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Top 10 wooden baby toys for Christmas 2019

Top 10 wooden baby toys you must have

Whether you’re ready for your Christmas 2019 or not, they’ll be soon upon you. So, you think you can run away. You can run away, but you cannot hide from your naughty kids! At such times, wooden toys are the best option to develop the necessary skills in kids and make them learn new things while having fun.

We’re highlighting, especially wooden toys because there is something enduringly sweet about them. Wooden toys are so durable- they can be chewed on, banged around and thrown across the room. They’ll still look the same.

Never forget Happy kids Happy family!

Wooden toys last for seven generations. And the best part is they never run out of batteries. No flashy gadgetry, no noisy features, the wooden toys are more environmental-friendly than plastic toys.

Find the last-forever wooden toys here and spark your kid’s creativity.

1. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

1. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

This wooden Activity Cube from the house of Alex is the right choice to keep your kids engaged. With five different sides of fun games for your little one, this multi-dimensional activity cube includes racing vehicle rollers, curvy bead mazes, animal matching, ABC tiles, and peek-a-boo open and close doors.

Designed to foster learning through play, this toy encourages visual and tactile stimulation for learning and developmental growth in babies. Featuring a sturdy wooden base, this activity cube can withstand all of your child’s gameplay and exciting adventures.

This activity cube is fun and colorful to look. Its measurements are 16x12x12 inches with curvy wire rides.

It is recommended for children with age 12 months or above. To see the reviews of some real customers, click here.

Product review: I’ve purchased this activity cube for my daughter. She enjoyed holding onto the bead track and playing with the beads. I love the fact that, although there are lots of moving parts, they are all attached, and cleanup is thereby a piece of cake.

2. Lewo Wooden Puzzles Alphabet Number Board Games Learning Jigsaw Educational Toy

Lewo Wooden Puzzles Alphabet Number Board Games Learning Jigsaw Educational Toy

Now your child can learn about Letters & Numbers with this two-pack wooden puzzles set. Including an ABC letters board and a number puzzle board, this educational toy for toddler’s boys and girls is ideal for developing parent-child interaction.

This jigsaw toy can help kids learn simple addition and subtraction and more vocabulary words with the guidance of parents.

The vibrant colors in the toy help attract your kid’s attention at first sight. If you’ve some doubts in your mind, you can check out the past customer reviews.

Product review: We were so excited to get this wooden puzzle for my nephew, and he loved it. It looks good in the living room and doesn’t require any batteries to play with it.

3. Wooden Educational Toy from Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

3. Wooden Educational Toy from Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

The Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker is a triple stacking toy that helps shape the skills of your kids with color and shape recognition and teach sorting skills. It helps children develop and polish their fine motor skills.

Furthermore, with 25 colorful wooden pieces, this skill-building set boosts the confidence and self-esteem in children of 2 years to match the shapes and create different patterns.

This geometric stacker builds hand-eye coordination as well as encourages problem-solving skills in the kids. Read the reviews of some customers here.

Product review: I recently bought this toy for my son, and he loved it. They are sturdy, bright and colorful. Nothing could please me more than the value of this geometric stacker.

4. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone -Multifunctional and Bright

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone -Multifunctional and Bright

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone is a multifunctional musical instrument that can be played in some ways. It’s a pounding toy that encourages not only audio recognition and play but musical development and exploration as well.

With early music education, you can help your kid fine-tune their motor skills development. It also promotes dexterity, manipulation, hand-eye coordination, and arm movement. Finished with water-based and non-toxic child-safe paint, it is durable and can be enjoyed for a longer duration of time.

Most importantly, it’s an award-winning product with 2018 Cribsie Award by its side. This toy is suitable for 12 months to 3 years old kids. Still, can’t make up your mind? You can finalize your buying decision after reading these reviews.

Product review: The bright colored and inviting xylophone is removable. While the other wooden box that holds three colorful wooden balls on top is strong enough that the baby can use it to balance when he wishes to stand.

5. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

This Adventure Activity Center from the house of Manhattan is designed to captivate your child’s curiosity with exciting colors. The colorful tree theme makes this toy a great decor option for a nursery or activity room. It stands 22.5 inches high and 18 inches wide. The flourishing tree top with the story-filled castle is a joy to behold.

Enduring moments of imaginative play, this treetop adventure offers hours and hours of exploratory learning and fun. Want to check out past reviews? Click here.

Product review: The toy looks great. Also, the Assembly was very simple and quick. All of the little details embedded in this toy are very cute. My baby loved the toy as he is into spinning, moving beads opening and closing small doors.

6. Wooden Push Pull Activity Walking Toy Duck

Wooden Push Pull Activity Walking Toy Duck

With this endearing walking toy duck, your kid can have endless hours of fun and squeals of laughter while enjoying the active, kid-powered and carefree play. This push-pull toy is cute, colorful, lifelike and lovable. It helps develops balance and coordination in growing babies.

As learning, it uses both fine and gross motor skills when the kids walk or run. Prepared from premium northwest pine wood, it’s a CPSC certified safe and durable product with properties including, non-toxic materials, odor-free and painted bright colors using child-safe paints and finishes.

It requires no assembly as it comes fully assembled. It comes with free spinning wheels and easy grip option which makes this toy easy to exercise balance and mobility.

Interested in reading some reviews? Check out here.

Product review: My 3-year-old kid is entirely in love with this little walking duck. The duck wings flap and even the feet make a slapping noise. We’ll probably get another.

7. Grimm’s Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls – Wooden Pretend Play People Figures with Storage Tray

Grimm's Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls - Wooden Pretend Play People Figures with Storage Tray

Handcrafted in Europe, this play set consists of 12 adorable little wooden dolls. With these sweet little rainbow friends, kids will never run out of imaginative ways to play. These wooden people figures with storage tray are an excellent tool for pretend play, building creations, counting, math activities and more.

On top of it, what makes them unique is that these peg dolls are crafted in simple human forms to allow children to use their imagination and decide themselves who the toys are.

While each peg doll friend is approx 2.5 inches tall, the storage tray measures 6 x 4 inches. Before you add this product to cart, you can have a look at some reviews here.

Product review: This wooden pretend play set is a great learning tool and it turns out that my little daughter loves them. She likes to practice counting with them, and we are teaching her how multiplication works. As the people figures are one solid piece, they are much less likely to break apart and seeing their longevity; they are also worth the cost.

8. Wooden Pull Along Walking Bus Toys Pounding Bench Set

Wooden Pull Along Walking Bus Toys Pounding Bench Set

A classic pull-along pounding bench set with bright colored animal paintings. The pull along bus toy comes with two light-weight sturdy mallets. Adorable and vivid- this happy walking bus has eight attached cute pull-along toys. Bright and lovely image – there is ten small animals pattern on the different sides of the bus.

It help encourages hand-eye coordination, excellent motor skills and thinking abilities in kids. It’s a perfect toy for kids with age 18 months or above. Check out some reviews here.

Product review: Well made and of good quality, the toy appears to be very cute. I purchased this for my niece who is nine months old. She loves to pull it around.

9. Hape Scoot Around Four Wheeled Push Balance Ride On Wood Bike- Bright Green

Hape Scoot Around Four Wheeled Push Balance Ride On Wood Bike- Bright Green

The Hape Scoot push-along scooter is great for developing muscle strength and balance in your kids. The rubber-rimmed wheels in the scooter won’t leave any mark on the floor when your youngster goes for a spin. Crafted using FSC-certified wood, it is durable enough to be passed on for generations.

The four-wheeled drive takes on a new meaning with this foot-powered push balance scooter. With the gain in power and confidence in your child, you can increase the wheel time and distance. This Hape scooter is recommended for infants from 12 to 36 months. You can also read some reviews to make sure you are making the right purchase.

Product review: This is a good four-wheeled ride for growing kids. The rubberized wheels keep it safe from damaging anything it runs into. It’s great for two years old to bike in the street too.

10. Hape Wooden Cars Airplane Truck and Helicopter (4 Vehicles)

Hape Wooden Cars Airplane Truck and Helicopter (4 Vehicles)

Now you can make your kids playtime more imaginative with these four different vehicles. These push toys with simple shapes and bright colors include truck, airplane, car and helicopter toys in blue, red, green and yellow colors. It’s a great learning toy set for kids to teach primary colors and shapes.

Durably crafted in non-toxic wood, these wooden baby toys are super safe to survive any kid toy box. These Hape wooden toddler toys make a great gift option for both boys and girls. Too small to hold, too big to eat, the wooden baby toys are incredibly safe for kids. They’re completely hand-me-downs. Your kids will feel completely overjoyed with our lovely wooden toy set of 4 vehicles.

Product review: They’re easy for little hands to grip. My one year old immediately started rolling the blue airplane around and army crawling after it. Even older kids can’t resist playing with them too.

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