??Best Sex Positions to to Have a Boy Fast; 8 is my favorite

Don’t we all yearn for a perfect family? Does your family need a boy child now to complete the perfect picture? Are you trying to conceive a baby boy and wonder if sex positions have any effect on it?

Worry not, for you are at the right place to find all your answers. Although it is not scientifically proven, yet sex positions are believed to have an impact on the sex of the child. Here you will find the science behind it all and also the sexual positions to have a boy faster.

Before we get into the serious business, it is essential to understand the basics of how it works.



Even though it sounds very tempting to determine the sex of your baby, it is impossible to do so by natural means. Before we get into predictions and assumptions, let’s go by the scientific facts first.

It is essential for every expectant parent to know the science behind it. As we all learned in the biology lessons, the female egg has chromosome X and the sperm can either be X or Y chromosome. Hence, it is the chromosome carried by the sperm that ultimately determines the sex of the unborn child.

When the male sperms carrying Y chromosome combines with the X chromosome of a female egg, it produces a baby boy (XY). Whereas, when the female sperm carrying the chromosome X combines with the X chromosome of a female egg, it provides a baby girl (XX).

Another critical thing to be noted here is the different qualities of male and female sperm. The male sperm cell is considered to be fast and small. In contrast, female sperm cells are relatively slow, but they have a longer life than male sperm.

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Doctor Landrum Shettles was a renowned scientist and author of the book on sex determination of a baby. He developed a method going after his name, ‘Shettles method’ that helps parents to determine the sex of their unborn child. His claimed that his theory could give a 70% chance for parents to have the preferred sex of the baby.

In his theory of sex determination, he stressed the inherent qualities of male and female sperm as mentioned above. He was of the opinion that male sperm is fast but have a short life, whereas female sperm is slow but has a longer life.

Due to this theory, he reached to the conclusion that certain sexual positions can help the male sperm achieve the eggs faster than female eggs, ultimately leading to the formation of XY chromosome of a baby boy.

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Therefore, the bottom line of his theory is that through certain sexual positions if deeper penetration is achieved, it will lead to a baby boy. On the other hand, where shallow penetration takes place it will lead to a baby girl. Although there is no scientific proof to believe it, there’s no harm to try.



Now that we have gone on and on about the facts and science let’s get straight to the point. Following is a list of a few sexual positions that involve deeper penetration leading to increased chances of conceiving a boy.

1. From behind

Doing it from behind or as it is popularly called ‘doggy style’ involves deeper penetration. Doggy style increases the chances of conceiving a boy since here the man ejaculates the sperm much closer to the cervix of a woman.

From here the male sperm can travel faster to the egg because the distance is relatively short. In other words, the shorter length gives an edge to the male sperm in the race of fertilizing the egg, resulting in producing a boy.

2. Downward dog style

The top-down doggy style is a slight variation of the one mentioned above. As the name suggests, it involves the woman bent over a bed, supported by a pillow with knees slightly bent, while the man penetrates from behind.

This position is even better than a normal one since the penetration is much more profound. This also leads to an increased chance of an orgasm, which as accompanied by vaginal contractions further speeding up the travel of male sperms to the ovary.

3. Standing up

Apart from being the perfect one for a quick, sneaky session, it is also ideal for conceiving a baby boy. Since the man is in a standing position, it gives a deeper penetration, and the woman has more control to shift her body as per the need. With the controlled movements and her legs wrapped around his body, the depth is more leading to increased chances of conceiving a male child.

It is also believed that sperm swims faster against gravity, making it even better. And if you are in the kitchen, why not use some aphrodisiac food to get in the mood and also increase the sperm count.

4. The bicycle

In this position, the female lies on the bed on her back, while the male stands at the edge of the bed. In addition to the full view of each other’s body, it also gives better penetration. The woman’s knees must either bent or heels kept on the man’s shoulders.

Similarly, here too the male sperm is released closer to the cervix, reducing the distance to be traveled, hence causing the male sperm to reach fast and fertilize the egg.

5. Triangle position

Although the name sounds quirky, the position is straightforward. It is a slight alteration of the good old missionary pose. Here in this position, the woman lies down on her back, while the man is on all fours, his legs stretching out.

The woman’s pelvic region is lightly raised with the help of a pillow, with her legs wrapped around the man. This not only provides a chance of deep penetration by the man but also increases the likelihood of conception of a baby boy.

6. Spooning position

Isn’t spooning the most romantic thing? Well, romantic is not everything that spooning can be. This position can also be a great way to conceive a boy. In this one, both the partners must lie down, with the female’s back to the male’s front. It allows the cervix to be positioned at a 90-degree angle, allowing easy accessibility to the sperm. This also reduces the distance to be covered by the sperm, hence producing male babies.

7. The woman on top

This is one such position where the woman is in control. Being on top, she has the advantage to control the depth, the pace and hence the penetration. Deeper the penetration the more are the chances of the male sperm reaching early and therefore making a baby boy. Along with this, it is also better to achieve an orgasm.

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8. Any position that leads to orgasm

An orgasm is believed to affect the pH level of the vagina. During the orgasm a secretion is released into the vagina, making it more alkaline. This brings a shift in the pH level, making it more suitable for the male sperms to last longer and increasing their chance of survival, leading to conceiving a boy.

To make this works, it is essential for the female to finish before the man does, to make it alkaline before the sperm enters.



Proper food is one of the main stimuli to conserve a boy,  you should change your eating habits or your food diet. In addition to trying these positions, there are numerous other things that you can try to make sure that you have a boy. Here are a few:

1. Diet

There are innumerable books with sheer amounts of information about diet and its effects. Rather than going crazy with an abundance of facts, keep in mind that you need to maintain the pH level of your vagina.

For the male sperm to survive for the longer duration of time, it is essential to have a more alkaline or less acidic habitat.

It is advised to include vitamin C, E, and B12 in the diet, along with food items like eggs, raisins, zucchini, fish, potatoes, berries, and lemons. The following food items are considered more important:

• Cereal– Cereal is linked to conceiving of boys, possibly due to the high level of sugar in it.

• Quinoa– Quinoa is rich with many necessary nutrients like potassium, calcium, sodium, and zinc. In addition to that, quinoa is also believed to reduce the acidic level of the stomach and other bodily fluids, increasing the chances of a baby boy.

• Papaya– Papaya belongs to the family of citrus fruits. Even though they are popularly considered acidic, in reality, they reduce the acid levels making the body more alkaline and therefore more suitable for male sperms.

papaya reduces the acid levels making the body more alkaline and therefore more suitable for male sperms.
2. Ovulation

If you are planning to conceive, it becomes essential to keep a tab on your ovulation period. To be sure about conceiving, it is better to know the exact day instead of the window of 5-6 days.

The fertility period generally lasts six days a month, the first five days leading to the ovulation day. The egg only stays alive for that one day, whereas the sperm can survive for 5-6 days. Therefore, the sperm has a window of 5-6 days to fertilize the egg.

Many devices are available these days, that can help you keep an accurate track of your ovulation period. You can use a basal temperature thermometer or even an ovulation test kit to determine the right time.

Another important thing is to time your sex according to the ovulation period. Even Shettles stressed this aspect, that since the male sperms travel faster, their chances of reaching the egg and consequently fertilizing it increases.

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He also suggests avoiding intercourse a few days before the ovulation period, and indulge in it only 12 hours before the period starts.

3. Cervical Mucus

Cervical Mucus

Cervix is that part of the woman’s anatomy which is located at the lowest of the uterus. It releases a secretion called cervix mucus, which prevents the infection in the vagina and restricts the sperm to enter the womb. As the ovulation period comes near, it changes and then allows the sperm to penetrate the cervix.

It makes a healthy environment for the sperm to survive inside the female body for up to 5 days.

The condition or quality of the mucus can also indicate the ovulation and fertility of the vagina, which can certainly help in conceiving.

• Fertile: If you have a sticky or moist sensation down there, it signifies that you are ovulating during that period.

• Most fertile: The wet feeling can be an indication of the extremely productive period.

• Not fertile: during this period, the sensation is of dryness. There is no mucus visible.

Apart from science and theory, there are a lot of traditional cultural practices too. While the Chinese believe that to conceive a boy, the woman’s head must be to the north; the Egyptians gave credit to the full moon; while ancient Europeans kept an ax under the pillow, medieval Africans drank lion’s blood with wine to have a boy.

Considered a hoax in today’s era with advanced medical and scientific things, many people still believe in them.

To welcome a baby into the familyTo welcome a baby into the family, is a sheer moment of joy, despite the gender. Both male and female child is essential and brings in the same amount of happiness and wonder to the parents.

If you are planning to start a family, do it with an open mind and heart, and welcome whatever gender the baby is with true love, for the baby deserves nothing less than that.

The sex of the baby is less significant to the fact that if you are ready to raise one. So, if you are, get to work.

If you are still bent on having a baby boy, even though they are a handful, try these positions and steps. You might get lucky.

Did you try any of the positions above? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks

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