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5️⃣Top 5 Natural skin Remedies for Men

It is aptly said, “Glowing skin is always in!”

It is valid for everybody irrespective of gender. It is a past thing that only women need skin care. It is now worldwide accepted that a man with a healthy natural skin appeals more. A bright and glowing skin adds oomph to the personality. A man with acne and blemishes invites terrible first impressions.

Why should men take care of their skin?

Skin care must be prioritized in a guy’s grooming regime since it is the skin that reflects age. Ignoring skin care leads to pre-aging and engenders embarrassment in life. It is a scientific fact that men are more prone to skin-aging as compared to women. Therefore, it is incredibly vital for every man to invest in and take care of their natural skin.

Is It Difficult to Maintain a Nice Skin?

Men commonly tend to ignore skin care. Even when they know how crucial it is, they make excuses. Most of them blame lack of time. Or some don’t know how to. It is an erroneous notion that skincare requires a lot of time, energy and money. It is wrong. In fact, skin care is something that embeds in lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle gives rise to radiating skin.

Being aware of skin type and what is suitable for that skin solves the problem. Also, remedies for all skin problems lie in the house itself. Simple ingredients from the kitchen act as wondrous solutions for the surface. Hence, it is effortless to maintain the largest organ of our body- the skin.

Top 5 Natural skin Remedies for Men

To get rid of dry, cracked and damaged skin, here are some of the top remedies. Get that glow! 

1. Hydration 

We all are aware that most of our body is made up of water. Just like that, skin cells also constitute water. The absence of water leads to their damage. It can lead to a dry, dull and broken skin. Drinking a right amount of water will replenish the natural skin cells.

It is a proven fact that people who drink sufficient water remain free of wrinkles for a longer time. Water is such a fluid that takes away with it all the toxins contributing to bad skin. It is the cheapest and easiest medicine for almost all skin problems. Although we all are well-informed about its magic, it is difficult for some to keep track of their water intake. It is a great trick to use a bottle for consuming water. It is easier to count the number of bottles rather than glasses. 

2. Healthy Life 

Skin is an image of our body inside.

What we eat is what our skin displays. Hence, it is imperative to at right to get a glowing face. A balanced diet helps to maintain a healthy natural skin. It is more important to keep clean inside as compared to applying things externally. Following is the list of top foods highly beneficial for the skin-

  •    Avocados
  •    Walnuts
  •    Fish
  •    Sweet potatoes
  •    Broccoli
  •    Tomatoes
  •    Soy
  •    Dark chocolate
  •    Sunflower seeds
  •    Green tea
  •    Bell peppers (both red and yellow)

Another good tip for natural skin remedy is to exercise daily. Exercise regulates blood circulation in our body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every skin cell. A healthy amount of blood circulation results in the glowing and bright skin. Also, exercise is said to aid mental health. It serves as a stress buster. Stress and skin are also related. A stress-free body naturally keeps the skin beautiful.

Also, sweat released during physical activity acts as a magic potion. A person’s sweat carries salts which are unusual in maintaining an excellent natural skin. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise in any form regularly. It can be dancing, cycling, jogging, hitting the gym or even brisk walking. One can choose any exercise according to their preference and follow a routine.

 3. Fight UV rays

Men often do not believe in applying any ointment and cream. Sunscreen, however, is not a regular face cream. It serves as a shield to protect our delicate skin from the harmful UV-rays. UV- rays are known to destroy our skin cells and even cause skin cancer. A good sunscreen prevents sunburns and tanning. Hence, men or women, sunscreen is highly essential for all. Sunscreen covers the following parameters for our skin.

  •    Sunscreen helps to fight wrinkles and remain youthful.
  •    It contains such a formula that it exposes the skin to the right amount of vitamin D required.
  •    It helps in slowing down the process of aging.
  •    A good sunscreen prevents blotchiness and facial red veins.
  •    It also protects from brown spots and skin discolorations.

4. Exfoliation

Every person’s skin shed old and dried up cells. These dead cells accumulate on to the surface of the natural skin. Failure to remove dead skin cells can lead to clogging of follicles. The clogging engenders bacteria responsible for acne.

Thus, exfoliation is necessary to get rid of ugly breakouts of the skin. It also contributes to the smoothness and radiance of the natural skin. It helps to achieve even skin tone and creamy texture. The tips to correctly exfoliate are-

  •    Wash your face nicely before the process of exfoliation.
  •    Gently rub the desired scrub in small circular motions on your face. It is not advised to use the scrub on cuts, wounds, or a sunburn.
  •    Rinse the face with slightly lukewarm water and then splash cold water to close the pores.
  •    Pat dry your face using a fresh and clean towel. Do not rub your face rigorously.
  •    This step is highly significant. Apply a good moisturizer to preserve the softness of the skin.
  •    It is advisable to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week for best results.

You can prepare some of the natural scrubs at home like coffee and sugar, olive oil and sugar, lemon and honey, salt and baby oil, oatmeal and milk.

5. Careful Shaving

Shaving the face is an integral part of any man’s life. You have to be extremely careful in rubbing a metal blade on the natural skin. Regular cuts and wounds can result in the bad quality skin. Since shaving is an unnatural process, it is essential to be aware of some tips

  •   Shaving should not be the first thing to do in the morning. When we wake up, our skin tends to be puffier than usual. To avoid bad cuts, keep a gap between waking up and shaving.
  •    It is necessary to wash the face with lukewarm water and facewash before shaving. Avoid using hot water since it renders the skin dry. Dry skin is more prone to clots and irritation.
  •    Shaving on a regular basis makes the natural skin rough. It is advised to take breaks in a week to give rest to the skin.
  •    Invest in a good quality shaving brush. A shaving brush helps to lift up the hairs properly. They also aid in forming a creamy lather.
  •    Short strokes prevent cuts and burns. Men who shave in longer strokes and with higher speed get itchiness. Hence, shaving needs patience.
  •    Pressing harder does not ensure a better shave. Modern razors are designed to shave with lesser pressure intensity. Therefore, the blades are just required to be in contact with the skin.

In today’s world, each person strives to be presentable.

The first thing visible about a person is his/her face. A healthy skin gives a boost to confidence and overall personality. Women have been conscious of their skin since time unknown. While men have only in the recent years realized its importance. Being the largest organ, it forms a principal element of a man’s look.

No matter what a man wears, his skin speaks volumes. Glowing natural skin is unbeatably attractive and appealing to everyone. It is an incorrect perception that skin care requires investment. A simple and healthy lifestyle fused with preventive tips is all that is needed. Hence, a man or a woman, say yes to good skin.

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