Need more power? How a vape mod could enhance your e-cigarette

Are you a vaper? If you are, that’s probably because you’re a hobbyist vaper or have switched to vaping from smoking out of concern about the latter’s relative lack of healthiness. Indeed, the UK Government has described vaping as 95% less harmful than standard tobacco products, as reported by Gizmodo.

However, if you have only recently got into vaping, you could feel confused about some of the more advanced aspects of it. That could be especially problematic if your vaping experience isn’t packing quite the punch you had expected, but you can rest assured that a ‘vape mod’ could rescue you here.

How does a vaping device work?

If you’re still a vaping novice, you might not have progressed beyond using ‘disposable’ e-cigarettes. The essential vaping process works much the same here as it does with other vaping devices – or ‘e-cigs’, as they could be dubbed.

Vaping entails using such a device to create vapor that the user subsequently inhales. Disposable e-cigs are so-called as you might often be inclined to replace either the entire unit or the small cartridge tip inside, including the likes of the juice and wick crucial to the vaporizer’s operation.

However, one persistent problem with disposables is that… well, the vapor tends to be weak, as The Daily Dot explains. For that reason, you might want to switch to a more sophisticated form of e-cig known as a ‘mod’ – and plenty of different models fall into that category.

The history of the vape mod

In the early days of the vaping scene’s mainstream development, early adopters of vape devices were disgruntled by what they perceived as the lack of strength delivered by e-cigs. This situation increasingly led vapers to take a DIY approach to bolster their devices.

These DIYers went as far as making their own e-liquid and beefing up the power of the heating coils responsible for generating the vapor. The modified nature of the new devices led them to be called ‘mods’, and their popularity grew among the vaping community.

Manufacturers of e-cigs soon took notice of this emerging trend, responding by making their own larger and more power-packed versions of e-cigarettes. Today, a high-end e-cig kit includes replaceable batteries, tanks, tips and more that can all feed into a customized vaping experience.

Hence, these days, the term ‘mod’ can often be used for these advanced vape devices mass-produced by companies and sold by retailers like the UK-based Pure E-liquids.

What options are available with vape mods?

Today, vape mods are available in an impressive range of forms and sizes. They even come in various categories, including those of box mods, vape pens, and pod vapes.

While pod vapes and vape pens tend to deliver a modest boost in power that the user is not typically permitted to adjust, box mods allow the user to adjust the number of watts, and thus the strength, as Vaping360 explains.

Do you need a vape mod?

If so, tread carefully to find one that you are sufficiently experienced to handle.

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