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How can we save the honey bees?

Modern colony collapse disorder – the prediction in few decades honey bees will disappear. 35% loss of honey bees and bee products per each year averagely.

Save honey bees before disappear

Colony collapse disorder is a phenomenon that has appeared as a legal biology and ecology term back in the 90s. But it was a time when the risk behind this catastrophic prediction was not either close, or so sensitive to feel whether by the ecologists or by the beekeepers, themselves.

This is what stands behind the so modern colony collapse disorder – the prediction that in few decades honey bees will disappear. In the beginning, it was a treat that concerned all honey bee types, while today, advocacy leaders, mainly in the States, where the case was discussed, claim that only wild honey bees are at risk.

The thing is that there is no absolute reason for the colony collapse disorder, which by the way, shows 35% loss of honey bees and bee products per each year averagely. Some specialists believe that using pesticides makes bees disappear and “bring” a smaller amount of bee products like honey.

But when beekeepers stood up for their rights claiming that this is a more global problem that governments are supposed to resolute, they were certain for not using pesticides at all.

This is why theories like the disappearance of flower meadows, the global climate changes, and the Varroa mites replaced the pesticides blames. However, in all cases, there is a significant risk of saving honey bees to extinct…soon. And we wondered, what would happen if “big minds” don’t do anything till then. What are the top things that would happen if we don’t save honey bees from Earth?

Here is our scary list of negative consequences we came up with.

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No honey on the table

Think about those desserts you love, the hard cough and flue days, your kid’s favorite breakfast and every other sweet or super beneficial for human’s health you can think about when speaking of honey.

Naturally, the disappearance of honey bees will, at first, lead to the disappearance of honey. Imitation products (including fake honey) are as dangerous as the bees’ disappearance is.

Saving honey bees is not going to be the only food product that will disappear. Many fruits and veggies will stop growing, too.

For instance, almonds, apples, avocados, cashews, blueberries, grapes, peaches, peppers, strawberries, tangerines, walnuts, watermelons are all plants that depend on saving honey bees. Bees, as a matter of fact, play a significant role in the ecosystem and when they go away, traditional things in this ecosystem will go away (forever), too!
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It’s not only the risk of plants but also in foods with animal origin

Dairy products might also disappear due to the colony collapse disorder. It would be a negative consequence of the plant pollination suspense. Usually, animals that give us milk products are fed with such pollinated plants.

When honey bees disappear, we are supposed to pollinate the plants for cows, for instance, to provide the proper nutrition. But, come one, in the digital era we live in, it’s hard to believe that humans will go that far in the past.

Prices in supermarkets will rise high

Due to the things from above, it is logical to believe that prices in supermarkets will rise high. The economy will collapse eventually, too. And, yes, all of these because of the tiny, but so important for the ecosystem honey bees! 

Not only the bees are in danger, read more about other species too


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