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5️⃣??Top Five Children Museums in NYC

“Nicky, hurry up! We’re late for museums.” Emma shouted to her brother.
It’s their monthly visit from school to a historical museum nearby. Now, what is so crucial about museums? To find this out, we need to know what museums do.
Museums do conservation or collection of rare things like any artistic, historical things or cultural or natural resources.

Museums do conservation or collection of rare things like any artistic, historical things or cultural or natural resources.

Museums often hold exhibitions to showcase their possessions. Most of the museums in the world are public. There are some private museums too maintained by individuals. A museum is a place, where history is kept carefully (historical museum), and the future is showcased (science museum) beautifully.

Museums are often a reflection of past, and it always proves to be an enriching experience, and when it comes to kids, Museums leave an indelible link in little minds and keep them fascinated, and it also adds fuel to the fire their quest for knowledge.

Now we will come to the main point. We have made a list of top five children museums in NYC to present to you.


Top five children museums in NYC

1. Children Museum of Manhattan

2. New York City Fire Museum

3. Children Museum of the Arts, New York

4. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

5. Queen’s Botanical Garden, Flushing NY

1. Children Museum of Manhattan

It is one of the famous children museums in NY. It is situated at West 83rd Street. They deal with the subjects of sciences, arts, and humanities. They held classes, exhibitions, workshops, festivals to attract the children. These curricular activities help the children blossom. Even, the best thing is that they provide their services not only to the children, besides their parents, educators, child and health care providers.

They hold collaboration with research organizations and academic institutions.
Want to know another exciting information? They even rent it for birthday parties and other occasions!

Recently, they’re presenting an exhibition ” Art, Artists and You” where a child is the creator himself and can give shape to his imagination. The museum’s art studio leaders will help the children to create, design and construct their creations. Paper art, fabric art will be taken places.

From July 9 to 16 there will be a programme named “All the way to K and Beyond!” This programme will help the children to build their language and literacy skills. Parents will be specially requested to join the schedule as they will take part in constructing a family photo album or make puppets with their children and keep conversing with them.

On the lower level of the museum, there’s a vast dance space to live the life fullest and give the children and parents the chance to dance!

There’s video projection dome dance portal to watch and learn a various form of dance. Visitors can be experimental by choreographing their dance forms, and they can attend dance workshops too.

On the fourth floor, there’s a section named “EatSleepPlay™. Building Health Everyday” exhibition to showcase how to live healthy lives. It has a model of the digestive system where the children can crawl; the child can pretend that he’s driving a bus to the city park or green market. They can know the importance of having vegetables for growth by a team of superpowered veggie heroes.


Children Museum of Manhattan

On the third floor, the museum has designed PlayWorks™ section. It provides help to enhance the kids’ physical, social, art, math, science, and linguistic skills.
There’re many more things to enjoy here.

There are various kinds of restaurants nearby to have some right foods. ” Awadh, Classic Indian Fare, Bellini Italian Restaurant, Bustan, Big Daddy’s, Cafe Lalo, Candle Cafe West, Firehouse” are some famous restaurants there.

The museum remains open from 10 a.m to 5 p.m, and on Saturday it is closed at 7 p.m. 

Free admission on the first Friday of every month from 5–8pm.

2. New York City Fire Museum

New York City Fire Museum

It’s an exciting place for children as well as adults for sure. This museum displays the evolution of the firefighting industry. The museum has a memorial of 343 firefighters who died in 9/11 tragic incident and various articrafts collected from the site.
They own a video room and a mock apartment and artificial fire machine to train the school kids in fire education programme.

An online section is available too, where you can book your tickets and buy souvenirs, hats, jewelry, books, adult and children apparel- all related to firefighting.
A birthday party can be hosted as well.

This museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

After having a visit, you can chill in these places “Cody’s Bar & Grill,” Chinatown, Ear Inn, Little Italy” etc.

3. Children Museum of the Arts New York

Their mission is to make the children and the parents learn about the value and power of Arts and engage them in the art activities with working artists. The museum has a permanent collection of drawings of children around the world. They hold various activities like studio activities, after-school classes, classes for teens, Saturday family studios, art colony day camps, private lessons.


Children Museum of the Arts New York

They often organize different types of the art exhibition for children, too interesting and unique. Workshops of creative arts are organized as well.
The museum has various kinds of rooms like lobby, lounge gallery, fine arts studio, art lab, quiet room, together with the place, media lab, clay bar, sound booth swirl studio, The Bridge, etc. A birthday party can be hosted too.

It remains open from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Pay As You Wish: Thursdays 4 to 6 PM

Nearby restaurants are Sweets by Chloe, Shuka, The Dutch, Tomoe Sushi, Jane, Dos Caminos, etc.

4. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

It is the world’s first children museum the most significant cultural institution. Determined to give cultural experiences to the children and parents so that they can be curious, creative and acquire learning abilities.

They organize exhibitions, programmes and special events for children. They teach painting, language skills, storytelling sessions, historical things and many more things.

It remains open from 10 a.m to 5-6 p.m on weekdays, and on weekends it stays open till 7 p.m.

And you may visit Morris Sandwich Shop here to eat some good quality of the sandwich. 

Free admission Thursdays from 2–6pm.

Queen's Botanical Garden Flushing NY

5. Queen’s Botanical Garden Flushing NY

It’s a place where nature lives peacefully. It’s a place in the city where humans and nature live together. This place is not a typical type of museum, but in this dangerous period of global warming and pollution, it provides the inspiration to harvest things in gardens, special educational programs, etc.

There’re various types of kids adult, winter family programmes, teacher learning and farm and compost.

This garden remains open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m and closed on Monday, April through October from 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m and closed on Monday.

Free admission on Wednesdays from 3–6pm and Sundays from 4–6pm.

How to prepare yourself before going to a museum

If you’re interested in going to a museum, be it science or historical, you value the subject enough. So you need to follow some necessary things before going to a museum. Children Museum is the place where children get a lot of things to know, which is so essential for their age.

How to prepare yourself before going to a museum

If you’re a mother, then first know your child’s like and dislike then choose the museum according to it. If your child is more interested in scientific things and you drag to the historical museum, then he might not show any interest and your time will be wasted only.

Know everything about the museum, like the direction, nearby places.
Know some general information about the museum, so that without the help of a guide, you can at least teach your child something about the museum.

Take parts in fun activities with him or her to encourage him, give him a relaxed session and keep conversing to build a strong bond with your child. Keep an eye on him or her, so that they don’t get lost in the crowd or touch anything unnecessarily.
In summer, carry water, cotton handkerchiefs. Carry some light foods too.
In winter, woolen clothes are must to be carried.

And last, you should be enough interested to have the experience of the things shown in museums.

When is a free admission?

Most of the museums hold free admission session. Children Museum of Manhattan holds the admission for everyone with different charges. They charge $14 for children and adults, $11 for seniors (65+), free for members and children under 12 months.

New York City Fire Museum offers individual membership for $25, family membership for $40, supporting membership for $65, patron membership for $100, donor museum member for $500, director’s circle membership for $1000, the benefactor for $5000 and museum sponsor for $10000.

Children Museum of the Arts New York is currently having the admission session. General Admission (all ages) from 12 to 6 p. M, Under 5s drop in class admission from 10.45 a.m to 12 p.m.

free admission

Brooklyn Children’s Museum has various types of admission session, i.e., General ($11), Members (free), Pay as you wish (every Thursday 2 to 6 p.m) and discount admission.

Queen’s Botanical Garden Flushing NY holds admission session for adults ($6), seniors 62+ ($4), children aged 4 to 12 ($2) children under 3 and members are free.

If you are a New Yorker and have never asked yourself the question. You should deffinately read the article below.

?Is the NYC subway good for kids?


Museum saves our culture. Keeps the history and the future safe, helps the researchers to get their required information. Preserves the valuable things and holds the moments and gives us entertainment too with different fun activities.

Children are a quick learner, so showing them museums will build their creativity part strong, they will feel connected to their culture and country. Knowledge is mighty, and the museum is the keeper of knowledge. Museum increases the interest and curiosity to learn.

I would like to conclude with one sentence said by Maria Botta, that will present the importance of a museum nowadays. The quote is “A museum is a spiritual place. People lower their voices when they get close to art.”

top museums in NYC, when is the free admission?

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