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The priorities of a real lady

We all have been told to and navigated, as children, to be honest, to be real, and to learn to make wise choices that you’ll benefit from.

Every human being has their unique path and circumstances, and indeed there are no rules to the right way we have to perform our lives. But there are beliefs, patterns, and internal personnel rules, that are written nowhere, but they generate that energy the world can’t live without.

The grace and the beauty of a real lady, that inspires, re-arranges and often seems like she keeps her head way too high. This may look so, but indeed a head that’s standing high may be a sign for the higher state of mind.

Today was difficult to keep track of all advises given to us from mothers and grandmothers, because they have lived in different times, and because everybody has their path. But some things matter forever and apply to each situation.

Nowadays is more important than ever to learn how to think like a man and act real lady.

Of course, every woman has her personal rules that she follows and lives her life around, but here are some priorities and beliefs that stand in the roots of the mind of her Majesty, the Woman.

The first and main real lady priority should always be you!

Otherwise, there’s no way to give love and beauty to the others if you’re not able to first give it to yourself. Some old beliefs claim the woman is a mother and a creature that gives love, but no one is talking that she is a creature that has to receive love as well. And the first source that this love must come from is her herself. You need to be your priority because otherwise, you’ll be someone’s option. To be your main priority is not egoism, but self-care.

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The woman is not just a shell, but she has to look good for various reasons. Having in mind all the magazine covers, and the parameters put by the fashion industry, sometimes are demotivating if you start to compare yourself with digitally generated images of perfect looks. You can look good with less, even if use cheap makeup and buy cheap clothes. The beauty does come from within.

Sweet but tough

Or “and iron fist in a velvet glove.” This doesn’t mean you should fight or keep your fists always tight, but to always be prepared to defend your beliefs and feelings, which could be pretty much-called confidence.


Firstly financial independence because this is the first thing a woman can be disrespected for. I am not saying that if you don’t have money, no one will want you, but to be able to keep your head high because all you have, you owe it to yourself. My grandmother used to say that when a woman has money, she as well has courage too.


To reach to you real and authentic self you need to survey in many people’s eyes.

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  • This article is to remind all women to love themselves and to know how important they are. Sometimes we have so many tasks to complete that we forget and don't have time to enjoy our life. So if you want all people around you to be happy, and to have your respect, make yourself happy! Thank you so much for your opinion and activity.

    • This is so true...a daily reminder to love ourselves as women - it never gets old

  • Totally agree with having yourself as a priority and the genuineness. If you don't have those in order, it's impossible to invest yourself in either the outside world or another person because you will not know what your investing. Very interesting, thank you for sharing! ?

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