Top 10 best toys for Christmas 2018

Toys for Christmas and the joy they bring

Christmas is a family holiday. It generates every symbol and value Christianity has spread during the past centuries. In the basics and the beginning of it is love. The love of Jesus for the people and desire to help them go through all challenges without losing their faith. Then it is the love between the people which creates relations and families.

The love between man and woman transforms into rising and keeping children safe and healthy. Kids’ joy is what makes this holiday really special. And when mentioning the smallest members of our society it is impossible not to think of toys for Christmas.

Kids are very happy to feel the love of relatives through the gifts. The best toys for Christmas are those who will not only bring joy but will also educate. Because love is to give knowledge of life. That is why it will be good to have that in mind when picking toys for Christmas. Kids of different ages like to play with specific things.

Children up to twelve months go for colorful and simple games. They will also love to chew some of them if it is possible. Bigger kids at the age up to three years are able to learn and accept more information. They will like toys for Christmas that will help them widen their knowledge about the surrounding world.

Getting out from the baby stage is the next group of children from three to five years. After the basics have done for their development, kids have to get ready for school. Make sure you give them toys for Christmas that include learning digits and words. Being very precise or not in choosing the right toy, the kids will feel great joy and love.

Christmas toys for babies up to 12 months

The specifics of kids’ needs up to five years divide them into three age groups. There are many options for toys for Christmas you can look online or on the market. Following there are several suggestions that will ease your choice.

Let’s start with kids up to one year old.

Their age and abilities make them use every moment trying to stay up and walk. Their attempts sometimes may be very dangerous. On the other hand, parents who look after cannot hold the kid all the time. This toy helped my son to start walking for just a couple of weeks. One of the best Christmas gifts for babies who are about to start walking.


Many types of walkers can be suitable for a baby gift. Make sure you pick a stable one. Four-wheel walker is the best choice. The kid can use it for support. When the child sits down for a rest and decides to walk again four-wheel walker will be perfect support.

Parents will have no worries with this kind of toys for Christmas even when the child sits on the ground. Usually, it is full of buttons. Your baby will love to listen to entertaining songs and clap the hands. Other buttons respond with sounds of different animals. Several models are supplied with interactive books.


Second best choice of toys for Christmas for one-year-old kids are those with matching and learning forms. There are nice cubs with a cut hole on any side and figures separately. Kid’s task then is to fit the right toys into the matching hole. The best part of choosing this type of toys for Christmas is that it is extremely safe and incredibly helpful to develop your kids motor skills. There is no way for your kid to get hurt from this gift.

The worse that can happen is to lose some part which is not such a tragedy. The forms are in four or five different colors and shapes and they can be easily identified from the kids. The child will learn the basic forms and will develop craftiness. Usually, the case comes with holders to carry it around.

Our last suggestion for toys for Christmas concerning babies are the rings. Rings are also very colorful and easy to hold. The kid can collect two or more and put efforts into putting them on the totem.

This toy will help develop coordination and concentration. It will also teach them to accept dimensions.

Also, we found that you can get them in one pack all together for a very low price. Rings are big enough, easy to find and hard to lose. When putting together they do not fill much space to be stored.

Christmas toys for toddlers up to 3 years old

Kids from one to three years have different interests. They are already walking and the world seems one big place full of surprises and wonders.  Can easily touch and grab, even run. They are not so helpless and do not need an adult all the time. What they really can enjoy is learning and communication. Small models of the real world of any kind will be the toys for Christmas they will love. A useful thing to have in mind is that three years old will love to learn new words and to become independent. The closer they get to the preschool age, the bigger is their need for knowledge. Surely they will still enjoy baby toys for Christmas, but the parents have to slowly direct their interests.


Number one present of our time is a smartphone which is also educating toy.

Do your children like to play with your phone?

Why not give them something similar but far more useful. Call and chat learning phones have many functions which seem very much like the real ones. What is best about this type of toys for Christmas is that the toddler can feel like a real grown-up. This is because they allow storing real numbers. Usually, phones can have up to five personalized melodies, connected with the numbers. Other benefits of this kind of toys for Christmas include the voice of a friend with whom the kid can talk.

You can choose between a bird, a cartoon character or anything else that will be interesting for the toddler. The kid will love someone to listen to. This toy is very helpful for kids who are about to start talking, it will help your kid develop his/her speech faster then every you think.

Even more, the child will like the thought of a friend, accepting the world the same way. On the toy, you can find the so-called pre-key. This button will help the toddler learn basic things. One of them can be letters. Even if the kid will not say the alphabet in perfect order, this will give basic knowledge for it. When tired of the letters, you can switch to numbers mode or time concept.

Surely there are plenty of things to learn about. So long story short this is one of the best choices for toys for Christmas. It is at the same time fun, not very big, not so expensive and will bring extreme joy to a toddler between the age of 1 and 3 years.

By the age of two years, you have to know what your kid loves to do and what are their special interests are. Every toddler loves songs but some of them have strong feelings about the music. If you have noticed that the child loves singing pretty much direct your choice to the musical toys. You can make a great present for toys for Christmas out of a drum set. There is a slight chance for your neighbors to be not so keen on this choice but whatever.

What is your aim is to make the toddler extremely happy and you can definitely do that with buying a musical toy. Of course, you can not expect from the kid to play rock parts. The melodies are pre-set and they are activated when touching some of the drums.


This kind of toys for Christmas will bring a special touch to your holiday. The kid will be in good mood all the time because of the merry melodies. The toddler will learn to be rhythmic and to dance. Surely in a few days, the kid will sing some of the songs. And not forget the most important part – the child will feel like the adults. Your precious will know that someday can become a great musician just like those you are watching together on TV.

Of course, this a sort of toys for Christmas also includes a button with educational functions like those here.

There are inserted letters learning modes, numbers and of course lights. Not less important is that with the game the kid will learn how exactly this musical instrument looks like. You can try to explain what does each part do. Maybe this close look will raise the interest in the kid and music will become a favorite thing.

We have selected a set of instruments that will make your house so noisy during the entire Christmas even after that 🙂

Kids can have fun at any time and this is the charm of this age. Every parent knows how much children enjoy bath time. So why not have something really fancy to play and get clean at the same time. Any kind of rubber animal with forms that can hold rings on them will be a good choice. Pick a big bright octopus and offer your kid to play and bath with it. While making it soak the toddler will love to put on and off rings on it and make coordinate moves.

The best part is that the octopus gets dry really fast and without any special care. So this automatically means that the toy can be easily used in all parts of the house. Who will not love this kind of toys for Christmas – two in one? Even three in one we can say. This means that you can carry it with you when going to a pool or even at the seaside.

Another cool choice for toys for Christmas will be a big fancy playing house. In the list of suggestions for children up to three years, it is an absolutely smashing gift. My kids love this amazing house, it’s not so big and it fits our backyard perfectly. It will fastly become a total hit in the games and there are many reasons for that. A real-like house will, first of all, make any kid feel more an adult than anything else. By managing such a house the child will learn many useful habits from real life. This will make the toddler more concerned about what happens in reality. And even more responsible for their daily routine. With the positive sides of getting more adaptive and responding to their parent’s requirements, kids will also have great fun. As you may already guess the house will be equipped with numerous buttons and sounds.

Along with the knowledge of space, they will learn many songs. The house will communicate with them and guide them through the games. Any house comes with almost any part designed to be interactive. One example is the doors which can be easily opened and closed. This surely makes the whole experience more real. Imagine how happy the kid will be to find that the clock can be set to ring in the morning. Of course, this comes with funny sounds and songs that will make your toddler wake up with a big smile. As we mentioned before this kind of toys for Christmas is great for being interactive in all parts.

Many manufacturers have come to such details like opening the doors of the fridge in the kitchen. There are lights and sounds everywhere. Any part has the functions of the real item. Imagine even the toilet flushing with a funny song – what attention to the details.

Christmas toys for preschoolers up to 5 years old

Time goes so fast from one Christmas to the next. Soon you realize that your baby is already a preschooler. The most precious gift you may give to your kids is the knowledge for life. But as we understand this is not possible at this age try with some of the next toys for Christmas. Each of them will make your five years old more prepared for the great adventure named school.

Books and reading will be an inseparable part of the school life of your kid. What you can do is grow an early love for studying and show them it can be fun. With choosing one of the prep school workbooks you will help your kid get used to them and to reading. Of course, the child will not read on real. In the book, you and your preschooler will find many games that will help develop certain skills.

Hundreds of exercises will help children learn more about letters and digits. It will also teach them colors, shapes, and dimensions. Last but not least these books lead your kid to the beginning of the maths. With easy playful tasks, kids start thinking logically. They can even start making small calculations mainly with the digits from one to five.

This is very useful for a kid up to five years to operate easily with scissors and pencils. Many of us know that they use these skills almost every day in school. In order to do that they have to be thought how to follow the contours of the shapes with the scissors. In the end, they will have a nice project, not one to make others wonder what exactly is this. That is why you will not make a mistake with choosing scissors skills activity book paired with safety scissors. This kind of sets chosen as toys for Christmas makes great progress with your kids motor skills. It will help develop cognitive thinking. Through matching puzzle parts the kid will improve knowledge for shapes. And the multiple mazes will let children be creative and combinative.

If any of the above did not help you pick the best of toys for Christmas for your kids here comes your last chance. In case you are not so keen on preparations for school at least prepare your kid for….shopping.


A cash register toy set comes with great parts. First, the cashier itself is a very attractive machine. It has many sounds and colors and in most cases is functioning as the real ones. You can engage all your children in this game. One will be at the cash desk and the others will be customers. The one on the cash desk will become good at digits and maths. Slowly the game will teach to know what you can buy with a certain amount of money, what change to give and others. Learning digits will also come imperceptibly. Of course, by switching places the other kids will get the same knowledge soon.

On the other side, those who play customers have to be thought to be polite and patient at the cash desk. They will try to make a small list of groceries and to recognize them through the game. And because the goods will be never enough for all the customers, kids will also like to share.

That is why many of these sets include safe knives which help to cut the fruits or veggies in half. At the end of the game, you will have a house full of self-aware customers. They will recognize the products and will be even more confident in everyday life.


All toys have need selected by personal preferences based on what my kids like most to play with. I hope your children will like them as well. Please share your personal opinion in the comments below and let’s discuss together what’s the most interesting desired toy for our kids. 

Don’t give up we got to cover!!!

We’ve selected the best Christmas gifts for kids from 2 – 6 years old take a look here.

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