When is the right time to travel and settle in Canada?

Canada is the country where you will find thriving, exciting and diverse communities from all over the world living together peacefully. It is really one of the best countries in the world where you get tons of opportunities related to job and education.

Are you one of those who are thinking about moving to Canada? Well, if you are migrating to Canada, then, you must know the right time to travel and settle.

If you land in the winter season then, you will face a lot of difficulties. You have to consider various factors like weather conditions, your visa, family and etc.

Following are the things that really matter in finding the right time to travel and settle:

Weather conditions:

Canada is the country where you will see extreme weather conditions. Winter is not at all the best time to visit the country because the temperature lowers to 7 to 46º F.

This temperature depends on the different cities. You may consider three major cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal then, their average winter temperatures are as follows:

Vancouver: 32 to 46ºF

Montreal: 7 to 28ºF

Toronto: 14 to 32ºF

Why should you avoid the winter season while moving to Canada?

In the Winter, as the temperature is low, as an immigrant, you may face health issues. To protect yourself against the low-temperature conditions, you have to take proper precautions. It is highly suggested to avoid visiting the country in December and January.

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Now, you might be thinking which is the perfect time as far as the weather is considered?

Well, it is suggested to move in righter after the winter. The winter generally ends after January. So, February is the perfect time to visit Canada as far as the weather conditions are considered.

If you want to settle in then, you can go in the Summer season. Summer is the peak season for that, between late June to September.

Depends on your Visa:

The second-most important factor that you have to consider while settling in Canada is your visa. As per some immigrants that are living in the country, you should move to as soon as you received your visa.

That means ignore the weather condition and travel as soon as you have received your visa. If you are looking for employment in Canada, then you can search online for jobs. Also, when your visa is ready, the chances that a good company will hire you are more.

Some of you might have their own business, and for your information, the Canadian government selects the people who can become financially stable and those who can help in the country’s economic development.

Those who have their own Start-up world are also eligible for the Start-up visa program. As per this program, you must have the support from the designated angel investor located inside Canada.

Almost all the things while migrating to Canada depends on the visa. So, make sure you have your visa ready 2 to 3 months before making any Air Canada Reservations.

Your Family:

Another crucial factor that decides the perfect time for you to visit in Canada is your family.

Some immigrants who are now settled in Canada, advise that you should first move to Canada and then, think about settling in Canada with your family.

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That means first, you understand and experience life in Canada, its environment, government rules, etc.

If you are single, then, you don’t have to go through all the family related stuff. But, if you are married and have children, this is the point that you have to study and scan thoroughly.

Generally, the schools open in September. So, you can move in with your family about 2 to 3 months before September. This will help you and your family to know how the Canadian school system works and also, about the education fee structure.

The ideal time of the family to migrate Canada is between June to September.

Job conditions:

Your job conditions also play an essential role while settling in. You can apply for jobs in Canada through various websites.

You will be amazed to know that you don’t require a job to immigrate. But having a job always give you an added advantage. As the Canadian Express Entry immigration system is point based, your job can give you some additional points.

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Some of the companies will not entertain you unless you have landed. If you have received your visa then, don’t think about postponing your flight.

As per Statista.com, there is 303,267 number of immigrants in 2018. More than half of them are male while remaining are female.

In 2018, more than 66,000 people all across the world who have age between 25 to 29 years, have migrated to for job opportunities.  

The government also offers various jobs, but to be eligible for them, you must have Canadian citizenship.

Final Words

After studying all the above factors carefully, one should take a suitable decision and find the right time to travel and settle.

Migrating to Canada might make you nervous, but if you interact with the people who are relocated then, you will have a rough estimate about the best time to settle in.

If you have any questions about migrating to Canada then, drop a comment below. We are always here to assist you so, feel free to ask questions.

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