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?Top 10 Things to do in Thailand During your Vacation

With over 200 countries to visit, Thailand could be your number one option for a vacation because of a myriad number of reasons. The nation is budget friendly; a little money could go a long way while you could experience the best Thai food with a massive amount of cuisines. You get to shop till you drop in one of the fanciest markets in the world, with the probability of finding anything to everything.

While one could wander around the developed city with vibrant nightlife, on the other hand, Thailand offers a lot of adventure. The country has over 40,000 temples, each unique in its way depicting the culture and history of different dynasties. There are various beaches to be sunbathed on, waves to be surfed, and land to be discovered.

And of course, the Land of Smiles has one of the most friendly people on Earth, who make you feel home. The best time to visit Thailand is during the summer season. It is the time when the weather facilitates all the things to do in Thailand. 

Places to visit and things to do in Thailand

1. Phang Nga Bay

This beautiful bay, lined with Phuket is one of the most scenic areas in Thailand. It is one of the unique spots in the world with beautiful limestone cliffs that juts out emerald green water. These karsts along with the view of undisturbed floras provide spectacular picturesque while you are taking a boat trip to this beautiful island. Sea- kayaking is one of the must-try things to do in Thailand.

The bay has a lot many islands, many of which give you the opportunity to explore the adventurous caves with ancient paintings on the rocks. A whole day dedicated to only cruising through the karsts will make your trip remarkable.

2. The Grand Palace

The list of best things to do in Thailand is incomplete without the visit to The grand palace. It is located at the banks of River Chao Phraya. The palace construction was started in 1782, and the castle served as the official residence of the Thai Kings until the 19th century.

It has a series of Royal halls, pavilions, relics, intermixed with impressive courtyards and radiant lawns. It has valuable work of art, beautiful architecture portraying the culture and creativity of the Thai’s. This palace is one of the essential places in Thailand. It is in the vicinity of the famous Gold Temple of Buddha. Visiting this palace would not only provide some fantastic pictures but will also be a spiritual treat to your soul. It is a sacred place, make it a point to follow a modest dress code.

3. Khao Sok National Park

One of the most famous wildlife reserves, Khao Sok national park is everything you need to see. It is located in Surat Thani province with an area of 739 km2. This is the location which defines perfection, with the geographic situation between Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak and Koh Samui. Thick Virgin forest with high mountains, exotic floras, limestone karsts, and the incredible wildlife.

The most spectacular place to do Jungle trekking, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, animal spotting, photographing the waterfalls, and swimming in the natural pools to rejuvenate oneself. Every person traveling to Thailand should have, an adventure at Khao Sok National Park, at the top of the list of things to do in Thailand.

4. Pai

Pai, located in Mae Hong Son province, is a little riverside village which is a perfect place for the backpackers. It is home to alluring landscapes and a place to admire the Gods Grandeur and take in the beauty of nature. This place gives you access to the hill tribes and opportunity for good motorbiking. The joy of motorbiking while you take in the fresh air is priceless.

Tubing and white-water adventures can be done at the Pai Canyon. Apart from these, the markets here are quite vibrant with authentic mouth-watering Thai food. And a little walk outside, you get to meet the elephants in the elephant camps and thus make some cute new animal friends, adding to your checklist of things to do in Thailand.

There are a lot of waterfalls here in Pai. The best way to explore Pai would be to rent a scooter and go on a trail yourself; you will explore the unexplored gems yourself and who knows, you might make some lifelong friends and memories with the locals.

5. Railay

Railay is located between Krabi and ao nang. A place for all the adventure-thirsty travelers. A tremendous picturesque area, located in the Krabi province gives a chance for great thrilling activities. Rock climbing is one of the must things to do in Thailand. It has beautiful sea stacks ideal for rock climbing. It also has several beaches and landscaped gardens which boasts water activities like snorkeling and diving. The best thing about Railay is, it offers the perfect weather for lazing around and a laid-back holiday.

6. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest and most busy city. It is called Krung Thep in the Thai language. It is a buzzing Cosmopolis with the high-heightened building, portraying the somewhat developed and modernized part of Thailand.

Although it is packed with traffic and pollution like any other metropolis city, Bangkok is not devoid of beauty. It has a lot of ancient temples, and beautiful palaces and bustling markets. It also has a very radiant nightlife which makes it among things to do in Thailand.

7. The Tiger Kingdom

If you’re an animal lover, Thailand has some treasure for you. An infrequent opportunity to meet the most dangerous predators, the tigers. The place lets you interact with the impressively striped creatures of all sizes and age. The tigers here are very friendly and spend their time playing with their owners. Make friends with the cubs and take pictures with the giants.

So, visiting the tiger kingdom should be on your go-to list of things to do in Thailand, otherwise where else can you get an opportunity to play and party with the Tigers.

8. Koh Phi Phi

A fun aquatic experience where you can come face to face with all the underwater creatures. Snorkeling is one of the things to do in Thailand. The crystal waters have strikingly beautiful scenery and corals. It should make it to your bucket list. You don’t always get to swim with the fishes. Another fun spot here is the monkey beach, where you get to meet the monkeys on a beach and also feed them.

9. Ayutthaya

It is located in the Chao Phraya River valley, Thailand. Ayutthaya was once a trading capital of Asia and the city with worlds largest population in 1700. It was considered the most beautiful city ever seen. All of this was ruined when the Burmese invaded it and completely burned down the town.

The entire town was destroyed. But the city came under the spotlight again when it came under UNESCO world heritage site. Ayutthaya’s magnificent palace ruins, Buddha statues, and temples are a treat for history lovers. Made of sophisticated techniques and styles, its architecture is a mix of Lopburi, Uthong, Persian and various other styles.

It is a magnificent historical park with the striking building. A day trip at this place is one of the things to do in Thailand as it would be a very learning experience and would give you an insight into the history of Thailand.

10. Spa

A Thai massage was discovered 25,000 years ago by Buddhist monks to relax and refresh the body. A Thai massage in spas around the world is quite expensive, but a Thai massage in Thailand is quite cheap and affordable. So getting a massage is apparently among the things to do in Thailand because where else you can get the best Thai massage other than in Thailand itself?


The cost of living in Thailand, including trips and excursions, accommodation, food, transport, pleasurable activities, and shopping could be:





USD 300

USD 600


USD 600

USD 1200


USD 1200

USD 2400

However, the amount might differ from person to person depending upon the level of luxury and activities.

Thailand is a stunning place, suitable for travelers of all kinds providing varied types of places to explore and make beautiful memories. It has some palaces, temples, diverse flora and fauna along with great food. Thai cuisine is one of the best kitchens in the world, with Pat Tai being the most famous dish in Thailand.

It has a rich culture and splendid architecture taking us back in time to the great history of the Kingdom of Thailand. The best part about Thailand is everywhere you find people with great hospitality making you feel at home. So Thailand is the place you must visit once to have a rich experience.

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