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Seven tips on how to stay fit during winter in New York City

Seven tips on how to stay fit during winter in New York City

When the snowflakes touch the New York City, and streets get colored in chastity, we remember Leonard Cohen. We remember his song The Famous Blue Raincoat:

“It’s four in the morning, the end of December
New York is cold, but I like where I’m living
There’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening.”

We realize that it’s time to take out and put on our woolens. The crisscrossing alleys with cobblestones invite its strollers to rejoice in merriment. However, to get intoxicated in jubilation one needs protection. Moreover, as the old dictum goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Why do you have to stay fit?

It is always preferable for anybody to choose a blanket to stay fit in winters. However, a healthy body always results in a healthy mind. The primary benefit of staying fit is to improve your body’s cardiovascular system giving you a stronger heart. A healthy heart eventually gives you self-confidence and reduced mood-swings.

If you indulge in a routine exercise, your metabolism rate increases with the burning out of fat. A well-rounded and stipulated routine is ideal for improving overall health. It includes aerobic fitness, strength training and flexibility exercises.

What’s different during the winter?

With winter in New York City, you wake up in the morning to find your house embedded in 6 inches of snow! There will be sub-zero temperatures (below -17.8 degrees Celsius), which are particularly harsh in a city where walking is so essential. It’s impossible to move with any speed, and you end up soaked and disgusting.

You might even catch a cold trying while avoiding the slush puddles. The wind blows through the skyscraper like a knife, and you feel the obnoxious chill that runs through your spine. You see a dozen coughing sneezing straphangers traveling not-so-merrily!

Seven tips on how to stay fit during winter in NYC

1. Make a workout routine:

Hudson River gets covered with sleet, and you realize that exercising outside is severe enough. You need to map out a different routine to stay active and fit! It’s always better to get enrolled in the nearest yoga studio for the winter or do simple stretching. Again, early morning workouts are advisable for returning from work through snow and traffic-snarl is often tiring.

With winter in New York City, the sun is down by 5 pm. It’s more probable that you might feel guilty for skipping your routine exercises! You might give a call to your buddy and stretch together. Moreover, please don’t merely waste time sitting and watching TV, better swap to some cardio with stretching.

2. Consume Healthily:

The last thing you want to do is to gain weight by getting into a hibernation mode! Consuming healthy is an important aspect to remain fit. A simple routine can boost you up to battle the biting cold. Follow these easy hacks:

• Luscious Eggy Oatmeal: Oats, a redeemer of healthy life when compounded with eggs become altogether savory. Adding a poached egg and sprinkling of a little cheese add an extra tasty kick. A source of rich beta glucan-fiber, oats keep the cholesterol in check.

• Cooking Quinoa in Milk: The high protein diet punched with essential amino acids becomes a lovable substitute to classical cereals when garnished with sweet spices and fruit toppings. Health thus becomes wealth.

• Fruity Morning: Does your winter morning crave for dessert? A gluten-free bowl of baked berry blended with a cup of milk and dark chocolate should hit the right spot.

• Smoothies Smoother with Bananas: A quick delectable bite prepared with banana base stuffed with yogurt, honey, and peanut butter makes health at its best. Coupling the luscious taste with a scoop of favorite chocolate caters to that extra protein boost.

• Muffled Muffin: The softened crust melts into a double luscious taste when packed with zucchini and healthy carrot. Chocolate chips can be used as a taste enhancer. This veggie recipe is an ounce of guilt.

3. Get involved in winter sports:

Winter in New York comes with an array of fun. It’s the ideal time to get involved in fun activities with your family and stay fit. Hop into the ice and try out activities like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding or even sledding. Since you know that the snows won’t embrace you forever, it’s always enticing to indulge your family in staying fit!

You will find plenty of places to sled in Central Park, but Pilgrim Hill might be the best spot. Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers in now city’s most famous skating rink. Here you can indulge in playing hockey, ice skating, and even try a triple axel. You can rent skates for an afternoon of family rejuvenation. Quite interestingly, New York is also a place for bird lovers! Pelham Bay Park is the home to different kinds of owls and ospreys.

4. Avoid outdoor activities in extreme cold:

If you are suffering from heart diseases, you should not indulge in excessive outdoor activities in winter. Extreme cold with sub-zero temperatures increases the heartbeat. You might also suffer from frostbite or a common cold. If you feel numbness, cold or a loss of feeling or stinging sensation, you should seek medical attention. Again, if you are not wearing proper safety gears, you might catch hypothermia.

Intense shivering, memory loss, exhaustion, and slurred speech accompany a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature. If you feel any of these, you have to get out of the cold immediately. Wearing reflective clothing when exercising after dark is a must. Do not forget to wear boots or sneakers that will give you enough traction and prevent you from falling.

Moreover, when you are going for snowboarding or skiing, besides wearing a safety helmet, you must carry chemical heat packs.

5. Get away with winter tiredness:

When your body produces increased levels of melatonin due to less exposure to sunlight, you feel drowsy and sleepy. What you need to do is to take an extra walk to imbibe sunlight. While sunlight is a source of vitamin D, you can intake the same through food consumption too. Dark green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, nuts, beans, lentils, and whole grains are a good source of vitamin D and iron.

6. Keep yourself hydrated:

With the fall of winter in New York, you start using room heaters and humidifiers to keep yourselves warm. Though you feel cozy and warm, they lead you towards dehydration. Dehydration in winter can cause dizziness, cramps, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

To have proper body functioning, adequate fluid intakes are a must! Moreover, it moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness. Pop in a lot of citrus fruits that eventually hydrates you and detoxifies you. But ensure that you drink waters conditioned with room-temperatures.

7. What to wear with style:

Winter can worry you about what to wear so that you can remain fit and stylish. Put on these to brag your style yet remaining fit:

• Wear a scarf: It is mandatory wear to keep you warm in the cold while catering to the trendy look.

• Leather pants: Be it leather or faux leather, the texture is ideal for winters. You remain warm with a modern look.

• Knit-hat: Wear it with style while your ears and head stay protected from the chilling winter winds.

• Over-knee boots: While wearing sneaker can be an option, over-knee boots not only keep you warm but maintains an updated style.

To beat the snow and participate in winter carnivals you must first stop being a sloth.

However, you must not forget that staying fit isn’t a seasonal option. A healthy body gives you a healthy mind. Staying fit must be a ritual. A ritual that rejuvenates you and you can engage in jubilation with your family.

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