?The Effects of Flu Vaccine; True Story!

The Effects of Flu Vaccine; True Story!

How Did Everything start?

Winter is the season when everybody gets concerned about their health. Things can get complicated when you have children and have to go to work. The balance is tough. You need to make the impossible, so everybody in the family stays healthy, and you follow your daily routine.

And most of all everybody wants to prevent their children from suffering the flu symptoms. Like any other family with small kids, we also decided to make the necessary to keep them healthy. We followed the advice of the GP to put flu vaccine. We took this decision because the big son was suffering from respiratory infection lately.

She said it would be horrible if this problem repeated in small intervals. And of course, the whole family has to be immunized.She said it would be horrible if this problem repeated in small intervals. And of course, the whole family has to be immunized. This is because the virus can modify and affect even those, who are vaccinated. We made quick research of the type of flu, that was expected for this specific season. And shortly after that we proudly brought the flu vaccine to our GP so she can vaccinate all of us.

I even advised some of my friends, also caring mothers, that this is the best way to protect their children. I was feeling good that I have done something sweet for my people and me. I was sure this winter would be different, and we would not need to stay home sick for weeks. I was tired of watching the others play on the snow while we are trying to defeat the fever.

What Did Happen Next?

As you may guess, I was feeling free and protected. I thought that only good things are waiting ahead of us and no infections would get near my family. Of course, I was aware of the fact that the first days after the flu vaccine some symptoms could appear. I was ready to go through this waiting for the future winter free of diseases.

I will take some time to explain how еxactly the flu vaccine works. This way you will give a great thought before following my steps. It is true that the vaccine was far more dangerous in the past. The patients were then injected with the small amount of the virus cells. They are deliberately weakened, so that can not infect the system, but still can create immunity.

That is the tricky moment, that makes things hard. Of very great importance is choosing the right moment of the season and at the same time be healthy. If you do not feel perfectly healthy, it will make your condition even more difficult. The injected cells of the virus will use the moment and infect you, instead of creating immunity. This is the central principle of almost every vaccine existing. Here you can read more details about how exactly the flu vaccine works and why sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

The reason I am telling all of the above is to understand better what exactly happened to us.

The autumn was approaching its end, and we felt forced to do the flu vaccine. One day we just decided on action. Of course, none of us could be aware if there is an infection starting to develop inside. I have to mention that the current vaccine contents no live cells of the disease.

It is all artificial and generated in the laboratory. Unfortunately for us, the principle of work of the flu vaccine stays the same. Few days after the shot was taken from the whole family, we started to feel symptoms of sickness. We suffered happily from this light fever and headache because we believed we were delivering immunity.

The symptoms though did not go in the future days. The infection became more aggressive. The children were feeling worse. They were not able to sleep and eat. And we the parents were also suffering. We tried to take care of the kids and stay in good shape at the same time. But we were not prepared fully what was yet to come. And the worse was just around the corner.

The Worse Came

What happened next seems like some creepy screenplay of a horror movie. The kids got worse and worse. In fact, they were under the influence of two viruses at the same time. First, it was the infection they got secretly at school. This infection was inside their bodies, and at the time it started to develop, we put the flu vaccine.

sick boyAlready weakened from the primal virus, the system quickly got infected by the virus. Not only they were not able to develop immunity, they even kind of destroyed the little they already had. So mainly they fought a big fight. The effect of it lasted for almost a month. 

It is not right to only predict that one is in perfect health. Because you can never know. And probably there has to be some way to put it during any time of the year. And what bothers me the most about the flu vaccine – why it is made to protect from only one type of the virus. Meaning that if the flu from the last season circulates in the area, you could be infected.

All these thoughts can lead you to some bizarre conclusions. Back to our case now. So, I believe that if my children suffered only from one type of flu they would recover quickly.

The situation that occurred in the autumn of this year determined the whole season after. Not only my kids did not become healthier, but they also caught every virus, that flew near them. Their immune system was destroyed because none of the previous infections were cured before the next came.

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Now I will tell you the worst of all. Any of us got sick and partially recovered at different times. Because of that the infection circulated in our home like an invisible threat. When one came significantly better than the others for several days, then he or she got sick again. That is because the immune system gave no protection and the person was in close contact with the virus the whole time.

My Flu Shot Research

After my family survived that winter, I did my research. I was confused and wanted to know when did we go wrong. What I have heard before was only how many people die of flu every year. They claimed it would just take the flu vaccine to get protected for the whole season. The scariest thing I read about was the Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Naturally, this is a very wrong reaction of the body. It is when the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system, leading to paralysis. The percent of people suffering from this syndrome is tiny but still. It turns out that the vaccine is not such an innocent thing to do. The first fact I learned is that in most of the cases the vaccination is in vain. No matter how many researches are made for the type of virus, the flu vaccine may not match.

And then what is the use of being vaccinated against a virus which is no longer active. In most of the cases, like ours, the body gets infected before the immunity is developed. According to the information it takes at least two weeks to happen. So if a person is not exposed to many contacts, one can protect himself and be more healthy. Recent scientific researches show there is dependence between the number of the vaccines and the Alzheimer’s Disease.

The last fact is terrifying.

Besides this syndrome that may or may not develop in the future, the contents of the flu vaccine are not very popular. Because it contains an undeveloped virus, there has to be something to stop it from growing. The preservative that makes this possible is called Thimerosal. The base of this ingredient is mercury, which is one of the most dangerous known elements.

Exposure to even small quantities of this material can lead to irreversible damages. It is highly toxic and can cause cancer. Another hazardous content of the flu vaccine is formaldehyde. It can cause so many losses to the human system, that I even do not want to start counting. So how one can claim the flu vaccine is harmless when it consists of two of the most toxic materials.

People are likely to see things in bright colors rather than rational. They prefer to convince themselves they are protected and reject the consequences. My opinion is that one has to be informed. Surely you will say the Guillain-Barre syndrome or intoxication will not happen to me.

The percentage is very small, and I will be the lucky one. For a moment consider the fact, that those who suffered, thought the same at some point. I firmly believe that the researches on the flu vaccine are not finished and convincing enough. There are so many other ways to protect your family from the flu, which are proven in time. I for myself choose not to be a subject of scientific and pharmaceutical experiments.

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