop smoking and slow down your aging process. The appearance of wrinkles takes a slower pace by abstaining from smoking.

4. Higher energy levels
Blood circulation improves a lot after you stop smoking and the ultimate results are the increased energy levels. You will truly feel dynamic and zestful within a few days of quitting.

5. Fresher breath (even without the use peppermint)
Undoubtedly, the tobacco-smell free breath and finally the natural breath is all yours after you stop smoking.

6. Lower stress levels
Although you may confuse the stress of quitting with normal stress, this is not true. The researchers say that according to various studies it is found that, the people who stop quitting feel less stressed eventually. You can opt for more healthy stress releasing options too.

7. Better fertility
The fertility levels tend to increase both in men and women. Smoking seriously targets the sperm growth and can lead to impotence as well. In women also, the lining of the women’s womb starts reducing due to smoking, and also it decreases the chances of conceiving with the help of IVF technique.

Quitting unhealthy smoking habit helps both men and women to improve their fertility levels and leads to the birth of the healthy baby and less probability to face any miscarriages during pregnancy.

The presence of tobacco releases elements that stain the teeth and leads to the premature falling of teeth. 8. Shining white teeth
The presence of tobacco releases elements that stain the teeth and leads to the premature falling of teeth. Stop smoking, and it will help you in maintaining good dental health.

9. Better sensory organs
The sense organs like touch, feel or taste work better after you stop smoking. Usually, the sensory organs become less active due to the prolonged consumption of tobacco. Abstaining from smoke is the only way out.

10. Better mental health
No consumption of tobacco means all your senses and mental balance in order.

11. Protection of your family
The smoke released from the burning of tobacco equally affects the people around us too. The smoke inhaled by the kids could prove dangerous for their health.

12. Fewer chances of deadly diseases
As we already mentioned about the lethal health diseases like cancer caused by the habit of smoking, there are so many life-threatening disorders that could be caused by it.

13. Better family life and focus on work 
You will be able to enjoy better personal and professional life after you stop smoking. More will be the focus on the people “who matter” and work “which is important”.

Ceasing smoke will also stitch a large hole in your pocket made due to buying cigarette packets daily.14. Saves you a lot of money
Ceasing smoke will also stitch a large hole in your pocket made due to buying cigarette packets daily. You can spend that amount on other necessities or even luxuries. Even donating that chunk of the amount you used to spend on smoking to the needy ones can bring you blessings and peace of mind.

15. Living a long life
Unquestionably, smoking only leads to shortening your life by many years. Stop smoking and live a beautiful life for ages. If you love yourself and quit smoking you’ll live a longer life. 

Why use a natural way to stop smoking

While there are a lot of aids to stop smoking available over the counter made by many pharmaceutical companies like nicotine gums, nasal sprays, and lozenges. These aids have proven good for many smokers and helped them in quitting, but they have their side- effects too. Quitting using natural ways is the best option.

List of natural ways to stop smoking

List of natural ways to stop smoking

There are many methods which you can opt if you are determined enough to stop smoking like:

Breathing exercises

Extensive workout

Brisk walking



Self-driven head massage

A short vacation


Opt for only smoke-free people and places

Herbal options like more consumption of water, Ginger, Grape Juice, fresh lime juice, licorice root, fava beans, etc. in your daily diet.

Quitting smoking is difficult as its an addictive habit, but it’s not an impossible task once you have the willpower to quit. Opting for health-friendly natural methods of leaving is a great idea of side-effect free and persistent outcomes. And abstinence-only have benefits for you in every aspect as it not only good for you but the people around you too. Live long, breath free and stay fresh!

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