?The psychology to stop smoking

Many people are completely addicted to tobacco and feel quite impossible to quit it. Of course, it requires lots of determination which will help in keeping you away from smoking.

It is even more essential to understand the psychology to stop smoking so that you can very quickly transform yourself.

The infographic psychology to stop smoking

How bad is smoking?

No matter what smoking is genuinely injurious to health, it not only impact you but also the people around you. There are many health issues related to people who smoke regularly. However, it is one of the biggest causes of preventing death to most of the people in the world.

• It makes you feel sick apart from that when you smoke the poison from the tar in the cigarette enter into your blood which will help in creating lots of problems and also restrict the circulation of blood.

• Smoking also increases the risk of having strokes by about 50% that also damages your brain and leads to death.

• People who often smoke are subjected to heart problems. The smoke you inhale will interrupt the blood flow to your heart. Therefore it leads to many heart problems, including hard strokes, peripheral vascular diseases as well as heart attack.

the most affected part of the human body is lungs

• Well, the most affected part of the human body is lungs. They are severely affected, and you make in turn have to face lots of problems like a cough, cold, asthma and many other lung diseases.

• It also leads to stomach cancer or ulcers. However, this is considered as a riskiest factor which is much more concentrated and affects your kidney.

• Both the mouth and the throat are also the victim of smoking. It causes attractive problems, including bad breath and stained teeth, which in turn causes gum diseases and also damages the sense of taste.

if you can quit smoking, then you can save a lot of money

How bad is smoking for your budget?

It is too good to be true that if you can quit smoking, then you can save a lot of money. The cost related to smoking is ultimately very high which can be kept where you can invest in any useful things. At the same time if you get infected with any health problems due to smoking, then you are most likely to spend a significant amount on healthcare as well. This will be a double burden and will also require lots of money.

In addition to that, you should also take medication to cure diseases that smoking has infected you. Each time you take a cigarette you are literally spoiling your health and at the same time wasting your money on unnecessary things where you have to keep on spending more money in the future to recover from it.

smoking man how bad it is

Why is so hard to stop smoking?

Perhaps you might not have an interest in smoking, but as you take your first cigarette, it will eventually take advantage of yourself. However, it is genuinely challenging to quit smoking, but it requires psychology to stop smoking altogether. And of course, external support will genuinely help you to recover very quickly and also avoid smoking altogether.

Even the scientific researchers have also proved that without the psychological help it’s genuinely impossible to quit smoking forever. In fact, there are some reasons why people do not like to quit smoking, and they are as follows:

• Once they stop smoking, they feel like being weak and become depressed. Perhaps this is one of the most significant two reasons why people are afraid to quit smoking as this may lead to mental disorders.

• The nicotine in the cigarettes is highly addictive which will never allow you to avoid smoking. This highly addictive component stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. So people who stop smoking will experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

• Usually, people who smoke get angry more often than those who don’t smoke. At some point in time, they do not know what to do and quickly choose bad habits among which smoking is the first one.

• People who suddenly quit smoking, lose they’re conscious and become too angry. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of the psychologist who will help you to determine your health condition and will give you the best way to control your body.

Three natural ways to stop smoking

natural ways to stop smoking

Well, there are many different ways however you can keep yourself away from a cigarette, which not only saves your money but also keeps you more happy and healthy. But it is truly essential to take on the line. Perhaps there are many medical researchers truly helps you to get rid of smoking but if you would like to follow natural ways then here are few of them.

As there are many people who are more interested to quit smoking in a natural way and this could be the best choice for them to go ahead. Perhaps there is some psychology to stop smoking and will truly assist you from time to time. The natural ways to stop smoking are as following:

• Motivation yourself

Motivation is the biggest tool will help you to keep away from cigarettes. So keep on motivating yourself as this will truly help you to avoid smoking, or you can also take assistance from your friends or family members.

Ask them to motivate yourself and say something more encouraging and inspiring that could help in quitting smoking. Sometimes you may also feel depressed, but however, self-motivation is the only best to be how you can motivate yourself and cope up very easily.

Smoking woman how bad for your health

• Follow the quit smoking programs:

Well, there are many quit smoking programs help you to know why smoking is bad for your health. In addition to that, they will also teach you how to handle withdrawal and stress, thereby giving you peace of mind. The tips date each will also help you to resist the urge to smoke and keep you away from it for an entire lifetime.

There are lots of people in the world who can join you and you are truly lucky to have all these thoughts of some quit smoking programs helping you in each and every stage of your life.

create some hobbies strategy to stop smoking

• Create some hobbies:

Having a hobby will definitely play a good alternative to support no smoking idea. The act of meditation makes you feel relaxed and it allows you to focus on your targeted work and make you more successful. Moreover, the University of Wisconsin also proved that people who meditate a lot can truly have control over themselves.

So if you can try meditation even for just 10 to 15 minutes, then it will completely relax your body and you can avoid whatever you want. Even the doctors suggest patients do meditation as this is one of the extraordinary ways to be apart from the external world. Or you can also do some exercises and perhaps yoga is also one of the best ways that will keep you away from cigarettes.

  • Sarah Cummings
    August 19, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Great post! Though everybody knows the bad effects of smoking, it is still hard for them to quit since it is addicting. It really should start with the mindset of quitting. Thank you for sharing this post. Very helpful. Really appreciate it! ?

  • some81
    August 20, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    I used to smoke many years ago and one day I found that smoking was causing my blood pressure to rise. I was so scared and drop the cigarettes on the next day. My point is definitely it’s mindset related. You just need to take the decision and be patience for a quite a while.

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