Ten best Christmas wishes and gifts for kids 2-6 years old

Christmas is the most cherished Christian holiday for both children and adults. Kids, of course, love it for the presents and the snow. The grown-ups treasure the relaxation and nice, spent time with the family. The real magic of the holiday is Christmas wishes. Both children and adults still believe in them. They make wishes all over the year and secretly believe they will become real on the Christmas Eve.

History of Christmas

The history of Christmas is very long and full of controversy. One of them is the real date of the birth of Jesus. The date 25th of December is very symbolic and gained predominance over the other suggestions for many reasons. It is the winter’s shortest day. After that, the night becomes smaller, and this is the beginning of the expectations for the bright and warm spring.

The birth of Jesus connects with the light and the new hope which leads the Christian community to better times. The first information about official celebrations by this time of the year comes from the 3-4th century. The name of the holiday was Saturnalia. In the 5th century, there was a similar holiday in Egypt named Feast of the Nativity.

By the end of 6th century, the celebrations around 25th of December spread across England, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Bad times for our holy Christmas came in the 17th century with the arising of the Puritans. Their leader Cromwell looked differently on this nice holiday and banned the celebrations. Fortunately, the 19th century revived Christmas and ever since it was the most famous holiday among Christians.

Many years had to pass form its spirit as we know it now. The big change came from the Americans which brought special meaning to it besides the birth of Jesus. It became the greatest time for the family, especially those who live far away from each other. Christmas turned into a celebration of the good, the wish to live and love, to cherish family and home. Of course, it is also time for presents and making all Christmas wishes become true.

What does Christmas mean for kids

It is time for presents and Christmas trees, slowly this holiday became unique for the small ones. They are those with the biggest Christmas wishes. Kids love the light of the family tree, the warmth and the magic of it all. There are many things special about that night for them.

Probably it is the only time of the year when they are allowed to stay awake so late. While waiting for Santa to slip in the chimney most of them fall asleep. But in the morning they see that he forgot none of them. There is nothing like the children’s eyes when they spot the dozens of presents under the Christmas tree.

It is the time of the year when they are not going to school – fantastic. Usually, on most parts of the Earth, it is snowing. These means endless games out, sliding with sleights and skates. Meeting the old friends – another essential part of the Christmas holiday. Last, but not least is the delicious food prepared by Mom and Grandma with colossal love.

It is easy to understand why kids love Christmas so much. And who won’t? This time of the year for the kids means love, gorgeously smelling cookies and time off school. Add the family, friends, and presents and you will have it all wrapped in ribbon.

Ten best Christmas gifts for kids from 2-6 years old

The adults know how important it is not to disappoint the kids on Christmas. And also how magic is the power of the Christmas wishes. That’s why some of us can already feel the pressure get. Here is a selection of ten best Christmas gifts that will make you a hero in kids eyes.

1. The most of Christmas wishes are connected with fast growth. If only they knew what they wish for. However, to make the kids feel like grown-ups give them tools. For the small boys, it is good to have a kit with drill, screwdriver, and hammer. And add a nice suitcase to put them all in. It is great for small kids. Make sure you choose a neutral color. Thus it will be good also for girls who want to have superpowers.

2. Another group of Christmas wishes is connected with having superpowers. A car carrier that will help all who are in danger will make the small boys feel important. What is best is that the carrier usually comes with several separate cars. So we can say that is 2 in 1 gift for small boys.

3. Christmas wishes are often connected with creativity and desire to build. Construction set will do a great job. It will develop kids’ imagination, teach them in dimensions, sizes, and types of figures. The sets come with more than one combination possible. Your cutty will have a plane, a car and why not a truck.

4. Sizes and shapes are very important to know for the kids between 2 and six years old. So you will not go wrong if you pick one of the sorting boxes, made of wood or plastic. The sides of the block are cut into different shapes. Separately are the figures. What kids have to do is choose the right form to put in the box easily. It may not one of the kids’ strongest Christmas wishes, but it is one of the best Montessori games. It is safe and helps children meet the most popular forms in the space.

5. While staying on learning topics, our next suggestion is a colorful learning board. Classically most of them have the weekdays, digits, months, a big clock in the middle and even the seasons. Your four-year-old may not become a specialist but will learn the basics of time and the numbers.

6. Often Christmas wishes are connected with receiving tablets and iPods as gifts. You can control the apps these devices will have. Try to install only ones that will help your kid learn something useful. Look online for platforms for kids between two and six. They are so colorful that will bring joy to the eyes. Kids can pick between maths, art or simple games. Some of them even exist in several languages. That is an excellent option to start teaching children new words in Spanish for example.

7. Kids from two to six years old will love to be magicians as part of their Christmas wishes. That is why scientific kit will make a great present. Follow the instructions and create basic chemical reactions. Make sure there is always an adult present on any of this magical moments.

8. If first of the Christmas wishes on the list of your kid is to become an artist pick a drawing set. They are usually made in bright colors and are very useful. Consisting of pencils, markers, pastel, and even watercolors, they can be used later for school.

9. Art set is a great gift for smaller kids as well. Just be sure that there are full of templates. The active forms will ease the kid and will make them love drawing even more. Usually, these sets contain fewer colors, but not more joy and entertainment.

10. The interactive speaking book is also among the Christmas wishes. They are good for the two years old. By pushing a button, kids learn the sounds of the different animals easily. Others are designed with letters and even digits.,

Ten best Christmas wishes for kids from 2 – 6 years old

Every single of the Christmas wishes can be qualified as interesting. Sometimes funny, sometimes unbelievable, kids can be very creative in their fantasy. In the top ten of the most interesting Christmas wishes, no surprise is to become a superhero. Kids will love to have superpowers like to fly, to be mega strong and why not travel in time.

Number two in Christmas wishes of all times – to grow up faster. It is adorable how kids believe adults are better because they are allowed to do anything. If only they knew how badly we would like to switch places. Classically next to Christmas wishes is for the girls to be princesses and boys kings or knights. Call it old-fashioned, but still on top.

Don’t forget, you should always keep your child’s brain stimulated by getting them the right educational gift.

Girls would love the dresses and the boys to be brave and to be in charge of so many people. Another of the popular Christmas wishes is to get dozens of cars, trucks and everything on wheels. On the other hand, small girls will be glad to have the most beautiful doll with many dresses to change.

Another of the Christmas wishes for kids between 2 and six years is to have a bike and ride it freely Did you find the best gift idea for your kid? Are your child smaller than 2, then we got you covered, with tips for the best Christmas gifts for children between 0 and 2 years. You will never make a mistake on this one. Many kids have the desire to skate and have anything for going fast and terrify their parents.

Believe it, or not many children wish to be famous musicians and to feel the love of the audience. Many parents can confess they have caught their kids singing in front of the mirror. Children not only wish for material. The next of the Christmas wishes is very special and lovely.

Many kids are waiting for Santa to bring them, brother or sister. So parents contact the man as soon as possible. Staying forever with mammy and daddy and everyone to be healthy and happy is amongst the most popular Christmas wishes.


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