?Top 10 educational gifts for kids and adolescents

Everyone likes to get presents. Some people were born masters when it comes to getting gifts for their beloved ones. Other people spend a few hours in research and another few hours of actually deciding what to get when they go to the gift shop.

To be honest – every gift is the best present if it brings joy and happiness to the receiver. What about if the current improves your brain, knowledge, and skills, for example, educational gifts for kids?

In this article, I will suggest some gifts that may not only make your kids happy but will also educate them. Some of the suggestions will be classic perusal other rather contemporary. Let’s start with the younger.

Good educational gift for kids is See and Speak

This is a game for improving speech and getting to know the world around. It is more suitable for toddlers. The way visuals and speech combine to bring on interest is cute and helpful.

Magnetic board

It is funny, and there is an infinite amount of interesting themes made into boards. It makes kids think and be creative.

Good old LEGO educational gift for kids 3 years and older

LEGO is a favorite to all the kids, especially boys. Many constructor shapes and sizes are appropriate for various ages. It improves logical thinking and helps with understanding the laws of geometry, physics, and engineering. Lego is always a good present for every occasion, especially during Christmas time.

Mirrored book

It is called reflected because it is created and printed double and mirror-flipped. The book is meant to be used with left, and right hand as the graphics are the same on both pages. It helps the brain works with both hemispheres in a creative way.

A birdhouse

It is a cliché, but it still is lovely. It’s not only great to be able to do something yourself, but it also teaches kids to be good with animals and to take care of nature.


Or an interactive map to get to know the World, or at least geographically. Maps and Globes are always an excellent addition to any interior and the more you watch it, the more questions you have, and that means the brain is working. The perfect educational gift for kids to learn geography.


Nowadays you can find a telescope for any age and almost any price. The feeling of being closer to the stars can’t be explained until it is being felt. To have one is never a bad idea.


This is a very nice way to create a small world and watch the processes that happen in there. A little piece of nature at home that will be very helpful to learn more biology for example.


More than 850 Lessons Across 10 Levels


Microscope doesn’t need an explanation and also is being produced in variations suitable for different ages. The micro world is a whole new world that should be explored.

Skeleton to assemble

All the bones that animals and humans are made of at one place in your hands. This is an absorbing product that explains the anatomy and structure of humans and animals.

Prepare yourself, how to overcome your kid first day at school check out some tips and trick, how to do it. 


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