Everything you need to know about New York subway


When you speak about New York subway, luxury isn’t the first word that comes to your mind, is it?

However, those of you who are more interested and informed about the very first New York subway are aware that it was luxurious. Indeed, it is hard to believe that any American subway station may cause such an association, but back in those times when the largest American underground line appeared, it was a total triumph of the local transportation infrastructure. Besides, the architects did a lot to make the New York subway quite impressive.

A lot of money was spent, but it was worth it, and the investment was soon restored. Speaking of which, only during the first day of the New York subway opening about 100 thousands of people visited it and enjoyed a ride through underground Manhattan. To be more concrete, this happened back in 1863, and about half a century later, the underground was connected with the next big neighborhood factors in the city that never sleeps: Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Anyway, what we started this article with and what might have thrilled your imagination is the luxurious character of the first New York subway station. If you don’t believe in it yet, we are about to tell you how to experience this retro luxury today. You can visit the NYC’s first subway station or the so-called luxurious space of the Old City Hall New York Subway Station.

Here is how to do it and what you are going to see.

It might become even more interesting for you to know that the Old City Hall New York Subway Station has been abandoned for decades. However, a few years ago several architects and designers make it happen to restore the old, but the gold atmosphere in this spectacular space, so today we see it ourselves. And here’s the good news: even though determined as one of the latest NYC’s landmarks a tourist might want to see, Old City Hall New York Subway Station does not have any entrance fee. You can see it at the cost of a regular underground ride. Old City Hall New York Subway Station is the end of six train lines that terminates in Lower Manhattan.

The Old City Hall New York Subway Station is located beneath the magnificent Municipal Building at the intersection of Centre Street and Chambers Street. There are tours organized daily, but with different working hours. If you want to see the museum at the station you need to pay though 50 bucks, but here is what: they worth it every cent. The museum is the original hall, where you will observe a gorgeous ceiling, stunning wall decoration and a brief story about the NYC’s subway opening. There are also temporary and regular exhibitions many of you might enjoy, as well as historical and digital collections to become the witness. The Vintage fleet is a thing you should not miss, either! 

New Your subway has been always an interesting subject for our reader, so we decided to expand our article and share with you more interesting facts. This time we decide to move into parenting direction and make an investigation on how good is for kids?


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