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??Sofia Vergara One Of The Most Successful Actresses Ever!


Sofia Vergara is one of the most amazing women and actress of Latin origins of our time. During the decades it does not become quite clear whether it is a good thing to be Latina or not. Surely she made it a very amusing and charming with her roles. Though her life now seems glamorous and happy, she had her times once in a while.

Sofia Vergara’s first years

Sofia took her first breath in one of the biggest cities in Columbia, called Barranquilla. The town is the capital of the district it is situated in. It has more than a million citizens and is a large port with a strategic location. 

She is part of a traditionally large family with five brothers and sisters. Vergara is a daughter of a mother who stayed at home to take care of the children. Her father on the other side was engaged with cattle growing. Sofia Vergara lived a healthy life. Very likely her character in the most successful comedy she stars in, she married young.

The story is well known. A girl meets a boy, in her case school love Joe Gonzales. Also, like her character Gloria, she had a son from this marriage. The boy is called Manolo. And also like usually it happens the marriage ended shortly after it started. The couple divorced in 1993, just three years after.

How did everything start?

Sofia Vergara walked her way to the success along with her life ups and downs. The young Latina started her education at the University of Columbia, where studied to be a dentist. Unfortunately for the dentistry, and gladly for Hollywood industry, she quit.

Just one year before her graduation. And she did it for a reason. She was noticed when walking along the beach and offered a contract as a model. Although looking fashionable and open-minded, the young woman did not sign for her modeling until she got the blessing of her teacher.

Like many other young girls, she shot her first commercial at the age of only seventeen. She was able to made it for the giant company Pepsi, which was very prestigious at that time. The commercial was aiming the Latin audience. She was actively practicing modeling for many years. Sofia Vergara’s natural beauty, specific charm, and face made her very recognizable.

First years in America

Soon after her success in modeling, she was discovered for the television. She started her first serious job in the TV channel Telemundo – the most watched in Latin America. In 1995 she became one of the hosts of a lifestyle and traveling show, called ‘Fuera de series. Sofia kept this place for three years until 1998.

Since Telemundo is widely broadcasted in the USA, she soon became famous outside the borders of Columbia. For the next stage of her life, she had to move to Miami, Florida.

Inevitably the career of a model of young Sofia Vergara brought her to the United States. The country of unlimited possibilities welcomed her in Miami, Florida, where she can successfully develop her qualities. Live was not always easy for her. She was a single mother, raising her son alone and trying to make a career.

But her years in the TV and the famous show made her well recognizable face. The show ‘Fuera de series’ led her to many exotic spots around the world. She has seen a lot, but it was time for the next episode. During the years of 1998 and 2005, she took part in many commercials for swimsuits.

For a short time, she was also taking part in a show called A Que no te atreves. But who will imagine this was only the beginning of her glamorous career as a Hollywood star. Except for her career, there was one more thing that led her to the USA.

The Columbian actress left her home country for one more reason, and this was the complicated situation back there. She took her mother, son, and brother and looked for a safe place in the USA. And she already knew how to conquer the audience. Soon the roles will start following one after another.

Hollywood, how did she make it?

Exciting fact for Sofia Vergara is that she is natural with blond hair. It was sometimes hard for her because she did not fit into the wide-spread vision for Latina. That is why many producers begged her to dye her hair. But the Latin origins soon turned into her most significant advantage.

First years she was a guest star at some productions both Latin and USA. Many of us have seen her in the popular series Entourage. It was one of her first impressive appearances, which helped her become more famous.  She continued to appear in many Latin productions. Amas de Casa Desesperadas is one of them. It has the same idea as the famous US series Desperate Housewives. It had massive success because it was dramatic and thrilling.

And we all know Latin Americans are very fond of these plots. Meanwhile, she did not stop to take part in movie productions. Some of her most recognizable roles are in Chasing Papi – a comedy with preferably Latin actors cast.

Sofia Vergara played the role of Odile Anjelou in every kid’s favorite The Smurfs. All of the above made her well known. And seeing her name in the list of the cast tells to the audience they are going to see something really interesting. The year 2009 was indeed a turn over for her career and life.

At that time she was selected for the sitcom Modern Family. This role established her image of a comedy star. Her character is passionate because of her Latin origins. She plays loving mother and control freak with her family, who no one wants to mess with.

And the situations with her messing up English words and expression – you cannot stop laughing. I can sincerely say this is the most entertaining series I have seen so far.

Playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett was her breaker. She even has to turn down a role in The Paperboy, but it worth.

Sofia’s family

The personal life and the family of Sofia Vergara were not less attractive than her roles. Like it was mentioned before, she comes from a big family. Her parents have five children. She has two brothers and two sisters. She and her siblings were raised according to the Catholic traditions.

One of her sisters, Sandra, who is also a big celebrity, was adopted. It means that she is her cousin. Sandra was adopted when she was just born. Her mother was sick, and her parents felt it was their duty to raise her like she was their the own. The other sister is called Veronica.

The brothers’names are Rafael and Julio. Unfortunately, Julio did not have such luck in his life. He was a long time drug addict. And it was excruciating for his sister to watch him die from his decisions. Sofia Vergara did try to save him. She took him to the USA along with her son and mother. But he continued to have problems with the police and the low.

In 2011 after the next messy situation he got arrested again and this time deported back to Columbia. Sofia Vergara has one son Manolo from her marriage with her high school sweetheart Joe Gonzales. He is the person that makes her most proud of what she has done so far.

It was hard for her to look after him as a single working mother, but the efforts worthed. She accepts the compliments for him with great joy. Logically she is helping him a lot, and he is slowly starting to follow her steps into show business.


Nowadays it seems that Sofia Vergara has found her balance in personal and professional life. She is happily married to her college actor Joe Manganiello. And what a man he is. Their story is like a fairy tale. When he first saw her, she was recovering from the failed engagement with her longtime boyfriend, Nicholas Loeb.

Joe did not make his move straight away. He asked for her phone from a familiar friend. This friend was Sofia’s son in low Mitchel Pritchett – the actor Jesse Taylor Ferguson. She was not sure at first. She told him it was not a good time for her but finally gave the phone number to Joe.

He gave her love and respect, and that is why she is crazy for him. She shared he is the most handsome man she has seen. Their marriage became fact on 25th of November 2015. They are still as happy as they were in the beginning. In her professional life, Sofia Vergara is continuing to work hard on her most successful series.

The sitcom has just finished its ninth season. And the tenth is yet to come. She also took part in big movie productions when it is possible for her schedule. Amongst her recent projects is the voice of the Flamenco Dancer in The Emoji Movie.

Her last production is called The Brits Are Coming. It is a limited release. One of her co-stars in this movie is Uma Turman. Sofia Vergara kept her image of a comedy actress during the years. It has only brought her success and the love of the audience.

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