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Playa del Amor, the hidden beach on Marietas islands

When you are thinking about going to a more exciting destination, one of the first that comes into your minds is Mexico. Why not? It is close, it is cheap and the most important it is amazingly beautiful.

There are two common destinations for a beach vacation, one is the party place Acapulco full of bars and wild nightlife and the second is Cancun with its super clear water and Caribbean style or maybe you prefer to go a little bit west and visit Mérida.

Sure both are good, but what if you like something less common? Something hidden and unknown. Here let us show you one exclusive option. A beach, that is closed to the public and only a few people can visit it per day. It is that special that you need a boat to reach it. It is located on the Marietas Islands near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

First, you can arrive in Puerto Vallarta with a plane or a cruise ship. From there you can get a tour to the Beach of Love (Playa del Amor), which is located on the Marietas island. There you can enjoy the best out of a Mexican beach: incredibly clear sand, the perfect temperature for sunbathing all the year, snorkeling in the transparent water and watching all the diversity of sea animals (fish, turtles, crabs, and corals), they have it all. If you are lucky you can see even whales on the way to there. They like to come to the islands during the winter.

In difference from most of the beaches in this country, Playa del Amor is free of annoying sellers. You can imagine, they can’t reach it. This is the reason we recommend you to take a tour that includes food and drinks or to bring some with you. We especially recommend you to try some seafood, they have amazing fish that has been just caught. 

Playa del Amor has very limited amount of visitors per day. That is thanks to the Mexican government who is trying to protect it from destruction. It is a unique feeling to be in a country which is super crowded all the time and to find this piece of paradise, so free of all the noise of the people.

After such an experience you will have a tale to tell to your friends and family.

Get to know Mexico and you will fall in love with it. Its spectacular landscapes can leave you breathless and eager to discover more.   

When you visit Playa del Amore you don’t have to miss drinking tequila on the beach. Do you know where did tequila come from? Read about the Tequila’s birthplace.

Martin Pramatarov

Writer and creative, currently working in the TV industry in Mexico and freelancing online for different web sites and digital agencies.

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  • Hi!
    I'm about to visit Puerto Vallarta & wondering, where I can book a tour that also guarantees access to the hidden beach. Most tours only include snorkeling around the island.
    I'd appreciate any tips to get there!
    Thank you,

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